Spoiled Fruit

Inspired by the anime Inuyasha. I didn't know what to name this story so for now we'll go with spoiled fruits.


3. The Angel Falls Hard

The rain continued for another day. The next day after Mr. Akio and Mira released the spiders outside. Mr. Akio believed that the rain would start again even though the news had reported clear skies. Days later, Mira woke up to notice a stone white path immediately as she stretched before her bedroom's balcony. After nearly slipping onto his back, it would seem Mr. Akio commissioned some help from the town and had stone roads built. 

The stone path stretched down all the visible roads within the houses vicinity.

The hired help whom were reluctant to accept the job at first were shocked when they discovered the black goop blocking the trail up Mount Hakurou was gone. Mr. Akio, who never left his land didn't know the happenings of the outside world. He dismissed the shocked help as those who were easily frightened. Word of the taint's disappearance spread throughout the town like wildfire. Aside from the police, there was someone else who was unable to let go of the matter; An eye witness, the High Priestess of the Hakurou Mountain Temple,  Tamasine Hayase. 

"No!" Mr. Akio growled irritably one morning. Mira was just finished with breakfast and as she placed a plate of fish cakes on the table she heard him just as he said.

"I'm not going there!" 

He had only ever showed a smiling face to her so to hear him so angry now, made her concerned. 

"Uncle Akio? Is everything okay?"

She drew near the door blinking at a group of mikos dressed in long red pleated skirts and white haoris. They looked about the same age as her. And upon laying eyes on her bowed respectfully in greeting. Mira did the same.

"Tell her if she wants to see me she should come see me herself! Lazy old hag." Mr. Akio muttered the last bit underneath his breath. 

"Then Lady Tamasine will be waiting for you at the the shrine." A girl who looked the eldest and the wisest of the mikos, one with black hair and eyes smiles patiently at the old man who reddens in frustration.

"I told you I'm not going!" He huffs, slamming the door shut in their faces before turning around to see Mira. 

He huffs again, his expression one of veiled embarrassment. "I'm sorry you had to see that."

"Who were they?" Mira inquired as the old man walked past.

"My sister-in-law's slaves." 

"Slaves?" Mira echoed. His sister-in-law must be an important person from the temple then to have young mikos at her beck and call. How interesting!

"I'm sorry Mira, looks like I'll have to leave shortly after breakfast. Be sure to look after the house for me while I'm gone."

Mira blinks. He said he wasn't going so many times...only just to decide he'd go as soon as he shut the door? Pffft... She held in an amused smile before nodding.


"Knowing those brats they'll stand there even under the rain." Mr. Akio muttered on his way up the stairs. Mira's soft smile unveiled itself. Uncle Akio's a really kind person isn't he?

"Goodbye!" Shortly after breakfast, Mira waved at Mr. Akio who departed with the young mikos to the temple.

"It's going to rain, I don't know how hard but I should be able to return!" He calls out to her suddenly upon getting a whiff of the wind.

"Oh, okay." Mira responds casually not thinking too much of this.

Mr. Akio frowns. Leaving a sweet little girl alone at a house, with the rain and thunder... it broke his heart. He didn't say anything but he already felt attached like she was already his grand-niece no more than that, his grand-daughter.

Mira busied herself with normal chores. After remembering she hadn't taken in the house rugs she retrieved them from outside and placed them back on the floor. 


Finished, Mira found herself just standing there. There was nothing else to do and no one else to talk to now that Mr. Akio had left. 


The sound of rain makes Mira look up at the window. The once blue sky were now a pale grey. What's up with the weather here?

"It really did rain..." She mumbled to herself. Mr. Akio's prediction was actually spot on!

Since there was nothing to do, Mira stationed herself in the library and read most of the day away when the three- knocks came. She checked the clock on the wall. Five hours had passed since then. She would imagine that Mr. Akio would be kept away for longer than that by the way he had reacted. 

Mira makes her way down the stairs and opens the door only to see someone wearing a motorcycle helmet.



For a few seconds the two only stared. Mira a bit stunned and the other, well we couldn't see his face now could we? He was wearing a silver motorcycle helmet.

"Do you have tarp?" He breaks the silence finally.

"Tarp?" Mira squeaked. "Um...it should be in the shed outside. But I don't -

The boy walks off. 

"have the key." Mira finished. She blinked a few times before walking away from the door. The rain began to pour harder and the lights flickered. When thunder struck, the lights went off. Mira had become quickly acquainted with most of the placements of things in the house, so she knew where to look and retrieved a lighter from the supply closet upstairs. As she made her way downstairs, lightening struck nearby, quaking the earth. Mira was just about to light a candle when she heard a soft thud, and noticed that something had positioned itself on the bottom of the stairs. 

