Crazily into You (l.h. fanfic)

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  • Published: 30 Nov 2017
  • Updated: 11 Feb 2018
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Haiti Thompson is a photographer.

Luke Hemmings is the lead singer of a popular band.
Luke is in a sketchy relationship.

Haiti just recently got out of a bad relationship.
Haiti was assigned to be the boys' photographer and right away, Luke becomes interested in her. But reality hits him in the face daily when he is reminded that he is in a relationship, even though he thinks she is cheating on him.

But for some reason, he just can't leave Haiti alone.

Find out what happens in Crazy Love.



3. t w o

**Haiti's apartment (above)

After I dropped Andres off at his place, Novanna, Jax, and I go to my place as I take care of a few things. 

As soon as we walk into the door, Novanna makes a disgusted face as I toss my shoes off and make my way to the living room.

"Look, I love you Haiti like an irmãbut you seriously need to clean your place." She says, speaking in Portuguese. After being best friends with her for so long, you kinda pick up on some things. I chuckle.

"I know, I know. I've been pretty busy so I haven't had a lot of time to clean it."

Novanna laughs and picks up a book that was open on the floor.

"I see that. Maybe one of the boys from that band can help you with that." She winks at me and I blush. She picks up some papers that were on the floor and places it on my dining table.

"Like... Calum." I grin.

"Or Ashton." I roll my eyes.

"Haha. You're funny." I say as I make my way towards my couch. Novanna and Jax sit on the couch as well. I grab my laptop and turn it on then grab my camera and connect it to my laptop.

"So...?" Novanna says while Jax plays with her curls. I look up from my laptop.

"So what?" I ask.

"What did you think of the boys?" I shrug.

"I dunno. They're funny."

"Did you think any of them were cute?" I give her a look.

"Seriously!" She puts her hands up.

"What, it was just a question. I mean personally, I thought the black curly haired one was pretty cute." Jax stops playing with her hair.

"Hey! What about me?" He pouts.

"Oh, you know you're mais bonito of them all." She says in a cooing voice, then grabs his face and starts kissing his cheek repeatedly. I grimace and make a gagging noise.

"Please, stop." Novanna stops kissing his cheek.

"But, seriously. Who do you find more attractive?" I sigh, knowing she wasn't going to drop the subject.

"Vanna, I love you like a sister as well, but I don't want you playing cupid every time I meet a guy or more than one. Especially since I just got out of a relationship." She puts her hands up again.

"I'm just trying to help. Besides, that was three months ago."

"Exactly. Three months ago isn't that long ago." I return my attention back to my laptop. I hear Novanna shuffling, then all of a sudden my laptop is being lifted from my lap.


"Hun, you need to have some fun. You've been keeping yourself busy with your job, that you barely have any time. Hell, you barely even hang out with us now."

"True," Jax says. Novanna sighs.

"Jevon was an ass to you. And I know that you deserve to have fun. Move on from him."

"But, I have moved on from him." Jax coughs in the background.

"If you have, then you'd be living your life before you met Jevon; working hard, but still partying like crazy." She grabs my hands and sets them in her lap.

"It is normal and okay to think a guy is attractive after getting out of a relationship." She says, jokingly. I roll my eyes at her.

"Now, c'mon. I know you thought one of at least two of them were hot. Spill." I sigh again, then look up at the ceiling as I think.

"Well, I thought all four of them are good looking, but Michael and Luke have girlfriends, so, between Calum and Ashton, I say... Ashton."

"Why Ashton?" Jax asked. I shrug.

"I dunno. He's funny and has a nice smile. Plus, he has nice biceps, too." I wiggle my eyebrows at them playfully. I go back to my laptop to edit the photos I took of the boys today. Novanna and Jax start doing cute couple stuff and I try to ignore them. Then I get a text from the person I thought I would never hear from.


I grab some bags of chips from my cabinet and a jar of salsa from the refrigerator. I then receive a text from Calum.

Cal: Hey I'll be over right...

Then I hear a knock at my door.

Cal: Now :)

I grin and shake my head. Such a loser. I walk to my door and open it, revealing Calum.

"Sup, man." I let him in. He places a pack of beer on my counter.

"I got beer for you." 

"Thanks," I said. Twenty minutes later, Ash, and Michael with his girlfriend, Crystal, arrive at my place. Some of my other friends stop by as well. I haven't seen Arzaylea or Haiti. I decide to text Arzaylea.

