Spoiled Fruit

Inspired by the anime Inuyasha. I didn't know what to name this story so for now we'll go with spoiled fruits.


4. An Angel On Earth


To Mr. Akio there was nothing more soothing to the ears than a young girl's soft hum. He pours over a book as Jet flips through channels on tv. Having grown irritable for some reason, he turns it off and lies on the couch just as Mira enters the room and places plate after plate on the table. A bread platter, fried sausages, omelettes, fish pancakes and...fish cakes again.

"That's quite the generous spread." Mr. Akio observes. Though he was beginning to tire of fish, which was ironic considering he atenothing but fish up till now.

"Well today's been a generous day, Mr. Akio!" Mira chirped. Her cheery self had returned a day earlier, when Mr. Akio received word that Mira had been enrolled into Cerise Academy, a girl's private school built at the foot of Hakurou Mountain Valley. It was a traditional boarding school which focused on arts and teaching girls trade skills only "maidens" from the olden times would be expected to possess. Most girls might feel oppressed. Mira, however couldn't be any more happier.

"The uniform's pink!" She exclaimed upon receiving it. "How... adorable!!!"

"Jet. Breakfast is out." Mr. Akio called but Jet didn't budge. His behavior towards Mira hadn't changed and she no longer took it personally. She peers at him now. He was like a wild flower. At first the long hair and his aloof behavior shattered the princely image she had built up over the years but after watching him lie there for a bit,  a goofy grin stretched across her face. 


After she headed up the stairs Jet opened his eyes and sat up. 

"You're like a possum." Mr. Akio glanced at him with a disdainful look. "Always playing dead when she's around."

He was deeply disappointed. How could his grandson be such a wuss? He's done nothing but avoid the girl! Was he really of his blood?

"And you're just like your medicine," Jet said getting up. "Bitter."

"Why don't you give her a ride to school or something?" Mr. Akio suggested. Jet showed no reaction, however when Mr. Akio piled all the plates on his side of the table a vein bulged out on his forehead. Jet reluctantly inched his way up the stairs all the while Mr. Akio never takes his eyes off of him. Once out of sight, he immediately begins to dig into the sausages and eggs, deciding to leave Jet with just the fish cakes and fish pancakes. 

"La la la la!"~ 

He as going to knock on the door, but then it noticed it had been left open a crack. 

Mira twirled around before her mirror, spraying perfume in the air as she did, once done she flashed a satisfied smile at herself. The uniform she wore was similar to that of a uniform from Nagoya.It had a pale yellow pleated skirt with a pink top and yellow tie. Her hair had been curled to perfection as a pale yellow beret sat on her head. Her long white stockings and brown mary janes completed the look. To Mira she had never looked so adorable in anything!

Seeing her shoot a kiss at her reflection shattered Jet's reserved image of her. 

Mira opened the door and is surprised to see him at first but quickly recovers. 

"Yes?" Her smile maintained. 


She raises her eyebrows at him after a minute passes. Up until when they met he had been avoiding her face but now that he had seen it again it was like he had frozen.

"Get on my bike." Jet huffs with a turn. 

A sparkle fills her eyes. His bike? She'd be riding his bike to school? What was this? Her thoughts turn pink at the thought of riding on the back of his motorcycle.

"Heheh!" She giggles to herself before hurrying after him.

The ride to school was quiet. To Mira it wasn't awkward since she enjoyed whooshing past the forest of cherry blossom trees. As soon as she spots her school up ahead over the hill as well as the group of young girls walking on the streets she says.

"Here is fine."

The motorcycle slows to a stop. 

"Thanks!" She quickly waves goodbye before hurrying after the groups of girls dressed in the same uniform. Jet drives away after a staring for a bit, both were unaware of the third party watching, a group of boys dressed in black blazers and plaid pants, they were students from the all boy's school further down the valley.

"Did you see that? That girl just got off a motorcycle!"

"She's totally my type! But I don't think I've ever seen her around here before..."

The group pulled and tugged at each other meanwhile one of the boys in particularly tapped his chin in thought, a mischievous smirk tugging at his lips.

"I've never seen you around here before!" The group of girls stared at the newcomer in wide-eyed shock. It was like someone had ran up and tased them. 

"I just moved here recently." Mira explained.

"A transfer student?!" This excited the girls who quickly began to bomb rush her with questions before introducing themselves. 

