Miraculous Ladybug/Tmnt crossover

This is my first crossover so please in joy.

“Ahhhh!” I could hear my little brother call. I run to see if he’s ok but Whalen I got to and tryed to touch his hand my hand went through his.


11. The confusion

Donnie’s pov
I look at the billboards and back at Mikey. He was right. He did look like Adrien. Is it possible that he is his real brother? No don’t think like that. After Mikey turned into turtle titan he became human. I think we have some work to do. “Mikey?” Leo started. “What Leo?” Mikey asks him. “Does Splinter know your a super hero?” Leo asks. “No one knows besides Shredder. He found out when I was cheating akumas. My miraculous beeped and my time ran out. He was about to attack me but I move out of the way. When I did get out of the way I was plan old Mikey. Wayzz ate his pizza faster than me. I called out ‘SHELL ON’ and turned. He was so surprised. I was able to escape.” Mikey confused. 


Hey guys sorry the chapters are short. But if you got this far thx. This is not my first story and won’t be my last. If you love TMNT please see my story’s on wattpad. I will send a link soon. Thx for you time.

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