Dragon Rider


4. Chapter Four— Hiccup Haddock the Third

After both Silver and I had woken up the next morning, I packed up the box full of jewels into a large backpack and pulled it over my shoulders. I cooked breakfast fish and then put on my helmet and mounted Silver and took off towards Berk. 

Once we landed on Berk, I tried to get off of SilverScar but fell to the ground. My legs were shaking so bad I couldn’t stand up. I noticed that other Vikings where staring in my direction, but it was hard to tell whether it was The rarely seen DarkNight, or the dragon rider on the ground. "Hiccup! Are you Alright!?" A girls voice asked. 'Hiccup? Who’s Hiccup?' I asked deep In my thoughts. A hand bent over and pulled my to my feet. Silver started pacing in a circle around the woman and I. I took a closer look at the girl and now saw that she had blonde hair in a braid, she wore iron shoulder pads, a striped all blue shirt, a brown leather skirt with a skull belt, purple-grey leggings and knee high leather boots. I pulled my helmet off, and the look on the girls face suddenly changed from worry to shock to anger. The next thing I know is that I’m being pinned up against a wall, and Silvers aiming to protect me. Before Silver does anything crazy, I use my free hand and signal her to calm down and that I was going to be fine. And so she does calm down. "Where’s Hiccup!?" The girl asks as she shouts. "I don’t know who that is!!" I shout back. "Tell me the truth!!" 

"Astrid?" Another new voice asks. The girl let’s her grip go on me and turns around and hugs a scrawny boy with brown hair and one leg. "What’s going on here?" The scrawny boy asks the girl. The girl points to me as Silver rests her head under my arm.   

"A nightfury..." The Scrawny boy mumbles. "We don’t want trouble, okay?" I tell them. Now I realize that there’s a crowd of other Vikings surrounding us. Even if trouble does rise, we’re outnumbered. "Okay. No trouble... Are you looking for something or someone? What brings you to Berk?" The Boy asks. "Dragon saddle and armor.." I answer. The boy reaches out his hand as Silver growls. "I’m Hiccup." I politely shake Hiccups hand and say, "Nice to meet you. I’m Karaly, but you can call me Kara. And this here is SilverScar." Silver snarls at Hiccup and I gently pat her on the head. "Well I can show you where the armory is. And if Toothless will show up you meet him too." "Ok." Hiccup then points to the left and starts walking in that direction of the island. 

As we’re walking I suddenly hear a familiar sound as if a dragon where about to fire. I turn around and a speedy black figure fires a purple heat (fire) at me and I fall on my back and slide a few feet away. I can hear Silver growl at the potential threat. But then she stops. "No bud!" I look up past the dust and dirt, and see Hiccup holding back an angry Nightfury. "No...." I mutter. "Hehe... Kara... meet Toothless." Silver prances up to the other Nightfury. "Silver! Come! We’re leaving!" I stand onto my feet and mount SilverScar, as Hiccup tries to stop me. "Wait what? Why are you leaving?" He asks. "You lied. And don’t worry about the saddle, I’ll go get one somewhere else." I give Hiccup and 'Toothless' one last glare, and then took off into the air. 

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