The Grave of Elizabeth Story A novel

In Reno, Nevada, the ghostly tale of Elizabeth Story is told by teenagers by campfire on a cold night. When Rebecca Thorne, and her friends, spend the night in the ancient cemetery, they face the ghost that haunts the place.


3. The grave of Elizabeth Story-Part Three




Alison Mare smoked a cigarette. "There's no such thing as ghosts", she said to Pete Arnold. She was eager to think that Rebecca and Toby would be at the old cemetery by now. They were eager to listen to Toby's ghost campfire tale. She looked at the front entrance to the cemetery; she shuddered. Suddenly she saw Rebecca and Toby. "Hey! I was concerned about you two", Alison said. "You don't have to; you know we'd be in here", Rebecca said. She smiled at them. "Okay, I'll tell the tale", Toby said.




"Elizabeth Story was a native of Reno, Nevada. She grew up in 1866. By 1882, when she was sixteen, she died from a lightning strike; she died instantly. Today, she haunts the graves of the cemetery...and if you see her...she'll cause your death. I'm sure that we'll be safe", Toby said. Rebecca shivered. Alison and Pete shuddered as well. "Well, she's not here", Alison stated. Seconds later she stared at a glow in the grave. Then cold hands reached out and grabbed her by the throat. "Help me! Help me!". And, as Alison struggled, she backed away from the old grave, and the teenagers fled the cemetery before they all died.

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