Crazily into You (l.h. fanfic)

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  • Published: 30 Nov 2017
  • Updated: 11 Feb 2018
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Haiti Thompson is a photographer.

Luke Hemmings is the lead singer of a popular band.
Luke is in a sketchy relationship.

Haiti just recently got out of a bad relationship.
Haiti was assigned to be the boys' photographer and right away, Luke becomes interested in her. But reality hits him in the face daily when he is reminded that he is in a relationship, even though he thinks she is cheating on him.

But for some reason, he just can't leave Haiti alone.

Find out what happens in Crazy Love.



4. t h r e e

I'm in my room at Luke's house, doing my hair when someone knocks. My door opens and it's Luke. He comes in and sits on my bed.

"Yes, Luke-poop?" I ask, using his childhood nickname I gave him when I was 6 that he hates.

"You should hang with us today, we're going swimming." He replies, helping me with my hair.

"Who's we?" I ask, finishing with the last strand on my braid.

"Calum, Michael and his girlfriend, Ashton, my girlfriend, and someone else I want you to meet." I nod, agreeing with him.

"I guess I can, I just need to go shopping for a new swimsuit." Luke rolls his eyes and gets off my bed helping me up.

"You always need to go shopping."

"Yeah because I'm a woman with style. I can't wear the same swimsuit all the time. Besides my other one is getting too small." I squeal when he starts to tickle me. 

"You know, you are the most spoiled sibling ever." I laugh knowing he's telling the truth and then I jump on his back. "Onward slave!"

"Yes, m'lady!" He shouts and marches out of my room with me laughing on his back. We get in his car and head to the mall. I go into my favorite store, Rue21, and look through all the swimsuits they have. After twenty minutes of looking through all their swimsuits, I decide to go with the Nuri Triangle white swim top. I feel my phone buzz in my pocket. 

Luke-poop🐧: Are you done? I'm ready to go, I can't be staying here all day.

Me: yes grouchy pants, I just found the swimsuit. I'm about to pay.

Luke-Poop🐧: Good. You're really slow.

Me: And you're really annoying.

Luke-poop🐧: Whatever.

I smirk and walk up to the aisle to pay. After I paid for my swimsuit, I walk out to see Luke trying really hard to hide his identity with a black hat, and a black sweatshirt with the hood over his hat and a pair of black sunglasses on. He was looking down at his phone which means he didn't see me, so I decided to scare him. I didn't want to make a too big of a scene to blow his cover, so I walk behind him and jab him in his sides. He jolts up really fast and almost throws his phone. He turns around and glares at me.

"You're an ass." I try controlling my laugh with my hand. I finally contain myself and look at him.

"When do we have to be at Calum's?" I ask. He looks at the time on his phone. 

"We don't have to be there till 12:30 because Calum said he's grilling burgers." I look at the time on my phone and it read 10:45 am. 

"Well, can we just walk around?" I plead. He sighs before answering.

"For a little while. I don't want anyone knowing I'm here." I nod and start walking. For almost a half hour, Luke and I have been walking around the mall and in and out of stores. We go to the food court because Luke wanted a pretzel and I wanted ice cream. As we pass people, I think I see a man who sorts of looks like Justin Bieber. The look-alike man was standing in line to grab ice cream as well and standing a few feet away from him, were four bulky tall men, possibly his bodyguards. I wasn't completely sure it was him because the man had a white sweatshirt on, and he also had a white hat on with black sunglasses on, like Luke. I bet he's trying to cover his identity as well, I thought. As I get closer, I was completely sure it was him because of his tattoo that's behind his ear and when he started to speak to order. I start to jump up and down. I tug on Luke's arm.

"Luke, I think that's Justin Bieber in front of us," I whisper yell. I think my whisper was too loud because the man starts to turn around. He faces me and smirks and I knew exactly that it was Justin Bieber even with his secret identity. 

"I'll take a picture with you if you don't scream." He says. I vigorously nod. We move near his bodyguards and I hand Luke my phone. 

"Okay. One, two, three." I hear my phone click a couple times before Luke lowers it down. I turn to Justin.

"Ohmygosh, thank you so much," I say. He chuckles and I give him a huge hug. 

"Thanks for not blowing up my cover." He smiles at me and I almost melt. Justin and his bodyguards start to walk away and I whip around to Luke.

