Miraculous Ladybug/Tmnt crossover

This is my first crossover so please in joy.

“Ahhhh!” I could hear my little brother call. I run to see if he’s ok but Whalen I got to and tryed to touch his hand my hand went through his.


12. Shredder’s plot

Clover’s pov

Ok so I’m in an airplane flying to Paris. Shredder’s foot all around me. In ‘His private plane’ to fly to Japan and back. The plane landed and they take me on to the rooftops. “Let me go you over grown tin can or else!” I call as I struggle to break free from the rough ropes. “Now why would I do that? You are part of my plot. You see The turtles are in the way and I plan on taking them out.” “Like to see you try.” I growled. “We will see Outh.” And then off to the Eiffel Tower. When we get there you could see the whole city. By whole city I mean the whole city. ‘Where’s Mikey when you need him?’ I ask my self. 

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