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It all started with a notification from one particular person.
@harrystyles liked your post.


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roxyrocks95 Grateful for having these two in my life <3 You're like sisters to me @jennymoore and @wildhanna

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@jennymoore: Sisters from other misters <3 

@harrystyles: Can I have a hug too?

@haroldsbaby: Oh my... Harry, my baby, wants a hug😍 You better give it to him girl!!

@wildhanna: My sweet potatoes :* <3

@roxyrocks95: @harrystyles no you can not.

@larryqueen: Ooooh, burn. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Mr Harry Styles just received a rejection

@roxyfanbase: Yas, bring the sass gurl!

@roxyrocks95: @harrystyles jk ^-^ *sending virtual hug*

@logan.smith: My three favourite girls, gorgeous each and every one of you <3 ;)

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