She recognized the clothes, the silver motorcycle helmet from before sat in their lap. It was a person with hair just as long as her own, their bangs covered their forehead. Under the brief light that had flashed she didn't really get a good look but his skin seemed to have an olive complexion. When she lights the stair's candle the person doesn't look up. They had positioned themselves at the bottom of the stairs, with their legs stretched out to the wall. 

"..." Mira grabbed a towel from the supply closet and holds out to the person who still didn't look up. Mira sneaks a peek. His eyes were closed. He was already asleep? Well he was from the city, no doubt it was a long journey. Though Mira thought this she was forgetting the fact that she herself had walked quite the distance yet after arriving instead of resting immediately began to clean. She rests the towel on top of his helmet before stepping over his feet carefully and quickly as not to wake him up. 

Most in her situation would probably question NOT questioning someone who suddenly shows up at her doorstep but it's not like she didn't consider that. Rather she didn't see the need too. She already had a good idea of who he was.

The direction he had walked off earlier after she mentioned the shed was indeed where the shed was. It was positioned behind the house so it wasn't visible to outsiders... he had walked off in it's direction immediately- as if already familiar with the house's layout.

Mira headed to the kitchen, she wanted to make something but her mind was blank. Normally an idea would come in an instant but alas, her hands were shaking. Slowly exhaling, Mira weaves her fingers together and lifts them to her chin, her lips curl into a shy smile and she closes her eyes in thankful reverence. Done, with giving thanks she opens the freezer which revealed more fish. It was her mission to get rid of all this fish. Hopefully before she grows tired of it...

The boy lying on the stairs opens his eyes. There was a scent... something like miso soup. He shifted his head to see that the once dimly lit room had been illuminated by candles. The faint sound of quick chopping could be heard.

When he shifts his legs he notices the towel. 


Mira freezes when she hears the sound of footsteps heading upstairs.

Did she wake him up with her chopping? She chops a bit more softly as if in apology. When she's done he comes down on his own and right on time, the front door opens. 

"I'm back." 

Mr. Akio returns alone with an umbrella that he shakes before folding up and hanging on the wall rack. 

The boy positions himself at the side of the door's entrance with his arms folded.

"Ah!" Startled by the boy's sudden appearance Mr. Akio backs away.

"It's about time you handed over those keys, Old Man." The boy holds out his hand. Mr. Akio's startled expression switches to one of bitter annoyance as he drops the keys into the boys outstretched palms that wiggled his fingers expectantly.

"You're just in time for dinner, Uncle Akio!" Mira greets him, her cheer was a lot tamer than before.

Mr. Akio smiles at her appreciatively before glancing at the boy who studied the keys as if deeply interested in them. Seeing the boy's behavior he smirks as if he had just discovered something fun.

"Don't be shy now."

"...Huh?" The boy's amber eyes with green around the pupils went from looking indifferent to annoyed. His gaze sharpens at his Grandfather who seems pleased after seeing his reaction.

"You were never good at talking to girls."

"...W-what's to be good at, talking is... just talking!" The boy spits back. Mr. Akio pulls him closer to the table and coughs before gesturing towards the boy. 

"Mira this is Jet." Mr. Akio says. "My youngest grandnephew." he hinted just in case she didn't get it the first time.

"We already met." Jet looks elsewhere, it was as if he was willing to look anywhere but at her.

"But knowing you, you wouldn't say anything would you?" Mr. Akio's expression remained smug in the I-know-you-like-the-back-of-my-hand kind of way.

"!" Caught, Jet could only glare at the old man.

"Uhm. Please sit. The soup will get cold." Mira said. She didn't like that he wasn't looking at her, that only made her nervous. Was he just shy or did he not like her? Mira was a cheerful girl but she had been anticipating this moment for years. What should she say? Where should they start? If she knew better she would have read self-help books on conversation starters  instead of romance novels.

Mr. Akio glanced at the two, neither were talking. One seemed to be wanting to say something while the other didn't seem to have any intention of saying anything at all.

"Wow this soup warms these old bones right up! Mira you're so thoughtful!"

"I-I'm glad you like it..." Mira trails off. Mr. Akio had never complimented her so bluntly before, the intent of why was obvious and that only made her more nervous. Jet didn't have that much of a reaction to this as he quietly took a sip of soup from his spoon. After a while he began to feel the burning gaze of Mr. Akio. A flicker of annoyance flashed across his face and without looking at her, he inwardly sighs.


Mr. Akio mouths the word 'wow'.

"A dead fish could say more than you." He frowns at his grandson as he holds up a chunk of fish meat from the bowl of soup and points at him. "And that's saying something!"

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