The House That Only Appears At Midnight

Join me on this creepy story about a girl who finds herself in a not so very happy dream. When she finds out about this house that just appears across the street from her, and that no one’s ever seen, until one tragic night when she heard the scream as the clock struck midnight.


3. The Demon In Her Eyes

I didn’t realize I fell asleep until I woke up, huh what where am I? Oh wait never mind I remember now, I’m in this stupid haunted house. I pick up the rock that’s by my foot and throw it across the room. Ugh, I’m done with this stupid house! I stand up and start running around the house and pulling on every single door that I can find, but none of them lead outside of the house. I fold my arms down and have a small little tantrum fit, UGH WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME, I HATE THIS DAMN STUPID HOUSE! I put my hands in my pocket and feel something small in there, I pull it out and found out that it’s my notebook.  

I pull out a pen and start writing. Dear Notebook, today is the first night that I have been trapped in this nightmare house. I’m still trying to find a way out, but I’m not having really any luck. I really miss my boyfriend Garrett, I wish I could just be with him right now. I sigh and close my notebook and put it back in my pocket again. I must have fallen asleep because I found myself opening my eyes and find the creature that was in this house eating a cat right in front of me. I ended up screaming and running away in disgust when I seeing this. I sigh and start to think about Garrett, I really do miss him. I just wish that we could be spending time together, instead of me being trapped inside this house. 

I stop running and mumble under my breath… no, I should follow it. I quickly regain my energy and start following the creature around the house for about an hour. I stop after realizing that following this thing wasn’t getting me anywhere new, it was just going around in a big large circle. Ughh why can’t I just leave this stupid house, there has to be some way out, there was a way in so that means there has to be a way out! I start finding to find where I was when I first entered the house. I look for the door for what seemed like forever. I stop walking and wonder some, what if this is all just a dream, what if this isn’t really real. 

I slam my fist into one of the walls nearby, ugh just wake up Lucy come on wake up! I so don’t with this damn house I just wanna go home, please lord what did I do wrong why did I make this choice to come here?!?! This time I punch the wall making a deep dark hole in it, I pull my fist out of the wall and breath heavily. I lay my head against the wall and slowly start crying some, a..all I want is to be home again...I just wanna be home in my bed. Then all of a sudden I feel a cold breath on the back of my neck, I slowly turn around to see the monster standing right being me. I scream as it tries to attack me. I quickly scramble to find my knife but I’m too busy trying to kick the monster off me.



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