Me: Hey, where are you?

I send it and wait for her reply. I feel someone's hand on my shoulder.

"Where's your girlfriend?" Calum asks. I shrug.

"Who knows. She's always leaving and comes back late." I never thought that Arzaylea could be cheating on me until a month ago. For about a year, she would tell me that she has somewhere to be and wouldn't be back until hours later or sometimes the next day. I never noticed how many times she would do that because I thought she was going to see her family or see a friend. At least that's what she would tell me. First, I started to notice she would lie to me to do other stuff. I saw a text message one day from her phone by one of her friends saying that last night was epic and some other bull when that day she told me she was at the hospital for her aunt who got hurt. I questioned her about it and she got mad. She said that she was with her aunt and that her friend must've texted her on accident. Ever since then, I've been a little cautious when she would tell me she's going somewhere. Then I started to think she was cheating on me when some guy tagged her on a tweet that she retweeted. They were at someone else's house and it was obviously a party. The guy had his arm wrapped around her waist pretty low and she was leaning on him. They were both laughing. The caption said, "You're the Arz! Can't wait to hang out with you again, babe!😘😉". I questioned her about that too and we got into a huge argument. She was yelling at me, saying that she didn't know she had to tell me exactly where she went, and that the guy was gay supposedly. He didn't really seem gay and his social media was telling me other stuff. She said that he's private about his sexuality and acts like he's straight because he's scared of what people would think of him. I was saying that she didn't have to tell me everything, but she didn't have to lie to me about it either. I didn't care if she went to parties or wanted to hang out with her friends, I just didn't understand why she needed to lie to me about where she's at. Then she would always be on her phone, either texting or snapchatting. Before, she was never secretive about her phone. Now she doesn't let me on her phone, she changed her passcode and took my fingerprint off of it. 

"Well, maybe she's with Lindsay. They're always together." I nod but thinking in my head that she's probably somewhere else.

"I'm not going to worry about it. She can do whatever she wants and tonight, I just want to have a good time." I say to Cal. He smirks and hands me a beer bottle. For an hour, the boys and I are having fun with our friends. I then feel my phone buzz in my pocket.

Babe❤️: can you let me in? I forgot the keys.

Me: Yeah, I'll be right there.

Babe❤️: thanks.

I get up from my spot on the couch and walk to the front door. I open it up, and there was Arzaylea standing there. She looks at me.

"Sorry for getting mad at you earlier today." She says. I move to the side to let her in.

"It doesn't matter. I'm over it." I say to her. She wraps her arms around my torso and lays her head on my chest.

"Good." I hear her say. She links her fingers with mine and leads me to the couch where everyone else is at. I sit down and she sits on my lap. I feel my phone buzz again. It was a text from Haiti. I sneak a look at Arzaylea to see if she's watching. She was too busy talking to Crystal. I open the text message.

Haiti: hey i can't make it tonight. something came up. i'm really sorry.

I frown a little in disappointment.

Me: Nah it's cool. 

Haiti: okay. i wish i can make it up for dishing out. i'll see you guys tomorrow?

Me: Yeah. Actually there is a way you can make it up.

Haiti: how?

Me: The boys and I and the girls are going swimming tomorrow. Wanna hang with us then?

Haiti: uh, sure. where is it at?

Me: It's at Calum's place. I can text you his address.

Haiti: okay.

Me: *sends address

Haiti: thanks.

Me: No problem :)

Haiti: night luke.

Me: Night Haiti.

I smile a little bit. I was a little disappointed that she wasn't going to hang out with us tonight, but at least I know that I'll be able to tomorrow. I don't know why I was upset, though. I text Calum letting him know that Haiti couldn't make it tonight, but I invited her to hang with us tomorrow. He looks up at me and nods. Arzaylea leans down to speak to me.

"Where's that Hadee girl?" She asks. I wasn't sure if I should tell her that she just texted me and that I invited her to hang with us tomorrow, or if I should lie. I decide to lie.

"I don't know. Probably not going to make it." She shrugs and takes a sip of her beer.

"Bummer." She says, not sounding upset one bit. Yeah bummer, I thought.


- - -

English Translation

irmã                                                      sister

mais bonito                         more beautiful



Phew! Finally got chapter two done and published. School's been keeping me busy lately (I know that's everyone's excuse, lo siento!) Anyway, let me know what you think of it, by leaving a comment. Love you!


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