Dragon Rider


2. Chapter Two—Awoken

I had awoken startled, brought to the noise of a woven basket rustling just outside of my hut. I quietly peeked through the hole in my hut and saw a dragon outside. And it was eating my fish! I crawled outside of my hut without the dragon noticing me. The details on the dragons scales were very specific, and then I realized what type of dragon it was. An Nightfury . The most mysterious dragon of all. Never seen by the naked eye, and never been in the presence of a Viking that lived to tell the tale. I silently picked up a leftover fish from my earlier dinner. "H-Hey...." I cleared my throat. "Hey there... deadly mysterious dragon of death.... are y-you hungry?" I asked it, still talking in worry. I could feel my heart racing as the Nightfury looked at me and growled. I showed it the cold, cooked fish in my hand a twinkle in its eye shown. It cautiously stepped towards me, and took the fish, devouring it so fast I couldn’t even blink. The Nightfury made a noise that sounded like a combination between a growl and a purr. But it wasn’t for me. I cautiously reached out my hand. I had heard of Dragon riders, but never had seen one. As I heard the dragon growl I looked away and closed my eyes, but kept my hand out. There was a moment of silence, followed by a warm touch at my hand. I think I just  trained the Nightfury... I slowly opened my eyes again, and looked at the Nightfury. It pulled away and snuffled at me. It took a seat next to the fire pit, and I picked up the flint rocks and lit the fire. As I took a seat next to the Nightfury, i began to examine the dragon. Not many Vikings have the privilege to be in a Nightfury's presence without being killed. But as I traced the pattern of the scales with my eyes, I began to see scars on the dragon, and more started to show up. This dragon was injured and possibly being hunted. I had to do something. I can’t just let this dragon go on in misery. That’s when I came up with the name 'SilverScar'.

"Alright. Lemme see if I have anything for these wounds." I say as I crawl back into my little hut. I open a small medical box with healing herbs and stuff like that, and I pull out seven numb leaves, and four buh leaves. I close the box and crawl back out to SilverScar. Resting by the entrance to my tent is my brewing bowl. I toss all the leaves into the bowl and take it to the fire. But I still needed water. I picked up my water pot and tell SilverScar that I was going to be right back. Then I get on my feet and head towards the river. 

Once I am there, I see the beautiful stream flowing with the reflection of the moon. I hold the pot in the water until it’s full and then pick up the much heavier pot in my arms. Then I carefully and slowly walk back to camp. I push aside some branches that hide away my small camp, and see that the dragon was still there. I sigh in relief. Then I pour a quarter of the water into the brewing bowl and mix the ingredients. The color of the water turns forest green, which tells me that the healing brew is done. I dip a clean rag into the healing mix and apply it to the wounds on SilverScar's scales. At first Silver is caught off guard, but she then realizes what I am doing, so she goes back to mid-sleep. 

Once I have used all of the healing brew on the scars, I yawn and gently rest my head on SilverScar's side and drift into my sleep.

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