Crazily into You (l.h. fanfic)

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  • Published: 30 Nov 2017
  • Updated: 11 Feb 2018
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Haiti Thompson is a photographer.

Luke Hemmings is the lead singer of a popular band.
Luke is in a sketchy relationship.

Haiti just recently got out of a bad relationship.
Haiti was assigned to be the boys' photographer and right away, Luke becomes interested in her. But reality hits him in the face daily when he is reminded that he is in a relationship, even though he thinks she is cheating on him.

But for some reason, he just can't leave Haiti alone.

Find out what happens in Crazy Love.



14. t h i r t e e n


As I'm in my car, driving back to my apartment, I receive a text from Novanna.

VON: I seriously need to talk to you ASAP.

Me: okay, what's wrong?

VON: Just please get here!

Me: okok, omw!

I turn around and drive to Novanna's house. Once I pull up at her apartment, I get out and walk inside. I climb the three flights of stairs and I finally make it to her apartment room. I knock.

"Von, It's me," I say. Not even a minute later, I hear the door being unlocked and then opened, revealing a tear-stained Novanna. I quickly rush inside and grab her shoulders.

"Vonna, what's wrong?? Why are you crying?" She loudly blows her nose with tissues that are in her hands. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a pregnancy test. I give her a confused look as I take it.

"It says that it's... positive. Okay, so what does that have to do... oh shit..." I say, covering my mouth. She nods and starts crying again. I wrap my arms around her and start shushing her.

"Hey, it's not that bad." She looks up.

"O que você quer dizer? I'm pregnant, Haiti! Jax isn't gonna want to be a father, yet!" She walks to her couch and sits down. I sit lightly on the coffee table.

"How can you say that? You guys have been together for like, what, two or three years?" She sniffs.

"Two..." She quietly says.

"Okay, so maybe not that long..." She glares at me.

"I'm twenty-three, and he's twenty-four. I know, he's not gonna want to be a father at that age."

"Hey, it could be worse. You both could be in your teens." She grimaces.

"Exactly." She starts crying again.

"What if he starts yelling at me? Or what if he leaves me? I just won't tell him and get an abortion." I smack her knee.

"No! You're going to tell him. He deserves to know. And then you both can decide together what you're going to do." She wipes her nose with the back of her sweatshirt.

"I wanted to wait till I was married. That's how I was raised. To get pregnant after you're married. Now my pais are going to be disappointed in me and disown me." I roll my eyes.

"Okay, now you're just being dramatic. Your mom's sister got pregnant when she was eighteen."

"Yeah, and Tia Aceline didn't have a relationship with avó for like maybe a year or two until she finally forgave Tia Aceline. I don't want that to happen with mamãe and me." I move and sit next to her and wrap my arm around her shoulder. She leans and lays her head on my shoulder.

"Well, if it does come to Jax leaving you, which I don't think he will, you can move in with me if you want." She sits up and looks at me with her big brown eyes.

"Really?" I nod and smile.

"We were roommates for two years of college." She smiles and gives me a hug.

"Gracias, Haiti. You are the melhor amiga I've ever had, truly." I smile.

"Dito." I stand up to leave, but she stops me.

"Can you stay until he comes home? He's been in the studio all day." I nod and sit back down next to her. We talk about our times in high school and college. An hour later, we hear keys jingling.

"He's here," Novanna says, more in a whisper. The door opens and Jax walks in. He stops in his place when he realizes we're staring at him.

"Did someone die?" He asks. We both shake our heads. He frowns when he looks at Novanna.

"Have you been crying?" He asks her and walks towards us. I look at her. She pats my thigh.

"You can leave. I'll tell you what happens." I nod and we both stand up. I give her a hug and tell her I love her. Then I give Jax a nervous smile as I walk out. Yikes, I think and walk down the three flights of stairs. Once I get in my car, I receive another text. What is with people wanting to talk to me today? I think. It's from my brother.

Andres: Girl, did you fight someone?

Me: ugh, yes...

Andres: Aww shit! Who was it?? I'm looking at the videos that are all over Instagram and I can't tell who the girl is because you got your hands all in her face.

Me: it's arzaylea.

Andres: Luke's girl?

Me: yeah.

Andres: I knew she was a shit starter.

Me: lol tell me about it

Andres: well next time you get in a fight give me a 20 min heads up so I can be there to witness it

Me: you're dumb

Andres: Lol love you sis

Me: love you too

I start my car and drive the way back to my place. When I make it to my apartment, I look up from my keys and see Luke sitting by my door. I sigh. Why couldn't this day just be normal without any shit happening? I think. I slowly walk up to him. He has his head in his lap, so I nudge him with my foot. He lifts his head up and when he sees that it's me, he quickly stands up.

"Sorry I didn't tell you that I'd be stopping by. You weren't home so I'd just thought I'd wait until you showed up." I nod and unlock my door, then walk in. He follows behind me and stops. When I turn around to face him, we just stand there in an awkward silence.

