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It all started with a notification from one particular person.
@harrystyles liked your post.


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roxyrocks95 A catch up cappuccino with my bestie <3

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@jennymoore: So good to see you again! <3

@harry4ever: Ew! Look at her @smillastyles

@roxyrocksfanbase: We love you!!

@logan.smith: Whoops, that’s my girls looking g-o-o-d 😜

@wildhannah: You went out without me. Bitches, what?! <3

^@roxyrocks95: Sorry, lil sis :*

^@jennymoore: Gotta hang with those bitches another time ;)

^@smillastyles: you’re all real f*cking bitches

@mollymoon: God, I hope Harry realized how ugly she is

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