"Can you believe that?" I say. Luke just smirks and shakes his head.

"You can freak out about it when we get in the car. Order your ice cream so we can get out of here." I ask Luke to order mine because I was still in shock. He orders my ice cream as I stare at the pictures that were just taken a few minutes ago.

Holy shit, I thought.






I slam my hand on my alarm clock. It reads 11:00. I really wish I didn't agree to go swimming with Luke and his friends today. I was not in the mood to hang out with anyone, especially since I got an unexpected text from someone I thought I would never hear from again last night. Yeah, that's right: my ex. He just randomly out of the blue, sent a text saying "Hey". Like who just says hey after not hearing from one another for three months? I was shooketh. Yes, I said shooketh. I made that up. I didn't tell Novanna that he texted me because I knew she would go crazy. And I'm definitely not telling my brother because he's liable to hunt him down and beat the crap out of him just for sending me a text. And to think that they were once best friends. I manage to roll out of bed and go to the bathroom to do my morning routine: shower, brush teeth, a little makeup, and clothes. I go through my many swimsuits and bikinis and decide to stick with a push-up lace, navy green bikini. I put on a pair of ripped denim shorts over my bottom half and put on a loose white T-shirt over my top. I decided not to tame my bird nest of a hair and pull it up in a neat bun. Besides, there's no point in making it look cute when it's just going to get wet and frizzy. I head to my kitchen and fix a bowl of Cheerios. Once I was done with my cereal, I feed my dog, Tio. He's a German Shepherd. 

"Don't destroy my house, please. It's already a mess and I can't have you making it look like a tornado just came by." I tell Tio. He just sticks his tongue out and breathes his hot stinky breath in my face. 

"That looks like a face that says: Don't worry mommy. I'll just tear your carpet up and chew on your shoes like I did last time." I rub behind his ear, the way he likes. He moans really low and his foot starts to kick like it always does when I scratch his ear. I grab my phone, my car keys, and my camera bag with my camera inside and a bag of stuff to bring to Calum's and walk out, making sure to lock my door. Once I make it to the car, I start it and decide to drive around before I go to Calum's house. 

I drive to Hollywood Walk of Fame and decide to take pictures of whatever catches my eye. I start taking pictures of locals and stores before I bump into someone. It was my ex's sister, Shante (Shawn-TE).

"Oh, my gosh, Haiti! Is that really you?" I smile. Even though her brother and I aren't on good terms, it's nice to know that she and I will always have that nice connection we had when I was dating her brother.

"Yes, it is. Shante, you look so good. And OMG, look at that baby bump! How much longer?" I rub her belly. Shante is my ex's older sister, who's pregnant. She blushes and smiles real big.

"Three more and then I pop this baby right out of me. I feel so old, being limited to do so much. And the cravings for food is unbearable. When I give birth, I'm having Jevon order the whole Chipotle for me." My smile quickly fades once she says his name. Her face drops.

"Oh no. Haiti, I'm so sorry, it just slipped-" I cut her off.

"Shan, don't even worry about it. He's your brother." She still looks upset.

"I still haven't forgiven him for what he did to you, H. It was so wrong and I get mad every time I think about it. Because of what he did, I barely see you now." I start to tear up. Some of that is my fault. I was so hurt from what Jevon did to me that I kind of pushed everyone away and made myself busy with my job.

"Hey, it's not your fault, it's mine. But I really miss you. We should get together sometime. We always had so much fun together." Her face lits up again. 

"Hell yeah! And you're still coming to see me give birth right? I'm gonna need a female there besides my mom to comfort me through all the pain." I laugh.

"Of course, I'll be there. I wouldn't miss it for anything. Send me a text of the date so I can put it on my calendar." 

"Okay!" I lift my camera at her.

"Now pose for me soon-to-be baby mama." She laughs, then strikes a pose. I take a few more before giving her a hug and departing. For a half hour, I take more pictures and then I get back into my car and head to Calum's. 


I pull up at Calum's house and walk inside with Madison. I knock on the door. Madison starts to fidget in place. I grin, knowing why she's doing that.

"What's wrong Maddie?" I ask her. She looks up at me and glares.

"You know what's wrong. Do you think I look okay? I don't look stupid do I?" I frown.

"Why do you care if you look okay? You know, you're still a minor and Calum is four years older than you." She looks down, embarrassed. 

