Miraculous Ladybug/Tmnt crossover

This is my first crossover so please in joy.

“Ahhhh!” I could hear my little brother call. I run to see if he’s ok but Whalen I got to and tryed to touch his hand my hand went through his.


3. New York

Shredders pov


”Master shredder you have a visitor form Paris.” Karia called. “Bring them here.” I ordered. “Ahhh Gabriel Agreste what a nice surprise. What do you want?” “I want the most kindest of hearts turned and on my side to get the miraculous from Ladybug and Chat Noir. I have a plan but I need your help on finding the most kindest of hearts. In the end you get what you desire the most vengeance on Homato Yoshi and his 4....” “Make that 3 sons. The youngest is the one you want he has what we call here a heart of gold. But he’s stronger than he looks I fought him before with out his brothers or father. He also is mocked and bullied by his brothers. So you and akumatiz him when you feel ready to just be warned there’s a girl that has him say happy. Get her away from him and you will have him.” “Thank.......... Saki.”   

With that he leaves to find Michaelanglo. I did not tell him a bout the miraculous he has. I have a feeling that what ever his plan is it’s going to work. Soon the Homato clan will fall and I will be unstoppable. Hahahahahah.





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