Shark Bay 3 A novel

In Shark Bay, near Ellis Island, New York, the giant Great White Shark is dead. When its mate, the female Grey Nurse, and its male shark, leave...a 70 meter long Great White Shark arrives to cause mayhem for sailor Peter Daniels, and his family.

The second sequel to Shark Bay.


1. Shark Bay-Part One




​The giant 70 meter long Great White Shark was alone. It swam at one hundred and twenty miles an hour through the Ellis Island ocean; it stopped near the broken bridge near Shark Bay. It saw a boat was floating in the deep water. It sensed no movement; it didn't sense any kind of fresh blood, as its huge black eyes were open. And, seconds later, it heard the sound of splashing coming from another ship, The Lazarus II. The Great White Shark swam at a ferocious manner towards its destination. Once it was in reach of the ship, it knew that the terror of the past had come to the future, as it would spread terror to Mankind.




Peter Daniels was asleep. By six-thirty AM, on Monday, November 28, 2017, he saw the bright, dawn sun hitting the glass window; by seven o'clock AM, (half an hour later), Maddie Daniels felt the beginning of morning sickness. She raced to the restroom...and closed the door. Peter got out of bed. He flicked on the lamp light. Seconds later, he heard the loud sound of the toilet flushing. Maddie, who wore a red nightgown, opened the door. She was deathly pale; she didn't smile at her husband. "I look like crap", she said. Peter shook his head. "You're pregnant, honey; you're sick. It'll pass. I can call Doctor Harris". She shook her head; she knew her own body. "He's not like ​Doc Martin​". Peter laughed. "No; no. Everything will be fine. Trust me!", he said. She nodded. She wore a red shirt, blue jeans, a black belt, brown socks, and black shoes on her small feet; she wore her diamond wedding ring on her right, middle finger. Peter had a quick shower. After he brushed his teeth, he got dressed. He wore a grey shirt, black jeans, a snake skin belt, red socks, and black shoes on his huge feet. He was wearing a gold wedding ring on his right, middle finger. He then grabbed his cell phone, then grabbed his keys in his brown wallet. By ten o'clock AM, Maddie kissed her husband. "I'll be on light duties until the baby is born in July of 2018". Peter nodded. He looked around. "I'll be at the marina", Maddie said. "I'll be with you", Peter said. And she smiled, and they locked up the white coloured house. Then they put their seat belt on, and closed the door. And Peter drove towards the marina while the talk of Giant Killer Sharks wasn't on their minds.



Allen Schaffer, Jr., swam in the clear blue water off Shark Bay. He had thought of Lisa Young, the cheerleader. He swam near Sheer's Reef which was to the left. To the right was the old Lighthouse. He noticed the electrical wires were in the deeper part of the water. Suddenly he saw a six foot meter long moray eel. Allen backed away. Once the creature saw him, he waited for something to happen. Suddenly he noticed several sharp rocks. He hid in fright; he watched the creatures move onward. Then, in a matter of seconds, the 70 meter long Great White Shark's open mouth bit into his left foot. Blood spilled in the red ocean, and the terror at Shark Bay had returned.


Peter Daniels heard it. The sound of screaming.

"What's going on?", Maddie asked him.

"Something, darling; something", Peter answered her. She frowned. Then she saw Hal Young, a seventeen year old sailor. He shook his head.

"Allen Schaffer, Jr., died. It was a monster Great White Shark. According to reports it was a 70 meter one, bigger than the original one". Maddie shivered.

"I think you've read 'MEG' too many times", Peter said. 


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