Different Lives

Based on a true story!


1. Based on a true story

Her name is mare...She doesn't even know how it all happen , she began to tell her self its normal things were suppose to be that way she found herself in a cold world feeling as if she was alone. at the age of  7 the day of her birthday party her mother gave birth to her little brother who had heart problems few months later he passed away things than completely changed, badly everyone changed nothing was the same anymore her dad and mom split they had there ups and downs but her mom completely moved on, her brother became involving himself in gangs and her sister just wasn't herself anymore. she herself became someone she never thought she started messing up in school started fights she had issues with teachers bad grades she never attended school but when she did she did good she was a smart little girl her head was just every were she would spend most of her time outside walking or riding her bike she saw young kids like herself on the corners selling drugs throwing up gang signs bricking car with bottles and rocks cars chasing cars people getting shot dropping dead she was scared but she did have a big mind she began to get use to everything that was around, her brother became a member of the MLD latin gang from the same neighborhood he than got arrest and sent to prison. as she was growing up she had this group of 3 she called her best friends the 3 hung around every day till night outside. out the 3 she mostly hung around with emony , there was this boy they both dated , him and emony never got serious it was more like a crush thing.  but him and mare did after the two dating for a year she lost her virginity to him at the age of 14 he was two years old than her she fell for him she thought she found the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with he was in a gang also a member from the MLD latin gang he end up in jail as well as she was waiting for him she would write him and spend her money on calling cards or visiting him he came out of jail as someone different he started treating mare differently more like he didn't care as much he started to talk to others and playing around with her he was in and out of jail as much as he did him he always looked for mare she got tired of it all stood single and started worrying about herself she was about 16 years old when she got ahold of a fake ID and started working at a factory packing she wasn't old enough to work with her real name she thought as a grown women she knew more than kids her own age.  it was a summer day when one night some thing happen that once again changed everything her sister was dating a guy also from the MLD latin gang that day it was super hot out people would open the fire hydrant to get wet as they did that day everyone was out that night this car came around who was a different gang and let 9 gun shots go out 9 one of them hit mare sister babydaddy carlos in the lower chest he died later on finding out that he left mare sister pregnant with their second kid was a horrible feeling seeing her sister hurt and the kids growing up without a father was the worst everyone acted like the cared for him for like the first month than its like everyone forgot expect mare and her family they moved out that neighborhood as things kept changing. one day while mare was working she notice some guy staring at her she knew him from some  were but she couldn't remember later on that day while she was driving a hour way home from work she was checking her mail and she seen that she was friends with the guy she just seen as she wrote him a message she began to think she than remembered he was a member from the MLD latin gang from the neighborhood carlos got killed, he knew carlos as well the two were friends as they started talking more the two hung out and things end up happening between the two they started to hang out more as they gave each other a try... mare told him she was still stuck on the first guy the one that was In and out of jail she told him she was confuse and explained herself how he use to be with her she told him she liked him a lot but didn't know if she wanted to get serious because she didn't want to get hurt. he heard her out and told her things she never heard or expected coming from a gang member she liked that. as she thought..........

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