Shark Bay 3 A novel

In Shark Bay, near Ellis Island, New York, the giant Great White Shark is dead. When its mate, the female Grey Nurse, and its male shark, leave...a 70 meter long Great White Shark arrives to cause mayhem for sailor Peter Daniels, and his family.

The second sequel to Shark Bay.


3. Shark Bay-Part Three




Leonard Thorne, thirty-five, stared at the Shoal Reef site. "It's awful!", he said. Jessica Rose, the thirty year old owner, scanned the area with her I-pad. "It's for $3.57 million dollars, plus interest", she said. Leonard, who was a brash, tech-savvy wheeler and dealer, stared at her. He had been put off by the Great White shark attacks; Leonard took a long, deep, breath. He grabbed a 1973 hardcover copy of 'Silent Run​', a naval thriller book by Earl L. Thomas, II. It was a bestseller on She had seen the 1985 movie version starring Harris Lowe, a B-movie action star who was like Bruce Willis, but demanded less money in Hollywood. She was about to say something when she saw several jeeps coming towards them. "Oh, damn! It's Cara Gregson". Leonard shook his head. "Who's she?", Jessica asked him. "My ex-wife. She dumped me when I told her that I preferred the ocean to her. Besides, she is a cop. She senses any kind of crime in Shark Bay; she is evil", Leonard answered. He was about to say something when Cara opened the driver's-side door. She smiled at him. "Good evening, Leonard; good evening Jessica". Leonard feigned surprise. "What are you doing here, Cara? You're supposed to be ​in Tennessee". She was smiling. "I was the President of the ​Tennessee Cryptozoological Society​. We have investigated Big Foot, to Nessie in Scotland, to giant sharks". Leonard, who read up on cryptozoology, gazed at the serene water.". "And I've investigated giant Moray Eels in the deep oceans off Ellis Island", Leonard said. And he shivered, and waited for Cara to tell him what to do.






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