Crazily into You (l.h. fanfic)

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  • Published: 30 Nov 2017
  • Updated: 11 Feb 2018
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Haiti Thompson is a photographer.

Luke Hemmings is the lead singer of a popular band.
Luke is in a sketchy relationship.

Haiti just recently got out of a bad relationship.
Haiti was assigned to be the boys' photographer and right away, Luke becomes interested in her. But reality hits him in the face daily when he is reminded that he is in a relationship, even though he thinks she is cheating on him.

But for some reason, he just can't leave Haiti alone.

Find out what happens in Crazy Love.



15. f o u r t e e n

After Luke and I's makeout session last night, he left and I went to bed. Why do I put myself in these situations? I think. I woke up today, though, with a terrible stomach ache. I call Luke's manager, telling him, that I won't be able to come with whatever they're doing today. I get out of bed and head downstairs. My dog, Tio, gets up and starts wagging his tail and I smile. 

"You hungry, big boy?" I coo at him. He sticks out his tongue and starts panting, wagging his tail even more. I go to his dog food and get a cup full of it and dump it in his dog dish. He almost knocks me over trying to get to his food. I go to the kitchen and wash my hands then pull out a bowl and grab Frosted Flakes, my favorite cereal, from the cabinet. Once I had poured myself some and put milk in it, I walk to the living room and sit down, turning on the TV as well. Not even five minutes later, I hear my phone ringing. I set my bowl down on the coffee table and walk back into the kitchen, where my phone is.

"Hello?" I say.

"Haiti." It's my mom. She sounds worried.

"Mom? What's wrong?" I hear her sigh.

"It's your brother." What did he do?

"What happened?" 

"He was on the South side of L.A. and he was at the wrong time of a situation. He got shot." I cover my mouth and my eyes start to get watery.

"Is h-he okay?" I stammer.

"Yeah, he's fine. He got hit in the shoulder." I race upstairs to my room.

"I'll be there in a few." I hang up and go straight to the bathroom.


After twenty minutes of getting ready and being stuck in L.A. traffic jams, I finally arrived at the hospital. I run in and walk back the registration counter. The lady looks up from her computer and stops me.

"Um, Miss! You're going to have to wait in the waiting room if you have an appointment. I screech to a stop and roll my eyes. Then I turn around and walk to the counter.

"I don't have an appointment, I'm here to see someone. It's an emergency." She gives me a tight smile.

"And who are you here to see?" I sigh, loudly, in front of her.

"Andres Thompson." She types his name in.

"He is in room 302. You take a left to-" I cut her off.

"I can get there on my own. Thanks." I give her a tight smile back. Then I leave and go the elevator. When I got to the third floor and I saw room 302 to my right. The door is open so I take a peek inside. Laying there in the hospital bed is my brother, looking all pale, passed out. I instantly get teary-eyed again. I walk in and see my mom sitting beside him. She looks up and when she sees me, she stands up immediately. 

"Haiti." I walk up to her and hug her. I start crying. I hear her shushing me and rubbing my back.

"Shh. It's okay. It's okay." I let go and wipe my face.

"How is he?" I ask. We both sit down next to his bed. I look at him as he peacefully sleeps with the monitor beeping to the pace of his heartbeat.

"He's okay. He went into surgery and the doctor said he's alright. He'll be in the hospital for probably a week and then he'll be released to go home. There he'll be staying with me so that I can keep an eye on him." I turn and face her.

"Let him come home with me, Mom. I'm alone at my apartment and it'll be fun to have him around. I'll make sure I'll take good care of him." She gives me a worried look.

"What about your job? And I saw this video of you fighting someone on Twitter. Haiti, you're fighting people?" I smack my forehead. Fuck, my mom knows now, I think.

"Mom, we'll talk about that later. Right now, we need to focus on Andres. I'll call in and ask to take some time off to take care of him." She looks at Andres for a minute and then back to me.

