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It all started with a notification from one particular person.
@harrystyles liked your post.


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harrystyles I can't wait. Love, H

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@directionerxx: WAIT FOR WHAT???

@niallhoran: Safe travels, mate

^Comment liked by @harrystyles

@nialler2905: Omg, Niall commented!

@marriedto1D: Narry is alive. I repeat. NARRY IS ALIVE! :O

@roxyrocks95: :)

@roxyfanbase: She just commented his pic in return for the first time! <3

@harrysbanana: I’m here! You don’t have to wait anymore ;)

@1Dforever: @harrysbanana HAHAHAH OMG


@roxyrocks95 you liked @harrystyles post

@roxyrocks95 you commented on @harrystyles post



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