"I know..." I felt bad instantly, not really trying to insult her. Before I could apologize, the door opens. Calum smiles.

"Hey, guys!" Madison quickly changes her frown to a huge smile.

"Hi, Cal!" Calum looks at Madison.

"Hey, Maddy!" He gives her a hug. We walk inside, and we can hear laughter and screams from outside. 

"Everyone is already outside. You can go change into your swimsuits and shorts if you want and meet us out there." We both reply with an 'okay'. 

"First person to the bathroom!" Shouts Madison. Before I could even comprehend what she says, she bolts to the bathroom. I just grin.

"That's not fair, I wasn't ready!" I shout back. I go upstairs to Calum's bathroom up there and change into my swim shorts. I go downstairs and outside to Calum's pool and saw that Arzaylea was already here sitting by the pool with her feet in, talking to someone. Huh, I didn't think she would be here til later, I thought. I go up to her and reach down to give her a kiss. She quickly pulls away and I frown.

"What was that about?" I ask. She glances at the person she was talking to before looking up at me.

"I didn't know it was you." 

"But you made eye contact with me when I came out. No one else is gonna try to kiss you." She just laughs and turns back to the other person. I didn't know I was joking, I thought. After twenty minutes of everyone just talking and laughing and Calum grilling hamburgers, I hear the doorbell ring. Calum walks inside to see who it is. He comes back with Haiti behind him. My mood instantly changes. She looks around before looking at me and gives me a small smile and a wave. She turns to Calum.

"Thanks for inviting me. You didn't have to." He glances at me before speaking.

"Nah, it's cool. Besides you're a chill person and it'd be good to get used to and know our new assigned photographer." He shoulder bumps her then walks back to the grill. I decide to stop being a creep and look for my sister. She's in the pool with Michael, Crystal, and Ashton. Ashton has her on his shoulders and keeps falling into the water with her screaming. I walk over to Calum to see if he wanted any help.

"Hey, man. Wanna take turns?" He looks at me and grins.

"Dude, you know you want to go talk to Haiti." I scrunch up my eyebrows and act like it wasn't true.

"What? No, I don't. I was just asking if you want any help." He just cocks his head at me and gives me that look.

"No, dude. I'm good over here." I shrug and walk away. I couldn't go where Michael and Crystal were at because they were making out in the pool, and I couldn't go over to Arzaylea because she was acting weird, so I decide to just suck it up and say hi to Haiti. As I walk towards her, she's sitting in one of the lounging chairs with her camera on her lap looking at pictures I'm guessing.

"Hey, Haiti," I say. She looks up at me and smiles.

"Hey, Luke. What's up?" I sit in the lounging chair next to her.

"Oh, not much. I was expecting a lot more people to be here." She nods.

"Yeah, me too." Silence quickly takes over and I didn't want it to be awkward so I continue.

"You're really into photography aren't you?" She smiles while looking at her camera.

"Yeah. Sometimes I miss playing soccer in college and wonder if I made the right decision, but then realize that I have come a long way to get where I'm at now. I took some earlier today. Wanna see?" She asks. I nod. She shows me some pictures of teens and older people. There was one of a young black pregnant woman. There were more too.

"Wow, you're amazing." She blushes. I grin.

"Did you get done with the pictures of the boys and I from yesterday?" I ask.

"Almost. There's a couple more that I need to edit and I'll have them done tomorrow and I'll show you guys. They're really good." I start on a new topic of her playing soccer and going to college. We laugh at a story she's telling me of when Haiti was at a party when Arzaylea walks up to me. 

"Hey, baby!" She says loudly and sits on my lap. I stiffen. What the? Haiti instantly gets uncomfortable. 

"Uh, hey?" I say, more like a question. She giggles obnoxiously. 

"What are you two talking about?" She questions, trying not to sound nosy. I roll my eyes.

"Oh, we were just talking about some memories of when I was in college," Haiti says. Arzaylea nods, but her face basically says she's really not interested.

"Well, college sucks and I'm glad I didn't go, right babe?" She turns to me. I just shrug. Arzaylea ignores it. Haiti looks at me and I give her an apologetic look. She gives me a small grin, but Arzaylea catches it and whips her head at me. She exhales loudly before turning back to Haiti.