"Okay. That means a lot." I smile. I turn and look at Andres and my smile quickly fades. Gosh, my life is crazy right now.


I wake up and the memory of me kissing Haiti again put a smile on my face. I turn to my left and notice an empty space. Of course, Arzaylea isn't here. Haiti would be a perfect fit there, I think. Instantly after thinking that, my face starts to burn and I shake my head. Wrong thoughts, Luke. You have a girlfriend... or do you? I get up and head to the bathroom. I brush my teeth and take a shower. Then after my shower, I get dressed in a black tank shirt with black shorts and black tennis shoes. I put my hair in a man bun and put my denim hat over it. I walk past Maddy's room, and her door's cracked open. She's giggling. I peek through the crack of her door. She's laying on her stomach with her legs up, swaying them back and forth.

"Stop, you're making me blush... Yeah, whatever. You're just saying that to be nice... Hehe, okay. Heh, bye... Are you going to hang up? No, you hang up, you called me first! Oh my gosh, fine I'll do it. Hehehe, byee!" Who is she on the phone with, talking like that? I think, my over-protectively brother mode kicks on. I knock on her door twice before walking in.

"Hey, Mads." She sits up, too quickly and puts her phone underneath her thigh.

"Heyy, Luke." I sit down next to her and give her a suspicious look. 

"Not to be nosy or anything, but who were you on the phone with?" Her face turns red.

"Uh, just, uh, a friend." I furrow my eyebrows.

"A friend?" She nods. I still give her this look like I don't believe her, but decide to drop it.

"Hm. Okay. Wanna go to Michael's house? We're gonna play FIFA there and Crystal and the rest of the boys will be there." She jumps up.

"Yes! Uh, I mean, sure. Just let me get dressed." I squint my eyes at her.

"Why are you acting weird?" She plays innocent.

"Huh? What do you mean? I'm fine." She rocks on the balls of her feet with her hands behind her back, like a little kid would do to make themselves seem like they aren't doing anything.

"Whatever. Just hurry up." She gives me a goofy smile.

"Okay!" I shake my head and walk out, closing her door. I head downstairs and get a bowl of cereal. After pouring some cereal and milk into my bowl, I eat it standing up as I wait for Madison. I pull my phone out and go to Snapchat. I decide to take a snap and post to my story.

(not a real snap, just FYI)

I decide to go through everyone else's story. I see Arzaylea's name and click on it.

(not a real snap)

I roll my eyes. see Haiti's name and click on it.

(not a real snap)

Holy shit, what happened? I press the home button on my phone and go to my recent calls. I click Haiti's name and for her to answer.

"Hello?" She answers, sounding upset and stressed.

"Hey... I just saw your Story. Wanna talk about it?" She sniffs.

"Um, not really. I mean, not on the phone." I nod but remember she can't see me.

"Understandable. So, I'm guessing I won't see you today."

"Yeah. I called in and took some time off and I called and told Adam that there will probably be some days where I'm either in and out or just won't show up at all." Damn

"Oh, well. Whatever happened to your brother, I hope he's okay and that I'll be praying for him." She sniffs again.

"T-thanks, Luke." I frown.

"You're welcome. Bye."

"Bye." She barely says. I hang up and set my phone down. I hear Madison coming down the stairs.

"Hey, what's wrong?" I look up at her.

"Haiti's brother is in the hospital." She instantly frowns.

"What? What happened to him?" I shrug.

"I don't know. I called her to ask what happened because she posted something on her story about him and she said she didn't want to talk about right now." She gasps and covers her mouth.

"That doesn't sound good." I nod. We stand in silence for a moment. I grab my keys that were laying on the counter.

"Ready?" She nods and we walk out and get in the car.



And so that is it for this chapter?? How is everyone by the way? Good? I'd hope so. If not, you can always talk to me if you feel like it. I'm a good listener. But anyways, please give this story a like and comment what you liked about it. ALSO, I have a cover store so if you want a cover for your story, go check out my store and hit me up. Thanks for reading! 


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