Spoiled Fruit

Inspired by the anime Inuyasha. I didn't know what to name this story so for now we'll go with spoiled fruits.


1. Mira Lam- Eh?! An Angel?!!


In a small town called Sakura, the daily residents began their precautionary measures for a storm. Normally the residents would see no need to take care but there was a bad energy in the air ever since the town’s police found a couple of dead animals lying in the forest of cherry trees surrounding Sakura. To the Sakurans, the cherry tree forest was something like sacred ground, it led a path straight up the mountain to the local temple.

Outsiders would make the story sound simple, like that.

They would omit the fact that the dead animals were actually the prided white deer of the Sakura forest, a rare animal rumored to be a celestial creature only mentioned in the town’s old folktales and there it was found not eaten or shot on the bed of the forest floor but eroded. As if eaten from the inside; it’s insides were black, that blackness had seeped into the earth to the point that even the cherry blossom tree leaves had become just as black. 

According to the High Priestess of the Hakurou(white amber) Mountain Temple the white deer had been tainted. Tainted. A supposed celestial being. 

That day the rain suddenly began to pour without warning, it was like someone had turned on the faucet full blast. As people rushed inside, a figure cloaked in black hurried up to one of the retreating town residents, a middle aged mother of three; A miss Nadeshiko Tamura.

“Excuse me!” A pleasant feminine voice quickly called out to the woman before she slammed her door shut.

The woman opened her door a bit more to see a girl who couldn’t be any younger than that of fourteen or fifteen.

“Could you direct me to this address?”

She unfolds a small piece of paper and hands it to the woman who balks upon reading it.

“This address…” The woman frowns.

“Do you recognize it?” There was eagerness in the girl’s eyes and even her voice had gotten higher in pitch.

“Yes… but, this address is on a plot of land owned by the Inoue Family, if-

“I know. Would you please tell me where to go?” 

“It’s… up the mountain, just follow the pink trees all the way up and go left, when the road forks to the right that path will lead to the Hakurou mountain temple, it’s closer than this address so…” Ms. Tamura holds her hand to her cheek and divulges this information slowly as she wrestled with this new worry growing on her. 

“I got it, thank you so much for your time ma’am!” The young girl beams at her before hurrying off.

“Wait! Right now that forest is a bit dange-” Ms. Tamura grabs an umbrella and hurries after the girl, only once she turns the corner the girl is nowhere in sight.

In the Sakura forest, the girl cloaked in black is already there, water pours off her rain cloak. The girl shivers a bit upon entering. She looks ahead at the path of winding road bordered by cherry trees and continues on it until she comes across the path leading straight up to the mountain. Before it, as if to block off travelers, a black lake had formed and for some reason the trees around had become black and veiny. It was almost as if the trees were pulsing like beating hearts.

The girl blinks blankly at the eerie sight.

“What’s this?” She picks up a stick  and dips it into the black lake. She watches the blackness eat away at the stick as it’s blackness travels it’s way up before dropping it and standing. She got the picture.

“Hmm… Papa’s miracle elixir should do the trick!” She fishes inside her cloak and retrieves a round flask with protruding angel wings before popping off the top and dumping its contents into the black lake. The water was clear, for a few seconds it wrestled with the black goop before absorbing the blackness. An instant later the black was gone and the trees were back to their beautiful selves. And...it still hadn’t stopped raining.

As the girl trekked her way up the mountain path she discovered that the dirt path was beginning to get muddy.


She had worn the right cloak but not the right boots! Her favorite purple heeled combat boots were beginning to sink into the goop.

“No. no. no. no!” She mourned the loss of her shoes briefly as she sunk before opening her eyes, her raisin purple eyes sharped with determination as they faded to a lilac color and her entire body begins to glow white. She makes her way up the path with ease, her footsteps were light and unhindered almost as if floating. Yet the rain continued to fall.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

A soft tap on the door alerts Akio Inoue, a grumpy old man in his late fifties. As he made his way to the door he paused, there was light shining behind the door. In his dimly lit cabin, the contrast was immense. Perhaps during that nap he had took earlier he had died and he would now open the door to heaven?

“Impossible!” Mr. Akio muttered before yanking the door open.

The light vanished. A girl in a black cloak smiled angelically at him.

“Hullooo!”~ She half-greeted, half-sung. 

Mr. Akio might as well have been struck by the lightening that had flashed through the skies just then. He was suddenly reminded of his deceased wife. It wasn’t her resemblance that was similar, it was the cheerfulness that she exuded which was at full throttle.

“I’m Mira Lam. You must be Mr. Akio Inoue correct? May I call you Uncle Akio instead? Grand-Uncle-in-law sounds too stiff.” The girl immediately began to speak, she didn’t rush her words and only watched the old man with her smile that only grew warmer and warmer as she spoke.

“Uh, yes.” The old man nodded, normally he'd snap at visitors but he couldn't bring himself to do that much less speak. He stepped back from the door and beckoned her to come in. She quickly took off her muddied shoes, in which the old man couldn’t help but notice the dirt path behind her. It had been pounded by the rain and yet… there were no foot prints. 

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