The House That Only Appears At Midnight

Join me on this creepy story about a girl who finds herself in a not so very happy dream. When she finds out about this house that just appears across the street from her, and that no one’s ever seen, until one tragic night when she heard the scream as the clock struck midnight.


2. The Undead Is Living

As I’m walking out of the kitchen I notice something weird staring at me from inside the fireplace. I shine the flight light on it and the creature screams and disappears. I got so scared by that creature that I fell on the floor. I quickly scramble to get back up and grab the flight light. I quickly start walking around the house to see what I could find. I continue looking for who was the person screaming. I keep looking around until I find a room with people's heads hanging on the wall. W-w-what is this place, w-why are all of these people head on the wall?!?!


I start to freak out some as one of the head start turning around and staring at me. Gahh!! What d-do y-you w-want!?!? The head speaks in a soft and calm voice, I want you to save the rest of the town. Huh, what do you mean by that’s, that’s crazy I can’t do that. The head speaks again, but you must it's the only way that you can save your town and loved ones. I shake my head, ok I’ll do it. The head turns frozen again and I pick up my knife and flashlight once again. I take a deep breath and mutter to myself, why did I ever go inside this house I’ll never get out.


I slap my hand, no come on Lucy you can do this. I walk around the house for what seemed like hours upon hours, until I found a small little door that looked like it went down into an old basement. I slowly walk down the dusty and old wooden stairs and they creak with every step I take. Once I reach the bottom of the stairs all I can see is dust and spider webs everywhere. Ugh, this is gonna be a nightmare trying to get through here, wait… I’m already in one great. I slowly roll my eyes as I’m saying this, why does this always have to happen to me, I'm the one who always gets trapped in weird things like this house.


I keep walking while swatting as many spider webs out of my way that I can. Then I see it a small light coming from under the floor. I quickly rip up the board where the light is and sign in disappointment when it’s only another flashlight under there. Dang, it there's nothing down here, ugh I just came down here for nothing Ugh. I kick the old wood that was next to my foot. After I did I look up and find the ghost staring right into my eyes. I scream and run quickly up the stairs and slam the door shut. I lean against the door while catching my breath. I slowly slide down the wooden door and sit on the floor, I let out a soft sigh. Why is that ghost thing or how is it able to find me so fast?

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