Just saying it may be a bit gory and gruesome to some but it is not that bad in my opinion.


3. The unexpected secrecy

As i continued to recall all our past memories together, high above, in the turbulent heavens, lightning cackled maliciously, whipping the beleaguard earth below, into a frenzy of despair. At that moment i  felt a tap on my shoulder.I turned around to see nothing and as i was about to turn my attention back to Savannahs grave a hand gripped my shoulder shaking me vigourously.

I turned to see an old feeble man towering over me.His expression full of worry and concern.Snapping his fingers repeatedly in an attempt to get my attention i soon realise he was talking to me.

"Hello!Hello?!! Earth to whatever your name is! ARE YOU EVEN ALIVE???"

Oops.I zoned out.What was he saying again??

"Anyways will you help me then?"

"Umm.. help you with what?.." I mumbled confused as to what was going on.

i heard him mutter under his breath " teenagers these days. Dont even know whats going on half the time"

Excuse me? Was that aimed at me? Speak up old man. Just remember im the one helping you.

"My wifes ill!" He exclaims as if its the most obvious thing in the world.

"Follow me"

 i followed him even though he was being rude to me like.. 5 seconds ago into the abondoned wrecked cabin.

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