Crazily into You (l.h. fanfic)

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  • Published: 30 Nov 2017
  • Updated: 11 Feb 2018
  • Status: Complete
Haiti Thompson is a photographer.

Luke Hemmings is the lead singer of a popular band.
Luke is in a sketchy relationship.

Haiti just recently got out of a bad relationship.
Haiti was assigned to be the boys' photographer and right away, Luke becomes interested in her. But reality hits him in the face daily when he is reminded that he is in a relationship, even though he thinks she is cheating on him.

But for some reason, he just can't leave Haiti alone.

Find out what happens in Crazy Love.



7. s i x

**Luke's house (above) 


I wake up and sit up on my bed and pull out my phone from my back pocket and go on my Twitter account. I've received DMs from me and Luke's fans, and most of them are sweet but there was one that hit too close to home.

@maddybeerlooks_likeaqueer: Hey bitch. why do u get to stay with luke? He don't like you anyways. Your own parents didn't want you so they gave you up to luke to care for. you a skanky bitch anyways. hope you didn't give anyone aids. 

I instantly start crying. I didn't want to call Luke so I call Calum instead, hoping he is awake. He answers after a couple rings. 

"Yes, Mads?" His voice is scratchy. I sniff.

"Can you come over?" 

"What's wrong? You sound upset?"

"Just please come over." I stutter.

"Okay. I'm on my way." I hang up and set it down. Why are people like this to me? Why do they just assume things? Luke loves me right? I'm not too big of a spoiled girl, am I? I start to question everything about me. My parents didn't disown me, I wanted to stay with Luke for a while before He would start tour again. I'm a nice girl. Calum wasn't here yet, so I decide to scroll through the rest. I should've stopped at the last one, but I couldn't. They were just awful.

@Madisonhater_015: ya know you use your brother's fame, right? I mean, in all honesty, you're not that cute. you're an immature little girl, whose parents got sick of raising. that's why you're staying with luke. 😂 it's quite sad tbh. 

@bashMadison: I've tallied up all the scores, and 85% of the 5SOS fans aren't understanding why you're still alive. Just it end it for your brother, the rest of the band members, your parents, US. Do it for America.

@WhosMadisonH: you're really annoying. we don't want you here. go back home to austra-. oh wait, you can't. BAHAHAHA!

I toss my phone on my bed and pull my knees towards my chest and bury my head in my arms as I continue to cry some more. God, I hate my life. A few minutes later, my phone starts to ring. It was Calum.

"Hello?" My voice sounds scratchy from all the crying.

"Hey. I knocked a few times, but no one answered. Are you not home?" Oh shit, I didn't even hear him knock.

"Yeah, I'm still home. I didn't hear you knock, sorry. Just come in. I'm in my room." He says 'okay' before hanging up. I go to the bathroom and I look at my attire and notice that I'm in a grey sweatshirt and black Addidas sweatpants. I choose not to change anyway. I brush my teeth, then go back to my bed laying down. I hear my door opening. I look up slowly and see Calum. As soon as he sees my red puffy eyes, he quickly walks over to me and sits down beside me.

"Maddy, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" He asks. I grab my phone and show him the DMs. I watch his eyes as they scan my phone and watch how his facial expression hardens.

"You shouldn't take these comments to heart, M. I know, they're rude and hateful, but they're cyberbullying. It's the most coward thing someone can do. They have nothing better to do, so they think by bashing at you will bring you down. They act like you're nothing, but you must mean something to them because they're taking time out of their lives to say irrelevant stuff. Your parents love you, your brother adores you. The rest of the boys and I love you and we wouldn't change you for the world. Alright?" I smile at him and nod. 

"Good. Now c'mere." He opens his arms and I blush and scoot closer to him as he holds me and sings a song.

I lay my head on his chest and smile. I think to myself, He's so nice to me and this is why I have a major crush on him. He always knows what to say to make me smile again. 


I wake up with a headache and my jaw throbbing. But I remember what happened last night and sigh. I also remember Luke kissing me. The kiss rewinds in my head over and over. I grab my pillow from underneath my head and stuff it on top of my face. I don't like Luke, I don't like Luke. He's in a relationship, you're not one of those girls Haiti. Get it together. I get up and head to my bathroom. I start my shower then brush my teeth. Once I was done, I take off my T-shirt and shorts before stepping into the shower. I dip my head into the water, getting my hair wet. I couldn't stop thinking about that kiss, though. What's wrong with you? You don't like Luke, you just freaking met the man! I clean my body and wash my hair, getting the chlorine from the other day out. I turn off the water and grab my towel, wrapping it around myself. I use my T-shirt to dry my hair** and grab my hair cream. Once I was done with my hair, I let it air dry and walk back into my room. I find a Nike sweatshirt and a pair of black leggings. I put on a pair of black tennis shoes. As I'm getting dress, I hear my phone ring.


"Hey, menina!" It's Novanna. Hearing her voice causes me to smile instantly. 

"Hi, best friend!" She laughs.

"What are you doing this morning?" I didn't have to be at Milk Studios until later in the day.

"Nothing. Why?" I hear mumbling in the background.

"I wanted to know if you want to hang since I didn't get to hang with you yesterday." I realize that I hadn't seen her at all yesterday.

"Yeah! Where were you?" I hear a smack in the background.

"I had to model and it was all day. I didn't know until the last minute- QUIT!" She screams then laughs. I pull the phone away from my ear. 

"What was that?" She sighs softly.

"Oh, it was just Jax. He's being annoying." Hearing her talk about Jax, makes me think of Luke and the kiss.

"I'm glad you asked to hang because I really need to talk to you." 

"Why, what's up?" I shake my head but realize she can't see it.

