Just saying it may be a bit gory and gruesome to some but it is not that bad in my opinion.


4. uh oh..

Before he opened the door, he checked his surroundings, as if to ensure no one was around, before creeping through.

Something was fishy about this guy. Urgh. He even smelt of fish.

As soon as i entered the delepedated cabin i  immediately regretted it. The sickening smell of metal and rotting flesh  blanketed the air in a choking aroma. I turned in an attempt to escape but before i could even move one step the old man locked the door and looked at me with a smile , not a normal smile but a creepy one that sent chills down my spine. As i was about to demand him to let me go he disappeared into thin air.

Great!Now im stuck here in some pysochopaths lair or whatever you wanna call it.Stranger danger Alexia!Stranger danger! Im such an idiot sometimes.

The room i was now trapped in with no route to escape was hard and cold like slabs in a mortuary. At the back of the room there was a pile of imbrued bodies which lay like ghoulish mannequins, the arteries and the oesphagus sticking out like many corrugated and rubber tubing. Towards the left were more corpses.Their throats had been cut and lay like butchered animals in a pool of blood.One corpse had been shipped from the low single bed to he right of the door,leaving blood stains that represented this movement.It was a female, her hair full of thick dried blood and staring upwards, mouth open and head almost cleft from her body.Once again the severed vessels were sticking out like corrugated pipes through the clotted blood.

Another unfortunate and deplorable person was propped as a rag doll against the far wall.His head dropped forward and over his chest; a great mat of blood had spread.I spotted a bump in the old fashioned carpet which was soaked in the liquid this room reeked off.I sauntered towards it and slowly lifted it up conceding the ghastly, stinking and decomposing remains of what appeaared to be a young woman.She was completely unrecognisable since the killer must have sprinkled quicklime over her body after shattering her skull with a blunt instrument.




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