Mrs. Bloody Face (Oliver Thredson Love Story)

I wanted to tell you a story of how I became Zara Thredson AKA Mrs. Bloody Face. Like all good stories, we have to start at the beginning.....

I screamed and struggled against the two guards' grip on me my black hair thrashing wildly as they pulled me up the steps to Briarcliff Manor.

Why did I get caught? I'm always so careful whenever I kill but this time the third one screamed.

When we reached the top steps a woman in her sixties dressed like a nun greeted me.

"Hello, Miss. Nicolette." The woman greeted unkindly with a smile but her eyes were cold, "I'm Sister Jude."

2. 2

I sat on the couch watching everyone doing their own crazy thing, for example, one guy was jerking off in his pants and there was a woman comforting a doll.

A young man came into my view, I remember him from the newspaper as Kit Walker; he's accused of being Bloody Face. Kit looked like he's never killed anyone in his life and trust me I should know.

I smiled to myself; Bloody Face was my idol. I learned to kill in his name. I have all the newspaper clippings of his murders.

"Hey." A male voice said snapping me out of my thoughts.

It was Kit, "Hey."

He sat beside me, "You're new. Why you in here?"

I was honest with him as I looked at my feet, "I killed three people."

I felt him shift, "S-seriously?"

I nodded, "Yes."

"Kit? Who's this?" A female voice asked.

I looked up at the female as Kit said, "I didn't catch her name."

The woman smiled at me as she sat down across from us in a chair lighting up a cigarette.

"I'm Lana Winters." She said taking a puff of her cigarette.

I've heard of her; she's a reporter.

"What are you doing in here?" I asked looking at her, definitely not a murder or really crazy.

"I was doing a story on this place but they took me in here because I'm a lesbian. They forced my girlfriend to sign papers." Lana rolled her eyes, "Kit's here under false charges."

She put her cigarette in the ashtray, "Why are you here and what's your name?"

"I killed three people and Zara Nicolette." I simply said.


My killings were already known. It was just four days ago that I got caught.

"The first was a girl that went to high school with me Rudy Sky, the second was a guy I met in a bar Leon Gale and the third was my father."

Lana looked at me in shock as someone called Kit's name he stood to leave.

"Why your father?" Lana gently ask.

I shrugged not really wanting to tell her.

Honesty? When I first heard about Bloody Face it triggered something inside me that I've ignored for the longest time.

I remember when I killed Rudy; it was so messy but her blood was sweet. I remember the first time I tasted it, we were walking home from school she tripped scrapping her knee. She rushed home as I saw the blood on the sidewalk; I bent down rubbing my finger in her blood tasting it as it hit the right spot.

Leon, I met one night at a bar. My father when he was alive didn't care what I did. I had a knife on me when Leon drove to his hotel room once we entered I immediately stapped him repeatedly.  His blood was sour.

Just in case you were wondering I'm NOT a vampire blood is my fetish but my father I couldn't stand the vile man anymore.

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