Fallout One Shots (Open For Request!)

Just some lemon one-shots with your faves ���� so please read at your own risk and enjoy! I'll also be taking request so don't be shy ����


1. Paladin Danse X Sole Survivor(Reader)

Some spoilers ahead if you haven't played with the Brotherhood of Steel.

You hurried to Listening Post Bravo after taking to Scribe Haylen. You've got the worst news of your life not only your best friend that you fought battles with is a synth but Elder Maxson wants him dead by you...

You stood in front of the door your heart swelling in your chest you don't want to do this. You just want to turn away heading back to the Prydwen but you pushed it all aside hurrying to the elevator. You pushed a button the doors open you enter watching the door close in front of you running your hands through your hair. The doors suddenly opened pulling you out of your thoughts you can see Danse through a crack on the wall you step out of the elevator making your way to him.

Danse looked at you not surprised to be seeing you, "I'm not surprised Maxson sent you, he never likes to do the dirty work himself."

"Danse..." You could feel your heart break for the Paladin.

He looked at you with no expression on his face but you can see the sadness in his eyes, "I'm warning you if you leave here without following your orders... I'll be forced to carry them out. Is that what you want?"

"Why didn't you tell me?"

He sighs, "Because I didn't know."

"How could you not know?"

"I just found out when Quinlan got that list decoded, I thought Synths were the enemy. I never expected to hear that I was one of them. If it wasn't for Haylen we wouldn't be having this conversation." He said glancing at the gun you're holding, "So what are your orders? Does Maxson even want me alive?"

You glance at the gun too then drop it; you knew you could never carry out such orders and even though you keep lying to yourself you love Danse.

"There has to be a way out." You pleaded.

"Don't be ridiculous." Danse scuffed then looked at the gun on the ground, "Look I'm not blind to the fact that this must be difficult to you. I wish Maxson had sent someone else."

You got angry, "Why? So they can," You brought your hand up mimicking a gun then pretended to shot at Danse, "Kill you just like that? Dammit, Danse you're still human to me." You drop your hand.

"That doesn't mean a thing (Y/N), I'm a synth which means I must be destroyed, " He grabbed both of your hands that act caught you off guard, "If you disobey orders you're not only betraying Maxson, you're disobeying the Brotherhood of Steel and everything it stands for."

You snatched your hands away, "Screw the Brotherhood!"

Danse was surprised by your outburst he knew you were having a hard time with following orders simply because you guys are really good friends and if the situation was reversed he couldn't do it either.

"Look (Y/N), I need to be the example, not the exception."

Tears threatened your eyes, "Danse you have emotions I can see them; whenever we go into battle.." You trailed off.

Danse wanted to know what else you had to say but he still wanted you to do your orders, "I appreciate what you're trying to do but I've made my decision."

He bent down picking up the gun you toss and handed it to you. You grabbed it from his hand; he was already prepared as he stared at you. You toss the gun behind you, you both heard it hit the ground.

Danse couldn't believe your actions, "I can't believe you'd risk your life to keep me alive.... Why?"

Your heart started beating faster as your breath quickens, "Because Danse I love you."

It became deadly silent as soon as the words left your lips leaving a dazed Danse. Everything made sense to him.

You grab his hand, "Come on let's go to Sanctuary."

You guys leave in the elevator holding hands. You both felt happy about the new relationship as you guys walked out the door there was Elder Maxson waiting and he looks pissed.

He pointed at Danse, "What hasn't this thing been destroyed!?!" He yelled at you pissed.

You glared at him, "You're wrong about him!"

Elder Maxson looks at your hand that's holding Danse's hand, "You love this machine?! You've betrayed the Brotherhood!"

You drop Danse's hand and step up to Elder Maxson getting right in his face, "After everything I did for the Brotherhood you owe me."

Elder Maxson wanted to protest but he knew you were right, "Fine I only see one alternative," Elder Maxson turns his attention to Danse, "Danse as far as I'm concerned, you're dead. You were pursued and slain by this Brotherhood Knight and your remains were incinerated. From this day forward you're forbidden to step foot on the Prydwen or speak with anyone from the Brotherhood of Steel; if you ignore me you'll be killed on the spot, do we understand each other?"

"Thank you, Arthur," Danse said relieved by the outcome of the situation.

"The only reason you're still alive... is because of her." Elder Maxson said looking at you, "Knight I'm heading back to the Prydwen we still have the Institute to deal with." Elder Maxson turned on his heel leaving.

You look at Danse feeling happy you run to him jumping in his arms he catches you.

