Charm (Kai Fanfiction)

Eun-mi Su has always been to able charm her way through everything. Whether it be high school trouble or job drama, she's always survived through it.

However, when one of her coworkers show up dead, all fingers are pointing towards. The only ones who believe her are her best friends, Park Jimin and BamBam, and her cold, devil-like boss Kai.

Will she be able to charm her way through this?


4. Chapter Four: Eun

I officially hate Jongin. He is an arrogant, stubborn fool who likes to make my life miserable. His words of me leaving my comfy apartment and living with him had me throw my shoes at him. He, being him, was confused by my reaction and once he saw how I angry I am, he ran off. So here I presently am, chasing him around his undeniably huge.


    “Why don’t you want to live with him?” He yelled at me, jumping onto a tall desk. I roll my eyes at the stupidity of the question and answer him back with another question.


    “The question is why would I want to live with you?” I scream back and he clutches over in pain. I then remember that he did just get out of the hospital and I quickly rush over to him. To my utter shock and surprise, he grabs me and picks me up with no difficulty. He slings me over his shoulder and leads me to some random room.


    “Put me down you dinosaur!” I yell and he laughs at this.


    “I’m pretty sure you’re the dinosaur here, Miss Loud.” He comments and I grunt. He chuckles to himself. He then leads me to a big room full of pink things. I cringe at the sight and sigh deeply.


    ¨Whoś horrible room is this?” I ask, dreading the answer.


    ¨You already know who´s it is.¨ He simply answers and I groan loudly.


    ¨You expect me to room in this?!¨ I exclaim as he puts me down. He nods his head and at that, men start piling in with boxes. The boxes are full of my stuff.


    ¨You have got to be kidding me.¨ I groan loudly and fall onto the bed. He laughs once more and leaves me alone.


    ¨Damn you dinosaur!¨



    The following day, Kai allows me go to work after begging him for an hour.  I know itś weird for someone to want to go to work this badly but I can't stand another full day with him.


    When I arrive at work, I was greeted by whispers. They did not welcome me like they normally do which is quite surprising to me. They instead stare at me like they were frightened of me.


    Jimin and BamBam come running up to me, worry portrayed on their faces.

    ¨Are you okay?!¨ Jimin exclaims as he hugs me and I nod my head.


    ¨Just was captured by a dinosaur.¨ I answer. They give me confused faces but chose to ignore my answer.


    ¨A body was found.¨ Jimin suddenly says and I look at him with wide eyes.


    ¨W-who was it?” I ask stuttering out of fear.


    ¨Itś Tao.¨ Then the world goes black.



    I remember my first day of work was hell. My white hair was pulled back but it was still messy as fuck. My makeup was from last nightś (I tried to perfect the look) so my mascara is a bit smeared. My clothes, which haven´t been ironed, are all wrinkled. To be frank, I look like a hot mess and Tao had the nerve to tell me.


    I ran into Tao on my way to the office. He placed his hand on my shoulder and made me look at him. Then he burst out laughing.


    ¨You look terrible.¨ He comments, laughing like a maniac.


    ¨Thank you.¨ I tell him annoyed. He wipes his eyes and leaves. I stick my tongue out at his departing figure. From then forth, heś always made fun of me. Once or twice he even spilled coffee on me and laughed!


    Tao was my bully and I hated his guts.




    I wake up to a worried-stricken Kai. He was peering close to my face, almost close enough to kiss. Once he saw that I was awake, he quickly backed away, his face flushed. He pats his chest twice before going over to me and hitting me on the head.


    ¨I let you go to work and the first thing you do is faint in the middle of the office!¨ He yells at me and I wince slightly due to his loud voice. He notices this and a guilty face is portrayed on his features.


    ¨I worry about you.¨ He says quietly and before I can question that, police walk in.


    ¨Su Eun-mi, you are called in for questioning.¨


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