Dragon Rider


3. Chapter Three

I awoke to my head crashing onto the hard earth. I clutched my head with my hand and opened my eyes. I heard and saw SilverScar Snickering at me. "Yknow, that’s not very nice considering what I did for you last night." I say sternly. SilverScar rolls her eyes and helps me up with her tail. I rested my head on her back, and got an idea of curiosity. I cleared my throat and asked, "Even though we’d just met, I was wondering if.... we could go for a flight?" SilverScar looks at me with anticipation, telling me that she’d agree. And probably all for a warm cooked fish. So I mounted onto Silver's back and held onto her sides. She opened up her wings and the next thing I knew was we where climbing higher into the air. What was I thinking!? Going on a dragon ride WITHOUT a saddle!?! .... Note to self get saddle from Berk island. When Silver calmed herself in mid flight, I looked down and we where flying over the golden woods. I looked into the distance and saw the forest stretching farther and farther away into the horizon. "Wow..." I whisper. The viewing was breathtaking and unforgettable. I patted Silver gently above her wing and she slowly began to head back to the camp. Once we landed I began to cook the promised fish  for Silver. When it was done I told Silver, "Hey girl, tomorrow we’re going to Berk to get a saddle. And other flight stuff. Okay?" SilverScar made a noise of agreement. I tossed her a fish and she, again, devoured it before the blink of an eye. I cut open my fish and began t dig in. 

Hours later, I — we , SilverScar and I, walked towards the old mine in hope to find some spare jewels to trade in for gold. And thankfully, the old mine wasn’t blocked off. So inside we went, and automatically we found some coal. But during the trip nothing much happened. Found a few iron nuggets and a couple diamonds. But I DID find a bunch of gold bars. And sapphires. In the end we packed up about seven hundred worth of gold pieces. About. But by the time Silver and I got back to camp with all the treasures it was already nightfall. I pulled a medium size box out from my small hut and stashed all the ores and minerals inside, then put it back inside of the hut. Then (again) I cooked more fish and fed the both of us. If I’m honest it feels nice to have a ... friend again. Even if she is a dragon. 

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