"Oh, Danse! I'm so happy nothing can stop us now!" You smiled pulling your head back looking at Danse. He slowly leans down kissing you. You never thought the Paladin would do such a thing. His tongue began to run across your lips, you gladly open your mouth letting him have access. Tongues danced together and your heartbeat began beating faster with excitement coursing through your body.

Danse smiled against your lips as he walked back inside the Listening Post Bravo breaking the kiss when he stepped into the elevator. You began kissing under his jawline to his neck sucking his sweet spot as he moaned. The elevator doors opened and he walked over to his bed setting you down on your feet. You gently pushed him into the bed. He watched you take off your Vault Suit leaving you in your white bra and panties. Danse quickly took off his suit leaving him in his boxers. Your breath halted, then sped up as you stared at his perfect body. Your fingers twitched as you felt the urge to feel his rippled chest. You moved your hands feeling his toned stomach you have a deep throaty growl at his sexiness.

"You're so beautiful." He whispers against your stomach, it looked like you never had a baby.

His hot breath on your skin sent shivers down your spine. He stood
he sliding up your body capturing your lips with passion during the kiss he flattened his body against yours. You could feel his excitement pressing against you. He quickly unhooked your bra.

"Danse.." You moan as he kisses down your neck and your nipples harden from the cold air.

Somehow you got turned around and before you knew it you were gently placed onto the bed. Danse climbed on top of you gently using his thumb to rub your cheek.

"I love you (Y/N)...if you want me to stop I will. We don't have to." Danse spoke looking into your eyes.

"I want too." You kiss him and he smiles in the kiss.

Danse slowly slides his hand down to cup our breast you moan breaking the kiss. He began to gently massage your nipple, you moan again from the contact.

You could feel yourself getting more aroused.

He applied more pressure to your nipple with his fingertips, lightly squeezing and flicking, and watched as a deep moan escaped your lips. He slowly leaned down and placed his mouth around your hardened nipple, sucking the little pink nub before placing smaller kisses on the softness surrounding mound then kissed his way across your chest to your other breast and began the same treatment as the other.

You moan running your hands through his hair tugging on it a little then ran them down his heavily muscled back. You felt one of his hands slip away from your breast, down your stomach, and stop at the hem of your panties.

Danse slowly took off your panties then planted kisses on the inside of your thigh. Your arousal grew more the closer he came to your vagina.

You gasped and arched your back as Danse ran his tongue between your vaginal lips. Your fingertips dug into the bed under you.

"Danse!" You gasp as he slowly slid a finger inside you while licking your clit.

You buckled your hips, "A-add another." You moan titling your head back.

Danse entered a second finger into you and began to gently pull his fingers out, then move them back in.

Your mind went blank of anything but the pleasure you were currently experiencing. Your body felt so alive. You groaned as he began to move at a faster pace, curving them ever-so-slightly to hit your g-spot.

"I'm cumming!" You gasp as your walls tighten around his fingers.

He moaned as you found your sweet release around his fingers. Danse happily licked up all the juices.

"Are you ready?" Danse huskily asked crawling on top of you. You nodded unable to form words. You kissed him deeply tasting yourself on his tongue. In the mist of kissing, Danse got rid of his boxers and slowly slid in his large member. You moan in the kiss running your nails down his back pain and pleasure shot through your body. Its been so long that your body had felt this kind of pleasure. Danse slowly started moving in and out with a moan enjoying your slippery wetness and the tightness around his member.

"Go faster." You moan and on cue, Danse gave you what you wanted and sucked on your nipples."

You titled your head upwards exploding with pleasure feeling yourself about to come. Danse kissed upwards to your exposed neck sucking and kissing at the skin. Danse felt your walls close around his member knowing you were about to orgasm he went even faster allowing you to reach your bliss.

"Ahh! Danse!" You moaned cumming hard.

"Oh, (Y/N)!" Danse grunted releasing himself inside you.

After a few minutes, he gently pulls out causing you to groan from the loss he kisses you gently laying down behind you, you turn to face him placing a hand on his chest.

"How long have you felt this way?" Danse asked you lazily running his fingers through your hair.

"Since we met." You hummed feeling your eyelids growing heavier.

"It's funny I've always felt something for you. Unsure what it was I never felt such a thing before," You felt yourself sleepily clinging onto his every word desperately wanting to know what he had to say next but you gave into sleep. Danse smiled at you knowing you fell asleep, "I may have lost the Brotherhood but long as I have you I'll never be without."

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