The House That Only Appears At Midnight

Join me on this creepy story about a girl who finds herself in a not so very happy dream. When she finds out about this house that just appears across the street from her, and that no one’s ever seen, until one tragic night when she heard the scream as the clock struck midnight.


4. Going Home Again




I finally find my knife and tried to take the monster but it quickly moves out of the way. I quickly throw the knife at the monster stabbing it into the heart and as she falls to her death. I scramble to my feet to catch my breath as I see a small peak of sunlight shining throw a door that's 3 hallways down. I slowly start making my way to send the end of the hall, scream, and crying in pain. My clothes are all tore up and I have blood all over my arms and legs. I slowly mumble to myself, damn what is my mother gonna say about me coming home looking like this?   I quickly turn around watching my back every second. As I walk I keep talking to myself, I can't really remember what I was saying but it was weird and creepy. I can only remember having nightmares about the creepy house for about a month after the event happened. I still swear I can hear the screams of the dead child's doll that I found in the basement.   The shivers that go over my spin when I look out at and see the full moonlight, See the blood streaming down my window, it still gives me the creeps, and I still swear to this day that the house still appears at the stroke of midnight, even though it happened 3 years ago on this very night.  


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