The Grave of Elizabeth Story A novel

In Reno, Nevada, the ghostly tale of Elizabeth Story is told by teenagers by campfire on a cold night. When Rebecca Thorne, and her friends, spend the night in the ancient cemetery, they face the ghost that haunts the place.


1. The grave of Elizabeth Story-Part One


​It was a warm, July 4th night. The Independence Day celebrations were going off; the celebrations were new to America in the year 1877. Elizabeth Story, a sixteen year old girl, walked along the eerie looking graveyard towards the rotten grave of her own dead parents, Ed and Margaret Story, who died in a house fire in the year 1879, three years' ago. By 1882, Elizabeth saw a faint shadow of a spectre. It said in a warning tone: "Tonight you're going to die; tonight will be the last day before you will be dead". And she shivered. Suddenly a huge bolt of lightning struck her. She screamed in terror, and then she collapsed onto the hard, grey, ground...and died instantly.

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