Rediscovered Love

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4. Chapter 4


“ What the hell was that? ” Sarah asked.

“ I don’t know. ” Lily said.

“ Kira, what was that? ” Gabby asked.

“ I don’t know. ” I said, lying.

“ This is your house. How the hell do you not know what is in your house? ” Nina said.

“ Like I fucking said, I don’t know. ”

“ Hey, you two are driving my bloody fucking crazy. Argue later, figure out what the hell is making that noise now. ” Gabby exclaimed.

“ She right. Let’s just figure out what that noise was. ” I said.

“ Yea, fine. ” Nina said.

“ It sounded like it came from downstairs. Let’s check there first. ” I said.

“ Ok ok let’s check. ”


All of the girls, except for Kira, headed downstairs. Once all the girls were gone, Kira went straight to the closet. When she opened the door, Daniel’s head popped up between a few coats and jackets.


“ Okay, you better hurry and sneak out the window. ” I said.

“ Okay, but what if they come back up when I’m going out the window? ” He asked.

“ Don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of it if they do, but I doubt they will. Go. ”

“ OK….wait. ”

“ What now Daniel? ”

“ Can I get a, um, kiss? ”

“ I thought you said it could be the cause of my death. ”

“ Yea I know. ”

“ Then why are asking if you know the risk? ”

“ Guess you can call it a test. ”

“ Fuck a test. Get your ass out of here before they come back. ”

“ Okay okay. ” He said stepping onto the roof.

“ Wait.. ” He said.

“ Oh my flipping god. What now? ”

“ You can’t get a kiss, but you can get a hug. ” He said with his arms open.

“ Daniel, we don’t have time for this shit right now. GO! ”

“ One hug, just one and I’ll go. ”

“ Ugh, fuck, fine. The only reason you’re getting a hug is because I want you to leave. ”


I stepped out onto the roof of my house. I quickly wrapped myself in his arms so that I may re-enter my house through my window. Although I wanted to stay in his arms forever, I let go of his body. However,  he refused to release me. I tried to break his grasp from around my waist, but I failed. His grasp was as strong as his jawline. His hands made their way slowly to the middle of my back. He gently pulled me closer to his body and, by instinct, I wrapped my arms around his body like a snake suffocating the life out of someone’s leg. I held onto him just as tightly as he’d held onto to me. My head was on his chest and the warmth from his body traveled throughout my body. The sound of his heart beat relaxed me. Almost like a jazz band.


His hands moved back to their original place, around my hips. His head was on my shoulder. He slightly lifted his head to the level of my ear and whispered.


“ I love you Kira. ” He whispered softly into my ear.


My body shivered at his words. I looked up at  him. He gazed down at me and smiled showing most of  his pearl white teeth. Then, I responded to what he said.


“ I-I love you too. ” I said.


He stared down into my eyes, wide eyed. He looked up into the sky, then, back at me. He closed his and inhaled. Then, he exhaled.


“ Say it again. ” He said, softly.  

“ I love you. ” I said again.


Again, he glared into my eyes. He looked down and smirked.


“ I said I wouldn’t do this unless I was sure. ” He said.


He looked back up at me.


“ Wanna feel something you used to love? ” He asked.

“ Depends on what it is. ” I replied.

“ You used to love it. A lot actually. ” He said, smirking.

“ I still want to know what it is. ”


He chuckled.


“ Close your eyes and you’ll find out. ”


In my mind, I hesitated. For I had absolutely no clue what I “ used to ” like a lot. One side of me said, just get him away from your house. Then the other side of me said, just close your eyes and enjoy whatever is coming. I didn’t know what to do, but, eventually, I chose. I closed my eyes. I could hear him chuckling lightly. I guess he didn’t expect me to close my eyes.


“ Now turn around. ” He said.

“ Do I need to take off my clothes too? ” I asked sarcastically.

“ I’m not gonna stop you if you do. ” He replied.

“ So that’s a yes? ”

“ More like save it for later. ”


I tried not to laugh so I giggled to myself quietly. Then, I asked him.


“ What exactly are we doing? ” I asked.

“ You trust me, right? ” He asked.

“ Y-yes, I trust you. ” I replied.

“ Do you feel that cool breezing poking at your skin? ”

“ Yea, it makes me cold. ” I said, shivering a bit.

“ Let me help you then. ”


Daniel wrapped his somewhat masculine arms around me and gently pulled me towards his body. He turned my body around. Now, I was facing his chest. His arms now at my waist, but still, somehow, keeping me warm entirely. Then, something soft brushed against the sides of my arms. A few seconds later, something brushed against the the lower part of my back. More like something big and soft was covering my body completely. Shielding me from the cold.


“ Now you can open your eyes. ”  He said.


I opened my eyes and I never could’ve guessed that he’d wrapped his wings around me. They were huge and were the bright shade of white imaginable. His wings were just like they were in my dream. They were thicker around his chest, but thinner at the tips. Almost translucent. As I looked up towards the sky, the sun shined towards them. Then, they looked as if they were a light pinkish hue.


