1. intentions

You came back with unknown intentions

Which raised my afflictions

Which ultimately will lead to my destruction.

Our relationship turned to fiction

Now there is friction

I just want you to listen

I keep my feelings hidden

Til the feelings can no longer go unhidden

Here I will declare my undying love

Let’s release the symbol of a dove

That represents peace and love

You might think I’m crazy

For expressing how I feel

Why don’t you buy a ring to seal the deal

Kneel to the ground and say “Will You Marry Me”

If you want me to be yours forever

All I want is to be loved and wanted

Now I’m haunted by our memories

When you kept leaving me you committed an act of treachery

I knew you since I was in elementary

When I didn’t have nobody

Never knew you would become my world

I forgave you for your mistakes

Promise me no more heartbreaks

Say you’ll stay

To keep my fears at bay

Why are you so far away

Our love is written among the stars

Maybe we will last as long as mars

If we don’t,rely on fate to bring us back

So we will make another comeback

Don’t let us fall back on our past

I pray we last

For now let’s have a blast

Maybe this time I will have my happily ever after

Like how I imagined it since I was 10

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