Fall apart

Maisy was so in love with jack, she thought his was in love with her too..


4. chapter 3

It’s been a year since me and jack have started dating everything is perfect I know what your thinking no relationship is perfect but ares has been we’ve been on date nights every Friday we spent the weekend together we went to prom together, we are both in the same college together everything is absolutely perfect.

Later that night.

Jacks gone out with his friends for his mates birthday he went about 9 it’s not 3:00am he said he would be at mine at 1:00am I’ve tried calling him but his phones turned off, I feel in my gut that he’s with another girl I know his phone could of died but I just feel uneasy I just know I’m right there’s no way he’s coming back to mine at this time.


I fell straight asleep after waiting for him to get here but he never showed I still have no texts all calls, I rang his friend Charlie and he said he went home so I’m going round to jacks now, I’m gunna get him his favourite coffee from the coffee shop around the corner I’m sure he will need it.


I arrived at jacks I just walk straight in now as always cause his mums always at work, as I’m walking up the stairs I hear laughing so I quitely go to his bedroom open the door.. I could not explain the hurt and heartbreak I felt seeing my boyfriend with not just any random girl it was my best friend Ellie. They both looks at me in shock, I start to scream

“What the fuck jack? With my best friend how long has this been going on”

(Ellie get up and get her clothes and leaves the house)

“Jack answer me” (tears stream down my face)

“It’s only happened one I didn’t mean to I was so drunk last night I’m so sorry I love you not her it meant nothing”

“ you know what jack I’m not falling for this shit I’m done goodbye”

“ maisy wait!”

With that I left and just ran I didn’t even go home I just kept running and running I didn’t know where I was going but I needed to get away how can one person that’s meant to love you more then anything hurt you like this...

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