"I don't want to tell you over the phone."

"Okay. I'll come pick you up." 

"Okay. Bye!"

"Adeus adorável!" I grin then hang up. After twenty minutes of me playing with Teo, I hear my doorbell ring. I walk over to it and open it, revealing Novanna in a black T-shirt dress and her hair always looking cute in her curls. I smile. 

"HI!" We hug one another before pulling apart.

"You ready?" I nod. I leave my apartment and get in her car. She drives us to IHop. We get inside and a waiter seats us.

"What would you ladies like to drink?" He asks.

"I'd like a glass of orange juice," I say. He nods then turns to Novanna.

"And I would like to have a glass of chocolate milk." I grin at how she struggles to say 'chocolate' in English because of her accent. He smiles.

"Okay, I'll be right back with your drinks and then if you guys are ready, I'll take your orders." We thank him and he walks away. Novanna leans on the table with her elbows on it and her head in her hands.

"So, what's the notícia?" I stall, not sure if I should tell her about my encounter with Jevon so I decide to tell her about the pool party. When I explain how rude Arzaylea was towards me, Novanna cuts me off.

"Ooh, that skanky cadela! Why do female act like that?" She says, her nose flaring. I laugh.

"Don't you act like that with Jax?" I question. She glares at me and waves me off.

"That's not the point. And I don't act like that. I may give her a few dirty looks every once and a while. What else happens?" I continue with how I spent time with Luke and telling him about my past relationship with Jevon. She smirks.

"Mm, Ms. Haiti trying to do the sujo with the Australian white boy! Okay!" I shake my head at her.

"Can I finish, please?" She puts her hands up.

"Anyways, so after I left Calum's house, I go to my brother's place to find him and your boyfriend high," She rolls her eyes but grins.

"And then I got a text from someone..." I say, trailing my words. She frowns. The waiter comes back with our drinks. He places both of our drinks on the table then pulls out his order pad.

"Are you guys ready to order?" He asks. We both shake our heads.

"No, sorry. Can you give us a little more time?" He nods.

"Sure." Then walks away. Novanna turns to me.

"Who texted you?" I take a sip of my juice from my straw then swirl my straw in my drink.

"Jevon..." I mumble, barely a whisper. Novanna scrunches her eyebrows and leans in.

"What?" I give her the puppy eyes.

"Jevon." She pulls back automatically and gasps really loud. People that were sitting around us, give us weird looks. My cheeks turn red.

"Haiti!" She whisper-yells. I cover my face with my hands.

"Why is he texting you?" I sit up and sigh.

"He said he needed to talk to me. So we met up at Starbucks," Novanna throws her hands up, probably because we met at his favorite cafe.

"And he was basically like he misses me and that he's changed. He wanted me to give him another chance and that when he was around me, I made him feel like a different person or something like that." She squints her eyes at me.

"Please, please tell me you didn't forgive him and let him back." I quickly shake my head.

"Hell no!" She sighs and places her hand on her chest.

"Oh, graças a Deus!" I continue my story.

"So, I go home and then I get a text from Luke asking if he could come over." Novanna grins and wiggles her eyebrows at me.

"I say sure because I wanted to tell him about Jevon. So he comes over and we're talking, then all of a sudden, someone is pounding on my door yelling 'Haiti, open this door!' I open the door and it's Jevon, drunk." Her eyes widen. I nod.

"Yeah. He's drunk with a vodka bottle in his hand. He barges in and he's slurring his words, saying that he needs me and that I rejected him blah, blah. He's grabbing me, touching my face, pulling my hair, trying to kiss me and Luke steps in and pulls him off me. Jevon gets mad and gets all in his face, saying that I rejected him so that I could be with Luke. Then Luke did something I couldn't remember, but it was enough to make Jevon angry and he starts punching Luke." Novanna covers her mouth with her hand. I continue telling her the story and when I get to the part where Jevon leaves, I stop to catch my breath. Novanna shakes her head.

"I can't believe he did that." I nod. I see the waiter coming our way so I quickly grab my menu.

"We should probably order, Vanna." She sees the waiter coming too, so she grabs her menu as well. We tell the waiter what we wanted. Once he left again, Novanna looks at me.

"Well, what happened to Luke?" I can feel my face burn, already knowing that I was blushing.

"Hmm, well. I get a washcloth to clean his face because his nose was bleeding, he had a busted lip and cut above his eyebrow. When I was cleaning his lip, he said I was beautiful and then..."

"Ohmygosh, did you two kiss?!" She squeals. I feel my face turning even redder, giving Novanna her answer. She jumps in her chair, almost causing it to tilt back too far. This time, people that were around us glared and whispered.

"Ahh! I knew it! How was it??" I shrug.

"It was... nice?" I say, more as a question. Her mouth drops.

"That's it? It was 'nice'?" 

"Well, it wasn't that long because I pulled away, remembering he has a girlfriend." She scrunches her nose.

"So? It's just a kiss." 

"Would you be saying that if Jax kissed someone?" She almost spits out her chocolate milk.

"I wish he would. Then I would have to cut the enxada, and then sew his lips together." I laugh. We finish the rest of the morning with Novanna telling me about her day, modeling. And as I'm sitting here, all I can think of was that damn kiss.


- - -

English Translation

menina                                                girl

adeus                                         goodbye

adorável                                         lovely

notícia                                              news

cadela                                               bitch

sujo                                                    dirty

graças a Deus                       thank God

enxada                                               hoe



Okay! So Novanna was in on the kiss. I like my character for Novanna. She has sass and it's funny. What'd you guys think of it? Did you like it? I liked this chapter as well. Leave a comment. Thanks for reading my story!


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