Miraculous Ladybug/Tmnt crossover

This is my first crossover so please in joy.

“Ahhhh!” I could hear my little brother call. I run to see if he’s ok but Whalen I got to and tryed to touch his hand my hand went through his.


5. Ladybug and Chat Noir

ladybug’s pov

Great another akuma. But this one looks like a................ turtle!? Ok ok it might just be the costume or something like that. “Chat any idea where the akuma is?!” I ask as I blocked his atacks. “No my’lady.” He try’s to block me for getting hit and it some what blocked it. “Give me your miraculous and I might let you walk away.” “Never in a million years will I ever give you are miraculous!” I call but all of a sudden three more turtles jumped down. “What the?” Chat asked as a blue banned turtle look at us. “Hey fearless leader over he I think Mikey went this way.” The blue turtle look at him and said “ We have to wait Raph. It hard to say this but I think he’s...........gone.” “Ummmm not to but in but who are you and why are you here?” I ask and look at all three. “My’lady I think their his brothers. And they came to get him back if I’m not mistaken.” Chat Noir calls and the purple one shakes his head yes. “Ok but I’m not that easily fooled. And not to mention that he now calls himself “Midnight”. So I think that the akuma is in his bracelet he is wearing.” “Oh the one Clover got him?” The red turtle or Raph I think asked. Beep Beep. “Sorry but I have to go.” “No what!” Chat called. “Sorry kitty but you know the rules.” And with that I leave.




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