Time To Move On


4. Day Four: Which Way to Love Land

A recipe for beat(nik) soup, as suggested by 642 Things to Write About.


1 case incurable wanderlust

3 qts benzedrine

1 unforgiving father, absent

A pinch of spending money

10 lb blocky text, paragraph-free

This is a time-consuming recipe but well worth the effort - your dinner party won't know what hit it! First, dice wanderlust into unrecognizable pieces and marinate with raw father in half of the benzedrine for about twenty years. Grill for one semester and sprinkle spending money on top. Now, you'll want to blend the remaining 1.5 qts of benzedrine with the paragraph-free text until consistency is whipped and lumpy. Combine father mixture with text topping in a small 1947 Ford pickup and bake for about a year, depending on altitude and desired coherency.

Tips: It is absolutely essential that your text is paragraph-free! It tends to be a bit gristly, but paragraphs in your text will give you away as an amateur in a heartbeat. Alternately, if you can find it, stanza-form text can work, provided it doesn't rhyme and each stanza is at least long enough to make your eyes hurt.

If you want to add a spicy twist to this recipe, add a layer of homosexual yearning before baking, and garnish with a glaze of moonshine from a hitchhiker you picked up on Route 66.

You can't miss with this classic dinner table staple.

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