"I'm Arzaylea by the way. Haylee, you should take a picture of me and Lukey." I cringe at her calling me that and I feel myself getting more embarrassed when she purposely said her name wrong. 

"It's Haiti. And sure, I guess." She stands up and points her camera at us. Arzaylea swings her legs over my lap and squeezes me. I try not to look awkward and give her a half-hearted smile. I hear the camera click a couple of times before Haiti lowers it. 

"Do you want to look at it?" She asks. Arzaylea waves her off.

"No. Just edit it and you can show us it later. Babe, come in the pool with me." She says in a little girl voice and drags me towards the pool. I turn back to Haiti and she gives me a confused look. I turn around and see Arzaylea already getting into the pool. I take off my shirt and get in as well. Arzaylea wraps her arms around me, but I pull away.

"What was that?" I ask.

"What was what?" She asks, playing innocent.

"You know what Arz. That was completely rude. And earlier you were acting like you didn't want to be around me." She sighs.

"Okay, I'll be honest. I didn't like how she was looking at you." I frown.

"Looking at me how?" 

"You know..." I shake my head.

"No, I don't. Please explain." She groans.

"She was looking at you in this way that I can't explain, but I wasn't liking it so I had to step in and show her that you have a woman in your life." I shake my head.

"So you were jealous." She snorts at me.

"No, I wasn't." 

"This is ridiculous," I say. She tosses her hands up.

"Well, you're the one who brought it up."

"Because you were being rude!"

"No, I wasn't!" She exclaims, a little too loudly. People start looking at us, even Haiti. My face gets red.

"I'm not doing this with you again," I say and start to walk away and go over to Ashton.

"Fine, I didn't even care." She says back. I roll my eyes. Twenty minutes later, everyone is in the pool besides Haiti and Calum: still fixing the burgers and Haiti on her phone. We were about to play a game of Sharks and Minnows, but we needed an extra player.

"Haiti, get in the pool! We're about to Sharks and Minnows." I shout to her. I can see Arzaylea turning towards me out of the corner of my eye, probably glaring at me but I choose not to look at her. She throws her head back like she didn't want to, so everyone besides Arzaylea cheers her on to get in.




She grins before placing her phone and camera into her bag. She takes off her white tee and her shorts revealing a really hot swimsuit. Ashton whistles and Michael shouts out a 'yeah!' at her. Madison and Crystal start clapping. I try hard not to react to her in her swimsuit because I know Arzaylea is watching me, daring me to. She gets ever so slowly, due to her not being in the water yet and the water being cold before dipping in and getting herself completely wet. 

"Since you were the last one to get in, you're the shark," Michael says. Everyone laughs except Arzaylea. Haiti acts like she's upset, but goes to the other side of the pool. We play that game for about thirty minutes before Calum calls to us.

"Alright, everyone! The burgers are ready!" We all head inside to eat. We sit in the dining room, but there weren't enough seats for everyone so the girls decided to sit in the living room together while the guys stayed in the dining room. I sit between Ashton and Michael. Calum sits across from us.

"Dude, what was that all about with your girl?" He asks. I sigh, not really wanting to explain.

"It was just another argument." Michael snorts.

"You guys are always arguing." I get pissed.

"Sorry, our relationship isn't perfect like yours, Mike." He shrugs and takes a bite of his burger.

"I'm glad you've noticed." He says. Before I could say anything smart back, Ashton buts in.

"Okay, c'mon guys. Today is just supposed to be a chill, fun day. Let's not ruin it." I push my plate away, get up, and walk out back.

"There he goes, pouting again." I hear Michael say. Dick, I thought.


I sit in the living room with Arzaylea, and three other girls I didn't know, but one that I saw yesterday at the photo shoot. She had pinkish, purple hair and I'm guessing is Michael's girlfriend because she was in the pool making out with him. The second girl had dark brown hair in braids. She looks really young than the rest of the girls, but she's really pretty and has a nice smile. The third girl had long, dyed blonde hair. She looked to be older than all of us, but she's really laid back. Kinda like Calum.

"So you must be the boys' new assigned photographer." Says the blonde haired girl. I give her small smile and nod.

"They're really excited about you being their photographer. Mainly because you're not an old grouchy lady." I chuckle. 

"Well, that's nice to hear," I say.

"I'm Mali, Calum's older sister," she says. 

