Okami is a werewolf. In a world where the wolves are all she knows, how will she handle the humans. With new people that lose their way in the woods and turn up at her home that she shares with her friends Tora and Hyo.


2. Tora's Pack

Ōkami crouched down, her tail swinging back and forth.  Tora was opposite her, her blue eyes narrowed.  A growl rippled through the air.  The bird took off, it’s warning rising into the trees.  “Great!  She growled.  “You lost us breakfast!”  Tora rolled her eyes.  “Yeah, Yeah, I’m hunting for a week.”  Ōkami sat down and licked her paw, pleased that the older girl understood.  Tora growled again.  “I’m your elder!  You could try to show a little respect!”  Ōkami paused in her licking but didn’t look up.  “Show me an elder I can look up to, and maybe I might.”  Tora seemed taken aback, and stood, her muzzle pointed to the sky.  Ōkami rolled her eyes and prepared to shift.
Tora snarled as she re-shifted, her fur folding over her head.  “She’s so bothersome!”  Rolling her eyes, the tan wolf set out towards the woods.  She’d find her help there; people who thought her to be the most beautiful person ever.  Her fur flattened against her body as she ran.  The wind whistled past her ears, combing through her fur and wreathing along her tail.  She was free, and she was beautiful.  She knew she’d never become like Okami, she just knew.  But if she found somewhere where Okami didn’t exist, well then, she’d be the most beautiful.  That would be splendid.  As Tora came to her clearing, the wolves emerged.  One was russet, another brown, one amber, and another grey.  They howled in greeting.  Tora stalked into the clearing.  The wolves started to circle her.  "Mistress," the amber one asked, approaching her.  "May we come back with you to your home?" 
Tora shook out her fur and snarled.  "No."  Her fur relinquished it's grip on her face as she shifted.  Her mouth shrank to lips and her legs grew and her back straightened.  "For the tenth time.  You may not, Anbā."  Anbā shrank back as Tora snapped at her.  "Yes, ma'am.  Sorry, Ma'am."  Tora grinned as Anbā shifted.  She was a small girl, barely five foot.  She was flat chested and narrow hipped.  Her shoulder-length hair was an amber color and thin.  Her legs and arms were nothing special.  Her neck was craney and thin.  Her nose was slightly hooked and her mouth was small on the top and large on the bottom.  Her eyes slanted up and there was a wide stretch of skin between them.  Her irises were a boring brown and blended choppily into the black of her pupils.  The russet wolf turned next.  "Well then, Tora, what are we doing today?"  He was a little bit more attractive.  His olive skin clashed with his russet hair, and his blue eyes were attention snagging.  He wasn't terribly fit, but he did have abs.  Tora smiled.  "Hunting, of course, Rasseru.  I've got dinner duty."  The grey wolf turned.  Gurē snarled.  "Do we get food too, or is it just you?"  Tora turned to him and smiled.  "Of course, Gurē.  But, be cautious."  Gurē didn't seem to like her answer.  Tora smirked.  "I'll let all of you have some and follow me back if you each catch six."  They all perked up.  Rasseru started organizing them.  "Anbā goes North, Gurē goes West.  I will go South, and-"  Rasseru paused.  "Kasshoku!"  The brown wolf emerged.  She was the only challenge.  Her hips swayed and her bust-length brown hair was straight but fine and thick.  Her bust was normal and her skin was tan.  Her brown-gold eyes were calculating and cautious, wary even.  She was alert at all times, but also narcissistic and flirty when she wanted to be.  She could also be sassy and cruel.  Kasshoku smirked.  "Well, Rasseru," she stalked towards him.  Rasseru gulped.  "U-Uhm.  You go East."  Kasshoku cocked her head.  "Whatever you say, Rasseru."  They sped off.  Tora smiled, her smirk caressing her lips.  "You can come out now, Mayonaka."  The black wolf emerged.  He was strong, his muscles rippling under his skin and fur.  She gave him an appreciative look, her blue eyes scanning his features.  Mayonaka gave her a curt nod as he headed NorthEast.  Tora turned and pelted Southwest.

When Tora returned to the clearing, all the others were emerging from the forest, fresh-kill locked in their jaws.  Tora groaned as they set the mountain of prey in front of her.  'You promised.' Rasseru growled.  Tora nodded her head.  'Of course.  And just as I promised, you may all grab the prey, and follow me.'  With a flick of her muzzle, Tora signaled for the wolves to start moving.  

Ōkami didn't know what to think of the pack emerging from the woods, Tora in the lead.  Each member held six pieces of prey in their jaws.  

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