I shifted my eyes to his face. His eyes were closed and his mouth was partially open. Almost as if he was relaxing. Almost as if he was feeling “good”. He exhaled and looked down at me. I don’t know if it was the sunlight or just his natural eye color, but his eyes were a perfect shade of emerald green instead of his usual hazelish light brown. As I gazed into his eyes, he gazed into mine.


His eyes were now glistening. Glistening like the reflection of light on a lake. I found myself lost in them. He smirked and closed his eyes again. He looked up towards the sky and loosened his grip around me. He was about to leave. I didn’t want him to go, but, then again, I did. So I did what could have been the end of my life. I did what could have made me combust into ash before his eyes.


“ Daniel… ” I said softly.


He looked down upon me. His eyes somewhat wondrous.


“ Yes Kira? ” He said.


I closed my eyes. I inhaled and exhaled the cold air into my lungs. I gently placed my arms around his neck. He was taller than me so I had to stand on my tippy-toes and engaged him in a somewhat sunset kiss. It was a sweet kiss and it was short. I pulled away and looked down at my feet. Still there I thought to myself.


I looked back up and he was gazing down at me. His eyes wide. Full of shock and surprise. Guess he too was amazed I was still living, or maybe it was the fact that I kissed him. He smirked to himself like Edward did when Bella said she’d marry him. I was about to go back inside my house through my window before he grabbed my arm and pulled me back.


He smashed his lips into mine and, again, we embraced a deep kiss.     However, this kiss was sweeter. More intense. More passionate. Better than the last. This time he held my face. This time he pulled my body impossibly close to his. His wings spread out to the point where they were no longer shielding my body. Instead, they were high above Daniel’s head and sun was passing through them making them even more beautiful than they were.


He pulled away and smiled down at me.


“ Does this mean you’re my girlfriend? ” He asked.


“ Absolutely not. Now go. ” I said, giggling.


*grumbles under breathe*


“ Fine, but next time I want a yes. ” He demanded.


He released my waist and spread his wings wide. He was preparing to take flight. Before my eyes, he was gone. The gust of wind brushed across my face as he flew away. I looked to the sky, as if to see him, but I could only see clouds. I sighed deeply. For I realized that I missed him. I longed for his presence. For his warmth. For his love. I climbed back into my room. I was in the process  of closing my window when I heard a loud gasp behind me.


“ Oh-My-Flipping-GOSH! ”  Lily said.

“ Dude, keep your voice down. ” I said.

“ I saw! ” She semi-whispered.

“ You didn’t see anything. ”

“ I saw him kiss you. I saw his flipping wings. I saw him fly away into the sky. I saw that! ”

“ Don’t tell the girls what you saw Lily. Please, they’d freak out. ”

“ Of course they would. He has WINGS! ”

“ Yeah, I know. Just keep quiet. “

“ No. I’m gonna tell them because you don’t keep secrets between friends. ”

“ Lily… ”


Before I could finish my sentence, Lily was running down the stairs. I chased after her. I grabbed her as we both went tumbling down the staircase. I landed atop of Lily clumsily pinning her down. I could hear the girls running to see what all the commotion was about. Lily pushed me off and stood. So did I. By this time, the rest of the girls came running into the room.


“ What the h*ll was all that noise? ” Sarah asked, wide-eyed.

“ Yeah, what was that? ” Gabby also asked out of breathe.


Lily and I exchanged quick looks at each other. I was hoping deep down inside that she wasn’t gonna tell them. I wanted to tell them myself so that I could explain everything to them. Lily and I exchanged another quick glance at each other before she decided to speak.


“ Kira and I were just wrestling. You guys know how we are. ” She said looking in my direction.

“ Why would you two be wrestling? ” Sarah asked with her hands placed on her hips.

“ Well, um, Lily took my phone and it was unlocked. You know how I am about my phone. ” I said quickly.

“ You two are weird. ” Gabby said giggling a bit.

“ And you love us. ” Lily said smiling.

“ Of course. ” Sarah said.

“ Wait, am I the only one who has failed to realize that Nina has not spoken in this conversation and is not seen at this very moment? ” I said looking around for Nina.


We all looked around ourselves searching for Nina. She was nowhere to be seen.


“ Great. Just perfect. First, there’s a noise and now Nina is missing. ” Sarah said.


A second or two later, Nina came sprinting downstairs. She was looking down at her phone when she realized that we were all staring at her.


“ What? ” Nina said.

“ Um, where the h*ll did you disappear to? ” I asked a little furious.

“ Yeah, what she said. ” Gabby said crossing her arms across her chest.

“ Er, I had a personal call. ” Nina said.

“ Um, ok. Anyway, did you guys see anything that could’ve made that noise? ” Lily asked.

“ Nope, did you? ” Sarah asked.


Lily looked back in my direction.


“ No, nothing. ” She replied.


I exhaled a sigh of relief.


“ Yea, I think you guys should go. ” I said.