"I'm Alice. This is Bashira, and that's Emica." Alice, a girl who looked Japanese but had natural ash blonde hair and blue eyes took the initiative to quickly introduce everyone. By this time they were already at the school gates.

"Cerise is a fun school but after a while it gets boring." Bashira, a girl with wavy auburn hair, olive skin, freckles and light brown eyes explains. 

"We rarely ever get transfer students much less to see boys." Emica's grey eyes shimmered with longing as she spoke. Her skin was a lot darker than Bashira's, must've been mixed with some Indian. She looked around and saw that a lot of the girl's here at Cerise were mixed as well. It wasn't your typical black hair, dark eyes kind of scene, and this excited Mira even further. The campus of Cerise was like a university's; A huge courtyard and campus.The lacrosse and soccer teams even had their own separate fields, Mira recalled seeing this on the back of Jet's motorcycle as she stared off at a group of lacrosse players walking up ahead.  Unexpectedly, Cerise's track, soccer, tennis, and lacrosse team were famous around this region. 

There was even a horse back riding and racing club. Emica explained that the two clubs were very different and not to be confused since the two clubs were currently in a cold war ever since the horse back racing team began to "steal" members from the horse back riding club.

Bashira was on the tennis team so she had to part ways with the three earlier on.

Alice was a member of the fencing team and also had to leave upon entering the school's main building.  

"I'm so happy." Emica went on. "Normally it's just me walking to class, but oh... which class are you in?"

Mira showed Emica her schedule.

"This is...!"

As luck would have it she was in the same class as Emica. Bashira and Alice were in a separate class. Mira began to sweat seeing Emica's heated gaze.

"Mira, I've decided from this point on you can call me Emi."

 It was from that point on that their fate to be best friends had been sealed.  By the end of the school day Mira agreed that she would join the pastry club with Emi, as it would have it she too liked cooking. Emi lived in the dorm(she was walking back with Bashira and Alice because they had all slept over at Alice's), and Bashira and Alice had to stay after school for their clubs, Mira submitted her club application and headed home. She needed to share the news with Uncle Akio and Jet so they would know when to expect dinner.

Half way up the hill Mira began to feel as if she was being watched and the next thing she know's she's being dragged towards the bushes. 

"Ah! Wha- let go of me!" She had been caught off-guard upon noticing the familiar silvery white motorcycle parked up ahead. As she drew nearer to the bushes her panic rose upon seeing the two heads peak out. She looked up at the hill to see Jet watching the scene boredly, his hand rested upon the palm of his chin as he bit into an apple. After a few seconds passed he even fought to suppress a yawn.

At that moment Mira was filled with a feeling she had never before felt in her life. 

She focused on concentrating her energy and let the boy pull her close. She rammed her knee right in his gut and pushed him back with a palm that sent him flying into his buddies. 

Seeing that she was done, Jet drew closer with the bike. Only she walked right past him.


He twisted the bike around before trailing after her.

"I said hey!" He called out again. "You blind and deaf now or what?" He muttered the last bit.

Mira stopped.

Jet slowed down. 

"You asked if I'm blind?" She echoed whirling around. "What about you?"

"If you couldn't take care of yourself there wouldn't be a point to this marriage, would it?"

He was right about that. The terms of their engagement wasn't that simple. In fact now that Jet mentioned it, she almost doubted her Father by thinking he was just using her as a bargaining chip... Still, does that change the fact that he was her fiancee and she was entitled to being protected right? Even though she was perfectly capable of protecting herself? The more she thinks, the more conflicted and frustrated she felt. 

Mira had gotten it all wrong. Over the years she built up a princely, upright gentlemen in the back of her mind- which was completely unrealistic especially considering the fact that she was indeed no damsel, no this engagement was in the hopes that her Father would be able to help their family. Their roles here were switched.  

Mira looked at him after a while, long and hard. His indifference, and tough exterior she had all thought it was an act. But he didn't...really he didn't care about her at all did he? Her anger faded. 

"I'd rather walk home." Her voice was hollow, the light in her eyes dulled at the many questions and doubts flooding her mind.

"You sure about that?" 

The sounds of groans coming from further down the hill of:

"Hey Kosuke, you okay?"

"I'm fine, what about you Hikaru?" 

"Ugh...I'm gonna cut that b-

Mira bit her lip, with clenched fists she seated herself on the back of his motorcycle. Jet thought that the her sitting with her fingers woven together was her being self conscious of her skirt flying up. He didn't question this and took off at a casual speed up the hill to Mount Hakurou.`

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