Fallout One Shots (Open For Request!)

Just some lemon one-shots with your faves ���� so please read at your own risk and enjoy! I'll also be taking request so don't be shy ����


2. Danse Jokes

"Oh don't you dare look back just keep your eyes on me I said you're holding back

she said shut up and Danse with me!"  

"I swear to God..." Danse muttered under his breath.

"You're in the mood for a Danse and when you get the chance you are the Danse-ing queen young and sweet only seventeen!"

"You can stop anytime now." Danse glared crossing his arms.

"Evacuate the Danse-floor I'm infected by the sound stop this beat is killing me!"

Danse threw his arms up walking away, "I give up!"

"Ah we can Danse if we want to, we can leave your friends behind cause your friends don't Danse and if they don't Danse Well they're are no friends of mine!"

Danse paused thinking you were finally done.

"Now Danse, fucker, Danser man, he never had a chance and no one even knew It was really only you."

"That's it you're sleeping by yourself tonight!" Danse huffed off to Sanctuary Hills as you begged him to sleep with you that night.









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