Miraculous Ladybug/Tmnt crossover

This is my first crossover so please in joy.

“Ahhhh!” I could hear my little brother call. I run to see if he’s ok but Whalen I got to and tryed to touch his hand my hand went through his.


4. Mikey


The orange clan turtle used his nunchucks to block an attack from his oldest brother Leonardo or Leo for short. “Nice move Mikey! But can you stop this.” Leo called and the jumped up to knock him down but what his brothers didn’t know is that Mikey was holding back. He has and miraculous. This miraculous was a wise turtle he help the mikey in a way no one else did. Mikey let Leo knock him down. “Good job Mikey!” Leo said as he help his little brother up. Splinter who was watching his sons smiled as his teenage son trained. “That is all for today my sons.” Splinter said. “Hai sensei.” The brothers called. 

Donnie who is the second youngest went to his lab to make a new gadget for the team. “Uh.......Guys get you shells in here! NOW!” Donnie call. Raph who was the second oldest got there first. “What is it brainy ack............ What the shell a butterfly doing down here?!” Raph called. “I don’t know and it’s just sitting on my desk.” Mikey and Leo finally walk in to see the butterfly fly right at mikey and hit his mask making it turn black and a purple thing that went around Mikey’s eyes. He could here a voice. “Midnight I am Hawk Moth. I’ve hard of what your brothers do to you but there’s away I can help you all you have to do is come to Paris and defeat Ladybug and Chat Noir. Once you defeat them get their miraculous and bring them to me!” “As you say Hawk Moth.” Mikey said and turn into his full costume. He had a black scarf, black bandages, a sword, and bow an arrows. The three brothers look at Mikey in aw as they see the transformation. One thing is for sure that was not a regular butterfly. Mikey left the lair to go to Paris. He had a mission and he was not letting his brothers stop him.






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