Charm (Kai Fanfiction)

Eun-mi Su has always been to able charm her way through everything. Whether it be high school trouble or job drama, she's always survived through it.

However, when one of her coworkers show up dead, all fingers are pointing towards. The only ones who believe her are her best friends, Park Jimin and BamBam, and her cold, devil-like boss Kai.

Will she be able to charm her way through this?


1. Chapter One: Eun

As my alarm blares in my ear, I have a rude awakening. I mean, I should be used to waking up this time in the day but at last, my lazy self can´t get up. I mean, 6:30 am  here in Seoul, South Korea isn't typically early for the workers. No, they usually get up around 5:00 am to 5:30 am so I guess I have it easy there.


    I get up off my bed grudgingly and stomp over to my kitchen, placing some rice in the rice maker and preparing an egg for breakfast. Making a simple egg over rice is the best way to go. Especially when you only have like 5 minutes to make it and 4 minutes to eat it. Busy mornings suck.


    I eat my breakfast as soon as it finishes. I read the latest trends while eating and when finished, I place my dishes in the sink. Gulping down the rest of my juice, I head back to my room and put on my work attire. I then finish my morning routine by putting on makeup and doing hygiene things.


    ¨Life continues like this every morning,¨ I think to myself as I leave my apartment and board my bike, riding off to work.


    ¨If only itĺl change.¨




    I open the front door of my work building with a great struggle. This damn thing is so old that it just refuses to open these days. I place my foot on the door and both hands on the door handle, pulling with a lot of strength, the door finally opens with a pop. I place my hands on my hips and laugh with a victorious smile.


    “Excuse me,” I turn around and come face to face with a gorgeous male.


    “You’re in the way.” He says coldly, his dark brown eyes lit with a fire I cannot understand. I gulp and nod, moving out of the way for the scary male. I heard a person laugh behind me and I turned to find Jimin there. He stepped forward and pulled me into a hug.


    “Hey there.” He said cooly and I tried not to fangirl that my hot best friend was hugging her. Then I saw Jungkook behind him and glaring daggers at me. I lightly push Jimin off, patting him on the shoulders slightly.


    “Good morning, Jimin,” I greeted him.

    Morning, Jungkook.” We both nodded at each other and he finally stopped glaring. Over-possessive boyfriend he is. He needs to get used to the fact that Jimin is a very touchy guy and he hugs other people, honestly.


    “Let’s head inside, shall we?” I say and open the front doors, again but this time, no struggle.



    So why were you stopped in the middle of the doorway?” Jimin asks me as we make our way to the third floor.


    “Because a really scary male passed by.” When I say that, Jungkook and Jimin look at each other before laughing.


    “I’m guessing you had your first encounter with the boss then.” Jungkook says, laughing slightly.


    “My boss?!” I screech and place my arms over my head, waving them around in disbelief.


    “Yes, now calm down.” Jungkook snaps and I immediately put my hands down. Jimin makes a disapproving face and Jungkook’s attitude but continues on explaining to me anyways.


    “Yes, he’s the Boss of Design, your department. His name is Kai.” Jimin explains and my mouth drops open. Why does he have to be my boss of all people?


    “I’m gonna die.” I mutter and Jimin pats my back in encouragement.


    We soon arrive at the third floor where a bunch of my subordinates were waiting for me.  You see, I’m like the manager here. My position being so high is why I’m so confused that I just now found out who my boss is.


    “Morning Ms.Su!” The females greeted and I bowed to them.

    “Morning Eun-mi!” Yugyeom greeted me from behind his cubicle. I chuckled and yelled a “Morning!” back to him.


    I then arrived at my personal cubicle and placed all my stuff on the desk, plopping in the chair. My boss, huh? He seems to put on a cold, demon-like outside front but what if he’s actually a fluffball inside?! I let out a tiny, fangirlish squeal that made my workers give me weird looks. I shrugged and continued on with my imagination.


    “Excuse me,” A voice that made me jump said. It couldn’t be..

    “Are you Eun-mi Su?” The voice asks and I look up, gulping, and see that it in fact is Kai, my boss.


    “I am.” I answer. He looks me up and down then finally holds out his hand. I take his hand and we both shake hands.


    “My name is Kai, I am your boss.” He introduces himself.


    “My name is Eun-Mi, I am the manager of this department. Though I know you already know that.” I say and he nods to this.


    “Pleasure.” I add and he nods once again. He looks like he’s thinking about something so I stare at him curiously. For some reason, I snap my fingers in front of his face and that makes him jump slightly.


    “What?!” He yells slightly and that makes me burst out laughing.


    “Sorry for interrupting your thoughts.” I manage to get out and he rolls his eyes. He then bows at me slightly and stomps off. I place my hand under my chin and stare at his departing figure. Interesting time I’ll have here, I can already tell.



    As the day finishes, I pack up my stuff. Grabbing a small coke from the office fridge on my way out, I leave the building. I then get on my bike and head home.


    I arrive at my house and the first thing I do is plop onto my couch. I sigh heavily and fall asleep with the only thought of my boss in my head.









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