Dragon Rider


1. One

Three years ago, I joined the dragon riders. But three years ago I also betrayed them too. Unforgivablely In fact. But if you want to know that story, you’ll have to wait a page or two. So be patient my friend because I will start the story from beginning to end. 


It all started on the first day of two years ago. (First day of the year) I hadn’t wanted to celebrate the occasion due to my doubt that it was going to get any better for me from there on out. And at the time I didn’t have a dragon to even keep me company. So it was just me against what seemed like the world. 

I had been keeping a nearby camp in the woods since nobody would let me in the comfort of their homes. Which from a certain perspective is understandable when your a stranger asking to stay the night. But it isn’t understandable when it’s someone from your family or group of friends. But I had no friends to turn to, and no family to call my own. 

I rubbed my hands together as close to the fire I could, (without burning myself or anything other than wood) I could tell it was coming close to spring. Mostly due to the fact that it was warmer than any other winters night. But tonight was a dinner-less night, Andy I would be forced to go to bed hungry. 

I say next to the fire and waited for the ashes to die. Once they did I stomped out anything potentially dangerous and decided to call it a night. I crawled through the small entrance of the hut I had made out of leaves, dirt, and tree branches. It wasn’t very big on the inside, but it had just enough space to store what I needed. I unfolded the blanket that I slept with each and every night, and I collapsed onto the sleeping bag mat. And slowly I began to doze off.

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