Fall apart

Maisy was so in love with jack, she thought his was in love with her too..


5. chapter 4

I’ve been sat by the lake in our town since I found out about them it’s been atleast 3 hours I don’t know what to do anymore I loved him more than anything he was the one person that I could see a future with I’m just done.


I’ve had to turn my phone off because jack kept texting and ringing me I’m now home I told my parents not to let jack in and I’ve locked myself in my room. I decided to write a text to jack.

“Jack at the start you made my life better then I could ever imagine you were and probably will always be the love of my life but you’ve hurt me more then anyone ever has and I don’t know if I can feel this pain any longer you are the worst person you don’t cheat on someone you love you should never do that so I guess you never loved me because if you did this wouldn’t of happened so now I don’t even see the point in living or breathing you’ve hurt me in more way then anyone ever could I hope you feel the pain I feel one day goodbye jack”

After I sent the text I wrote my parent a letter thanking them for everything they’ve done for me and that it’s not there fault, I know you guys are probably thinking I’m overreacting but you don’t feel the hurt I feel.

That night maisy had ended her life she was found by her parents and jack... shortly after maisys funeral jack couldn’t deal with the pain of pushing maisy to the edge so he ended his life.

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