Charm (Kai Fanfiction)

Eun-mi Su has always been to able charm her way through everything. Whether it be high school trouble or job drama, she's always survived through it.

However, when one of her coworkers show up dead, all fingers are pointing towards. The only ones who believe her are her best friends, Park Jimin and BamBam, and her cold, devil-like boss Kai.

Will she be able to charm her way through this?


2. Chapter Two: Eun

My alarm blares in my ear for the second time this morning. The constant beeping of the alarm makes me want to hit it with a bat, which I did. I picked up a nearby bat (I always sleep by one just in case something happens during the night time) and hit the alarm with it. Die evil machine of time! I laugh victoriously as the alarm clock finally stops beeping.


    “Well, that just woke me up,” I say to myself and groan. I then get ready like I normally do and exit the building.


    As I was riding my bicycle to work, I stop by a big accident. There was a black car, on fire, that was dented due to the gray car lodged in it. Being me, I scoot a little closer and take a look and see that not only do I recognize the car, I recognize the man inside it. Kai.


    I quickly jump off my bicycle and run into the scene, throwing off my work bag. I run over to Kai’s car and see that he is unconscious. Not surprised. I pull on the door, which refuses to open. So instead, I reach through the broken window, cutting myself in the process, and unlock the damn door. When it’s unlocked, I pull it open and grab Kai quickly, dragging him away from the two cars.


    I lay him down next to my fallen bike and places my ear to his chest, hearing that his heart is still beating. I feel someone wrap their arms around me and I look up, seeing Kai smiling down at me.


    “Thanks.” He mutters before passing out again. I roll my eyes at this and grab my phone from my work bag. I dial an ambulance and the fire truck. I then lay back down next to Kai and prays that he’s still alive after this. Also, he won’t kill me since I’m late to work.



    I was taken to the hospital in the ambulance. They asked if I wanted to ride with him there and I would feel bad if I left him with no one so I went along with him. We rode quietly in the ambulance, the doctor attaching a face mask to Kai and taking some blood. He flinched slightly and I chuckled to myself. Someone doesn’t like needles.


    We arrived at the hospital in less than 10 minutes. Kai was taken away and I was left in the hospital. I was going to leave but then I realize, I left my bicycle back there. Sighing, I pulled out my phone and dialed the very first number on my screen.


    “Hey, BamBam, do you mind picking up my bike on Apgujeong” I asked him. I heard a distant yes from the other side of the line. He then hung up on me but I didn’t mind. He does that all the time.


    “Excuse me, Miss Su?” Someone called and I turned to see a male nurse walking towards me.


    “Yes?” I question the nurse.


    “He’s asking for you.” He answers and for some reason, my heart races. I nod and the nurse leads me to Kai.


    When we arrive outside of his room, the doctor nods at me and I knock on the door. I heard a faint “Come in!” and turned the knob. Inside I saw Kai laying down on a hospital bed, attached to some things.


    “H-hi.” I stutter as I near him, fearing what he would need me for.


    “Why did you help me? Is it just cause I’m your boss?” He asks and I place my finger on my chin.


“I don’t know, to be honest. I guess, I just didn’t want to see you dead.” I answer and I saw his face go red. Is he hot or something?


    “O-oh, I see..” He stutters and trails off. I look at him curiously.


    “I, Kim Jongin, hereby declare that Eun-mi Su is promoted from manager to my personal assistant.” As he says that, my mouth drops to the floor and I stare at him with wide eyes.





    Kai, or Jongin now, instructs me to take him. I argue that the doctor has ordered him to stay here and he then argued back with, “I can do whatever I want.”. He’s a stubborn little guy.


    “Fine, but I’m blaming you if we get in trouble with the staff here,” I tell him as I help him up out of his bed. He chuckles slightly at my statement and wraps one arm around my neck. Walking steadily on two feet, he leads me out of the room and out of the hospital.


    “Aren’t we supposed to check you out?” I ask and he waves his hand at me, pushing me into the black car that was already waiting outside for us. I shriek slightly as he pushes me a little more, scooting me over so he can sit next to me.


    “Sir, please drive to my house.” He tells the driver, who nods at this and the car starts moving. Jongin then looks at me and looks at my shocked facial expression. He smiles brightly and sits comfily in the backseat.



    We soon arrived at his house...well more like a mansion. The outside was a brilliant white with dark purple tiles that I swear were covered in gold speckles. The inside was just as beautiful as the outside. Still white and purple, but there were black furniture and diamond chandeliers everywhere.


    “Like it?” Kai asks me and I nod eagerly.


    “Well, get used to it.” He tells me and I look at him curiously.


    “Because you are going to be living here.”



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