Fall apart

Maisy was so in love with jack, she thought his was in love with her too..


2. chapter 1

Summer break is over and it’s time for school my last year in school finally, there’s been a lot of rumours around town that there’s a new family that’s moved in just down the road from me like I said everyone knows everything around here.

Unfortunately for me my mum made me go round to welcome them to the neighborhood so I did.

When I got to the neighbors door before I could even knock on the door the most handsome guy I had ever seen in my life opened the door, he had deep ocean blue eyes dark brown hair which looked to be long as he had it in a bun but he worked it well he was amazingly good looking but I bet he new it I must of been staring for atleast for 1 minute when his husky but sexy voice said “hello? Can I help you”

“My mum wanted me to come round and welcome you and your family to the neighborhood what’s your name? I’m maisy”

“I’m jack, actually this is perfect will you walk me to the school I have no idea where it is”

“Yes of course I will I’ll just get my bag and we can go”

Me and jack walked to school there was surprisingly no awkward silences it was like we’ve known eachother, I know that sounds silly but it was like meeting up with a long lost friend, he was intelligent he enjoyed books especially the Harry Potter ones which are my favourite aswell this guy was just amazing but I new all the girls at school would be fighting over him which really made me quite sad, I showed him to his class he gave me a hug and went in.

It was lunch time and every girl was talking about jack even all my friends that I sit with, I don’t know why but it made me feel so angry so I pretended I had forgot something in my locker to my friends and just walked away.

I was sat on a green bench in front of the school wondering why the hell I was feeling this way about a guy I’d only just met when suddenly I heard his voice

“Hey, I was looking for you at lunch your friends said you went to your locker. Are you okay?”

“Oh hey yeah I’m fine why were you looking for me anyway”

“Well your the only person I’ve talked to today that seems normal well not normal your weird (he said with a laugh) but I was going to ask if you’d like to hang out sometime? We are neighbors after all”

I couldn’t believe he was actually asking to hang out I didn’t know what to say or how to act but I finally got out of my thoughts and said “Yes of course I’d like to it’ll be fun”

With that the lunch bell rang so we both said bye and headed to class the day ended quickly I headed straight home to sleep I was exhausted.

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