Fall apart

Maisy was so in love with jack, she thought his was in love with her too..


3. chapter 2

I fell straight to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, until about 2:25am I heard tapping at my bedroom window, I walk slowly towards my window look and I see jack waving at me telling me to come down, so I quickly tie my hair up but my sweats on and quietly headed down stairs trying not to wake my parent, I get outside.

“Hey pretty” jack said in a charming manner

“How come you woke me up at this time we do have school tomorrow”

“I needed to ask you something?”


“ well I’m not sure if you felt it too but I feel like I’ve known you forever and I know this is sudden and probably so stupid but would you like to maybe start seeing eachother, obviously not make it official yet but I mean like see how things go?”

His face was so red when he was asking me out he couldn’t look me in the eyes, a massive smile formed on my face

“Jack I felt that too, but I would love to see how things go with us, I’ve never had a boyfriend before or seen anyone so I’m new to this so it’s good you asked to take things slow”

Jacks face looked shocked but so pleased after I had told him that and with that he pulled me in tightly we were both looking into each others eyes, I really wanted to kiss him and just as I thought that he pulled me in and gave the most passionate kiss I’ve ever felt well that was the only kiss Id of ever felt so I assume it would of been better then the rest.

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