Charm (Kai Fanfiction)

Eun-mi Su has always been to able charm her way through everything. Whether it be high school trouble or job drama, she's always survived through it.

However, when one of her coworkers show up dead, all fingers are pointing towards. The only ones who believe her are her best friends, Park Jimin and BamBam, and her cold, devil-like boss Kai.

Will she be able to charm her way through this?


3. Chapter Three: Jimin

I wake up in warm, soft arms. A boy sleeping next to me peacefully, arms tightly wrapped around my waist and my hand in his smile. I smile as my head moves off of his chest only to be pulled back on top of him. He leans in, smelling my hair and smiles contently when he realizes I smell like him.


    “Good morning, Jimin.” He says, his morning voice creeping in.


    “Good morning, Kookie,” I say, smiling. He yawns like a child and pulls me tighter against him, my head pressed so tightly that I can hear his heartbeat.


    “Kookie, we have to go to work.” I laugh at his childish behavior.


    “No.” he says and rolls over, taking me with him so he’s on top of me. His knee in between both of my legs and the content smirk on his face. My face turns a bright red and I cover my face with a pillow. He sneaks his head under the pillow so it’s right in front of me and pulls me into a deep, soft kiss.


    “I love you.” He whispers, smiling to himself.


    “I love you too.” I whisper back and he kisses me again. What a nice way to wake up in the morning.


    As I slowly get out of the bed, his hand latches onto my wrist. With great strength, I successfully pull him off the bed and laugh when he topples. He rubs his head and glares at me. He gets up and I know that’s my queue to run. He chases me throughout the house, once or twice almost catching me, until he runs out of breath and falls to the floor, breathing heavily.


    “How can a short person with such little -yet thick legs run so fast.” He breathes and I wack him hard on the chest in which he clutches over in pain. I worry that I hit him too hard, I lean down to him to which he pulls me into a gigantic hug.


    “I love mornings.” He exclaims, happy that he finally got me back in his arms. I nod to this, content in his arms until the alarm blares, signaling that we were supposed to leave by now. We both get up at the speed of light and rush to our room, and got dressed.


    After being fully dressed and having proper hygiene, we exit our house and into the car. We arrive at work, two minutes late only to see that Eun-mi’s bicycle is here. I start worrying about her and the possibility that Jongin fired her. That would be really bad.


    “Hey, babe-” Jungkook starts saying but I tune him out due to my worrying about Eun. What if she’s dead or what if she’s extremely and hasn’t come to work?! Worse, what if she’s just sleeping, then the boss would definitely kill her.


    “Hey, Ji, are you even paying attention?” Kookie asks and I nod my head slightly, not actually paying attention that much.


    “Then what I just was saying?” He asks, placing his hands on his hips in a slightly annoyed manner.


    “That Eun-mi is missing and she might be dead.” I said, voicing my own opinion and he glares at me. He does a weird tongue-thing and storms off. I frown at this widely. Why did he leave me like that without saying goodbye?


    After slightly worrying about my boyfriend, I go back to thinking about Eun-mi. I started pacing around the cubicle until I heard something interesting.


    “Mr.Kim isn’t here today!”


    I stop immediately in my tracks and look to the female who said that. What if no, no, no that’s not possible. Bad Jimin thinking they could possibly be sleeping together. But what if they are? There’s just no way.


A/N- Oh our poor Mochi…

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