Just saying it may be a bit gory and gruesome to some but it is not that bad in my opinion.


2. The beginning

Not a day goes by in which i do not miss her. Wondering what she'd be doing if she was still here. My best friend.

My best friend since childhood who was there for me when i needed her the most .Always there but now.. gone.

I touched the necklace we both have with our names 'Alexia Salvatore and Savannah Dolan' enscribed on the heart shaped necklace, beneath it 'xx best friends forever xx' reminding me of our everlasting friendship. The last memory i shared with her and i ever will share with her.


It was her 16th birthday. We were at the beach with some of our other friends.It was completely deserted. She opened up her gifts and one of the ones i gave her was the necklace and once she realised what it was she began tackling me in hugs. I just laughed at her reaction in return.

The others including me wanted to go get some food except from Savannah who preferred to just wait for our return. I was reluctant to leave her here by herself as god knows what could happen to her. Especially because of what happened in the past...Urgh. Just the thought of it made me shiver.

"Just go. Ill be fine. Dont wory about me.Im 16 now and I know that youre just worried because of what happened in the past but ill be fine." Savannah said.

"But Savannah -"

"No buts. Now just go" Savannah retorted

"Fine"  I sighed in defeat and joined the others reluctantly.

- Time skip -

We all arrive back to the beach to find Savannah nowhere in sight. All there is....

Blood. No. Savannahs blood.

I ran to the lifeless body which was disoriented but looked like Savannah .Well it must be her anyways or where else would she be.Right..

Tears formed in my eyes threatening to spill. I let them .I then located for the injury and there it was.Blood was oozing from her skull which was shattered into many pieces.

Makeup streamed down my face as i realised that she was gone forever.All because of me.It was my fault.Maybe if  i stayed...

-End of  flashback-



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