Okami is a werewolf. In a world where the wolves are all she knows, how will she handle the humans. With new people that lose their way in the woods and turn up at her home that she shares with her friends Tora and Hyo.


1. Okami

The wind wailed, moonlight slipping through thick clouds.  A lone howl sliced through the air.  Ōkami sighed, her violet eyes fluttering open.  Another howl joined the first.  And another, and another, until the night was full, howls carried in the tendrils of the wind.  She sat up, her ears drawn back.  Cautiously, she slipped out from underneath her blankets and looked out her window.  Wood creaked as she opened the frame.  Her howl joined the others, her ears pressed against her head and her hair lashing in the wind.  The baggy tie-dyed shirt she wore wasn’t much protection against the rain that was now plummeting through the open panes.  “Oyasumi, Tomodachi,” she whispered, her howl dying in the night.  Taking a deep breath, Ōkami laid back down, curling herself into a ball.  The day would be long, and she needed her rest.


Sunlight crept closer to Ōkami’s face as the day began.  The birds started chirping, and Ōkami shot up, her ears pricked at the sound of food.  Ōkami stood up, her rumpled shirt falling to her thighs.  Her bare feet made no noise as she walked across her room.  She slowly sat down at her vanity.  The mirror image of her looked terrible.  Her long black hair was knotted and clumped together, her eyes were still bleary with sleep, and a line of drool had dried on the side of her mouth.  Letting out a groan, Ōkami lifted her brush to her hair and started to gently drag it through the tangled mess.

As soon as Ōkami reached the bottom step, the growling she had heard upstairs grew louder.  “Tora!  Don’t do that!  It’s cheating!”  Ōkami instantly recognized Hyō’s voice.  He didn’t sound too happy.  Ōkami rounded the corner to find the two roughhousing on the floor.  Tora’s golden hair was held back in a ponytail, her pale skin shining with sweat.  Her thick lashes were blinking rapidly over her baby blue eyes.  “I am not cheating,”  Hyō growled.  “Yeah, you are!  You bit my tail!”  Tora smirked and tucked a strand of Hyo’s black hair behind his ear.  His brown eyes were glaring daggers.  Tora yelped as he pinched her tail.  “Ow!  That hurt!  That’s cheating!”  Hyo looked pleased.  “Exactly.”  Tora rolled her eyes and flicked Hyo’s forehead, gripping the dark tan skin of his cheek.  “Okay,” Ōkami cut in, pulling the two apart.  “What are you two doing?”  Tora glared at her.  “Whatever.  Tora, go get dressed and brush your hair.”  Tora continued glaring at her.  “You’re one to talk!  You never have to brush your hair!  It’s always perfectly flowy and stuff!”  Hyo flinched.  “Tora-”  Tora waved him off.  “Also, you’re still in your tie-dye shirt!  It only reaches your thighs!  Okay, I get it!  You’ve got long beautiful legs and a giant bust!”  Ōkami looked down at herself.  It was true.  She had long legs and she did have a much larger bust than her friend’s, but that didn’t mean she was trying to show off.  “What are you talking about?”  Tora rolled her eyes.  “Nevermind!”  With that, she turned and marched towards her room.  Hyo smiled and slumped to the couch, his ears drooping.  “You know, you could try not looking so spectacular around her.”  Ōkami smiled, sitting beside him.  “She overestimates me.”

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