Spoiled Fruit

Inspired by the anime Inuyasha. I didn't know what to name this story so for now we'll go with spoiled fruits.


2. An Angel Makes Her Debut

Perhaps he was thinking to much. Even if she did trek through the mud, the rain would just drown her footprints in water and the dirt path had so many holes. Also wasn't the mud on her boots proof enough that she had indeed trekked her way up here. 

The old man felt bad, having that young girl walk her way up all alone and in the pouring rain! <- Already, he was beginning to think unlike his old self and like his younger self. 

"Whoa, is this where we're staying?" Mira looked at the house in awe. It was dimly lit from the candles but she could still see most of it. 

The old man froze. He had been living here for so long, when his grand-nephew sent news that he was to welcome the new addition to the family he hadn't thought to clean up. The house was crowded with books and cobwebs. The old man was a former librarian, when his wife died, he retired. He took all the books he had collected over the years and shut himself up here on the land, he grew up on this mountain but when his older brother died, he inherited all the family properties and when he died he passed it down to his eldest son who in turn passed it on to his younger brother. But his Grand-nephew wasn't going to just kick him out. No, he'd make him housekeeper instead and pay him too. And that job, the old man had neglected for years as well as his bank account.

The only thing he had energy to do was eat, sleep, and fish. Like some bear, or common mammal.

"I'm very sorry about the mess I..." Mr. Akio scratched the back of his head. Now that he had been enlightened he suddenly realized the mess he had been living and suddenly felt at a loss for words.

"Oh, it's no problem. I don't mind cleaning up the place." Mira said looking around approvingly at what she was pretty certain the shadow of a spider dangling from the ceiling.

Mr. Akio blushes, feeling ashamed.

"How about we clean this place together?"

"Coolio!" Mira gives him the thumbs up.

As agreed the two work together, they sweep and dust, chasing spiders into glass jars and transporting the towers of books that lined the house's halls into a perfectly empty room with shelves. In which Mr. Akio wondered why he hadn't just shelved them and Mira quickly defended him saying that walking through halls of book towers was actually quite fun. 

By the time they had finished the sound of rain had begun to fade. Mr. Akio walks over to the living room sofa and sits. Mira looks at him feeling that for a Japanese man he was pretty western. The house here really wasn't too different from her Father's. Mira found herself admiring the old man, she could have easily done it all herself but this old man was a lot sturdier than he looked. He was able to bend, and move around normally. Even if he didn't clean he had been taking care of himself over the years. Which was something. A lot of shut-ins tend to let themselves go.

"May I use the kitchen?" Mira asked.

"But of course." Mr. Akio's eyes widened a little at her. "This is your house after all..." 

Mira blushed. 

"Well not yet..." She mumbled as she headed inside. She had been meaning to ask earlier and now that they were talking about what was hers she mind as well bring up the subject. Mira pulled out ingredients from the kitchen was generously stocked with food and freezer with fish. 

She served a pan of fisherman's pie an as she sat down.

"Um, so...I noticed-

"That he's not here." Mr. Akio finished, his tone which was normally full of feeling went flat. Mira paused upon placing the largest slice of pie onto the old man's plate. 

"Oh! There's vegetables." The old man seemed delighted. Perhaps she had imagined it? 

"Do you know... when he's coming?" She tried again. 

The old man huffed and opened his mouth as if to say something rude before stopping himself, his hardened gaze softened.

"Probably sometime this week." 

"Oh." Mira nodded. This week. Her heart fluttered. She had never met her future husband, who had been betrothed to her the moment she was born. But she liked the idea of having a husband and often liked to fantasize about what he would be like, what'd they do, how'd they live. Over the years aside from studying alchemy under her Father and the spiritual path of her Mother, Mira also devoted herself to learning how to be a useful wife. Or wife training as she would often describe it whenever she pestered her Grandmother and family friends who were married.

Mira weaved her fingers together in deep thought as she rested her chin on top of it, a small smile curling up at her mouth.

Mr. Akio smiled seeing this and after a while his brows knitted together. This child...is a waste on him.

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