"So, Luke. What is it that you want?" I ask. He sighs before answering.

"I'd just wanted to apologize. With everything. With Arzaylea, with the kiss, because I know that kind of made it awkward between us and with you almost losing your job. I didn't mean to cause anything." I just stare at him.

"Are you going to say anything?" He asks. I shake my head and walk past him.

"I just apologized to you. You could at least say something." I walk to my kitchen and grab a cup from my cabinet.

"Why? So more drama can start tomorrow with your girlfriend? You can apologize all you want. That doesn't fix anything with your girlfriend not liking me because her boyfriend, which is you, likes me." I put some water in my cup from the faucet in the sink. I see Luke out of the corner of my eye throws his hands up.

"What else do you want me to do? I'm trying to at least smooth out the problem." I take a sip of my water and lean against my counter.

"Does your girlfriend know you're here talking to me?" He slowly shakes his head.

"No, but she never tells me where she's going. Besides, I'm a grown man, I don't have to tell her where I'm going all the time." I set my cup down and grab a banana that's in a fruit bowl on my counter and peel it, then take a bite.

"Luke, I accept your apology. But you're not the person who should be apologizing. It's your girlfriend. She's the one who sort of started all this drama and it's affecting my job." He scoffs.

"Well, she's not going to apologize. She's too stubborn." I shrug and take another bite of my banana.

"Well then, there's no point in you even being here."

"I'm trying to make sure we still have a friendship." I stop chewing.

"Do you do this any of your other female friends?" He gives me a weird look.

"Um, no?"

"So, why does it matter if you and I are still friends?" His face starts to get red and he looks everywhere but at me.

"Uhm, because, I, uh, find it, mm, very important. And also because you're a good person to be friends with." I roll my eyes.

"Will you just please say what you really mean?" I ask. He throws his hands up again and walks towards me. I get a little nervous now and take a step back.

"Fine. You wanna hear it? Well, here goes. Yes, Haiti, I like you. I actually happen to like you a lot. Yeah, I know, we've only known each other for maybe a week or two, but you're different. A lot different. You're funny. And you don't take shit from people. Most girls get embarrassed whenever Arzaylea calls them out, but you didn't back down. I've been with Arzaylea for three years and I kind of knew she was using our relationship to get her popular. I'm just going to be real: she's fake. But you're not. You're honest. And I can't help how I feel towards you." I couldn't say anything. I'm speechless.

"Uh, I, uh..." Luke smirks and then kisses me. Again. But this time I don't pull away.  


After Haiti had left, I sit back down and put my hands in my hands. I hear Jax walking towards me and I feel the couch dip. He rests his hands on my back.

"Babe, what's wrong?" He asks. I sigh and run my hands through my curls.

"I don't want you to get mad, okay?" He frowns but nods his head.

"Okay. What's up?" I sit up and grab his hands.

"Well. I texted Haiti this morning to come over like I said I would. I then told her that I wasn't feeling good and I puked maybe three or four times. She joked that I was probably pregnant, but we haven't had sex in like two months. I took a pregnancy test just to be sure an hour ago, and um..." I take the pregnancy test that was in between my thighs and hand it to him. He takes and reads it. When he realizes that it's positive, his eyes grew.

"You're... pregnant?" I slowly nod, looking at my hands that were sitting on my lap. He's quiet for a few minutes and I look up at him, he has his chin his hand. Merda, I think. I quickly respond again.

"We don't have to keep the baby, Jax. I can get an abortion. Haiti just suggested that I should tell you before I did anything." He looks at me.

"You were gonna get an abortion without telling?" He asks. I nod.

"I was scared that you were gonna get mad at me or leave me." He takes my hand.

"Why would I leave you?" I shrug my shoulders. I start to get teary-eyed. Freaking hormones, I think as I quickly wipe my tears.

"Baby, I wouldn't leave you. It's gonna take a lot to get rid of me." I grin. He takes my chin and lifts my face up to look at him.

"I'm gonna be honest, I was speechless. But whatever you decide, I'll go through. It's great that you're pregnant. But if you think the best choice is to get an abortion, then I'll support it." I smile real big and jump at him, wrapping my arms around his neck.

"I love you!" I shout. I hear him laugh and then feel his arms wrap around my waist.

"I love you too, Von."


- - -

English Translation

O que você quer dizer?                         What do you mean?

pais                                                                                parents

tia                                                                                        aunt

avó                                                                              grandma

mamãe                                                                            mama

gracias                                                                      thank you

melhor amiga                                                          best friend

merda                                                                                   shit


Jeez. Luke doesn't know how to keep his lips to himself. How did you feel about this chapter? I felt pretty good about this one. I kinda felt like the last three were lazy so I needed to step it up and get serious about it. Give this story a like and comment what you liked about it. Make sure you favorite story so you can be updated to whenever I publish a chapter. Also, share it with your luke friends so they can get in on this juicy story. Thanks for reading!


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