Shark Bay 3 A novel

In Shark Bay, near Ellis Island, New York, the giant Great White Shark is dead. When its mate, the female Grey Nurse, and its male shark, leave...a 70 meter long Great White Shark arrives to cause mayhem for sailor Peter Daniels, and his family.

The second sequel to Shark Bay.


4. Epilogue


​The 70 meter Great White Shark swam into the deep ocean. It headed towards Shoal's Reef; it fed on a thirty meter long whale. It reached the iron shark cages that were buried underground; it fed hungrily until it was full. Then, by ten-thirty PM, a darkness had arrived near Ellis Island. It was prepared to be attacked by the human hunters; it waited patiently before it struck again. And, in the end, it opened its huge mouth and fed on the remains of the whale. Seconds later, it sensed the splashing of cold water as they begun to swim. It was attuned to the harsh sounds, then it moved fast towards them.

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