"I kind of figured. You guys look alike in a way." She smiles.

"I'm Haiti." I reach out to shake her hand, and she returns it. The brown haired girl speaks.

"I'm Madison, Luke's little sister." I shake her hand too.

"Nice to meet you." The girl with purple hair starts to speak too.

"I guess I'm left since I didn't introduce myself yesterday. I'm Crystal, Michael's girlfriend." I smile at her. Madison opens her mouth to speak again.

"You're really pretty." I hear Arzaylea grunt quietly underneath her breath. I choose to ignore her and I smile at Madison.

"Thank you. So are you." She smiles real big. I start a conversation with Mali about photography and how she likes to take pictures too and also about how Calum was going to play soccer but decided to be in the band. I then ask Crystal about her relationship with Michael and how they met and everything. She begins to tell me a place her and Michael went to and Arzaylea buts in.

"Oh my God, that was so fun. Luke and I went with them and I just loved it. Luke and I did the most cliche thing and walked on the beach beside the ocean, holding hands during the sunset. We went to so many cool stores and went to so many restaurants..." She continues to rub in her time with Luke. It feels more like she's telling me than the other girls. I look around at the others: Madison looked uncomfortable that Arzaylea was talking about her brother so much, Crystal got on her phone five minutes in Arzaylea's story, and Mali tried to make it seem like she was listening, but her face basically shows how bored she is. I tuned out a while ago and looked at the boys. Luke seemed pissed. He got up and went outside. I decided to go out there too, only because Arzaylea was driving me crazy. 

"Um, I'm gonna go outside to get some air." I get up and walk out. I see Luke sitting in one of the lounging chairs. I sneak up behind him and grab his shoulders.

"Rawr!" Luke jumps a little. I start laughing. He glares at me but smiles anyway.

"Not funny. I don't like being scared." I wipe some stray tears and see next to him. 

"Why are you out here?" I ask him. He sighs.

"Michael pissed me off." I nod, knowing the feeling with his girlfriend.

"Why are you out here?" I decide to lie, not wanting to be rude.

"Just wanted some air." We sit in silence for a few minutes but it wasn't awkward.

"So... do you have a boyfriend?" Luke asks me. I shake my head.

"No. I did three months ago, but not anymore..." He's quiet for a little bit.

"Do you mind if I ask what happened or is it too private?" I sigh, knowing this topic was going to come up soon.

"No, I don't. He cheated on me. With three different women." His mouth opens in an 'O' shape.

"Wow. How'd you find out?"

"I saw it through his phone. He was in the kitchen and I was in the living room. He left his phone on the couch and it buzzed and I was just going to check to see who it was and let him know, but it was a text message by a number and it said 'Last night was even better than before. When are you coming back over?' with a winking emoji. He came back into the kitchen and I acted like nothing happened. When we went to bed, I waited until he was asleep and used his fingerprint on his phone and went through his text messages and saw two other numbers talking about how they had a great night with him and he was so good in the bed. There was one message where one of the girls said 'you should leave her for me, you know I'm better than her in bed' and he's said 'if you keep it up I might have to take you up on that offer'. 

"I woke him up and questioned him about it and you know what every guy says to the girl when they catch them cheating: 'They didn't mean anything, it was a mistake, I love you, you mean the world to me, I'm so sorry, it'll never happen again.' I told him that I was done and kicked him out. Even though it was three months ago, I'm still upset about it because we were together for two years. And of course, I was going through the phase: was I not good enough, did I need to change something about myself. I'm over him, but it still hurts." Luke listens to it all and when I finish, he gives me a hug. I try hard not to cry.

"I'm sorry you had to go through all that. If you ever want to hang out and just chill, you can always hit me up." I smile at him.

"Thanks, but I don't think your girlfriend likes me." He rolls his eyes and waves me off.

"She doesn't like any girl that I talk to, even my fans. She'll live." We continue talking about how he started his career with his friends and his favorite places that he went. And for once in three months, I feel my life turning around.



FINALLY. Chapter three is done. I'm not really good with these type of stories, but I am going to try my best to be better at updating. It's pretty long, which I hope is a good thing. Let me know what you guys think of it, by commenting like you're favorite part of the story. If there's something that I could do better at or something that you didn't like, you can let me know as well, but be nice about it. Thanks, love you.


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