“ What? ” Sarah said.

“ Why? ” Gabby asked.

“ Well, um, I have a lot of school work to make up. ”

“ You are a terrible liar. We all have A stars. Everytime we have homework, we always facetime so that we all can be finished with it quicker. If you have to make up school work, we all do and I know for a fact that none of us do. ” Nina said.

“ D*mmit, I thought and I failed. ” I said.

“ Plus, ” Lily started, “ It’s Friday. ”


We all exchanged looks and laughed hysterically at my failed excuse. Since they were staying the night, I grabbed a couple of blankets and pillows from upstairs and made floor pallets for everyone to sleep on the sofas and recliners. I didn’t realize that they’d all brought clothes to sleep in. So we all took showers and put on our pajamas. We sat on the living room floor and were debating about what to watch on Netflix. Lily, Gabby, and I all loved horror movies so we decided to watch every Saw movie and Annabelle, even though we’d already seen them.


I popped 5 huge bowls of popcorn and went back into the living room. Before I could start the movie, there was a knock at the door. I went to look through the peephole. It was my Nan and my little brother, Caspian. I opened the door and threw my arms around my Nan. Once I let go of her, I looked down and saw my brother. He was smiling incredibly hard. I lifted him and I hugged him. I kissed his soft, pink cheeks. I put him down and he held my hand.


“ I have an appointment in London tomorrow and I didn’t want to leave him home by himself. ” She said.

“ Okay. Who's driving you? ” I asked.

“ My home nurse. ” She replied.

“ Oh, well when  you get back, call me and let me know how everything goes. ”

“ I will love. See you tomorrow maybe. ” She said walking down the steps of my porch.

“ Okay. Bye nan. ” I said as I closed the door.


I closed and locked the door. I turned 180 degrees counterclockwise to face Caspian. I kneeled down onto one knee.


“ OK buddy. The girls are over and we’re about to watch a few scary movies and eat popcorn. If you hurry and put on your pajamas, I’ll let you watch with us. Ok mate?”  I said.

“Ok Kira. ” He said.


He hurried up the stairs. In less than 3 minutes, Caspian was in his monkey one-piece pajama suit. He was also carrying his stuffed monkey.


“ Ok Kira, I’m ready. ” He said.


He climbed onto the sofa with me and laid down in front of my body. My back was facing the sofa. I started the first movie, which was the first Saw. Gabby, Lily and I find horror movies hilarious because the people make the worst decisions which results in their death. Nina is really neutral when it comes to movies. She doesn’t really have any emotion towards any movie. Sarah, however, was absolutely terrified. All the blood and guts and death didn’t sit too well with her.

Once, I nipped the tip of my finger with a scalpel in science class and Sarah almost fainted. I did this to prove to Gabby I felt no pain, but that’s besides the point. Sarah saw that little dot of blood on the tip of my finger and almost toppled over in her seat on the floor. That’s how bad she hates horror movies. Caspian is like me. He likes them, but he has thoughts about whether the movie is real or not. He’s scared that what happens in the movie will happen one day, but I assure him that most of the movies made are just for entertainment.


The first Saw movie has ended. I start Saw II and I tried to stay awake. However, no one stayed awake for the whole movie. We all were sound asleep until I awoke. I looked around and everyone was still asleep. The TV was now on the Netflix home screen. Caspian was now facing me, sound asleep. I slowly rose from the sofa and gently lifted him. I crept up the stairs into his room. I pulled back the covers and gently laid him in the bed. I kissed his forehead and walked over to the wall to turn on his nightlight. As I left his room, I quietly closed the door. I headed back downstairs before I heard loud snoring.


I turned back to my mum’s room and found that my step dad, Frank, was passed out, drunk, on the bed. I deeply exhaled and quietly closed the door. The last thing I wanted was for him to wake up and start yelling at everyone. I went into my room. I grabbed my phone and looked and the time. It was 1:23 a.m. I grabbed my computer and my ear buds and crept back downstairs onto the sofa. Since I was the only one awake, I chose another movie to watch, even though I wasn’t gonna watch it. I opened my computer and opened Skype. I had multiple messages from 3 people. Brittini, Cam, and Daniel. I thought to myself How did Daniel know my Skype name? I also thought How did Cam even get my Skype first? I don’t even like that a**hole.


First, I opened the message from Brittini. She’d sent it 3 hours ago. It read: Wassup my fellow earthling!!!! XD You’re probably asleep, but text me back when you can you idiotic beautiful mortal.


I replied: Dudddeeee XD This idiotic mortal got into some trouble at school and had after school detention. Long story...I’ll facetime you tomorrow.


Secondly, I opened Cam’s  message. It read: Meet me at the Lexington Pub tomorrow at 7:30 -_^


I replied: Why? So that you can earn back your dignity and balls?


Lastly, I opened Daniel’s message. It read: Now that you know everything, people are gonna start coming after you now. I shouldn’t have told you. You would’ve been safer. I have to keep you safe now. You don’t have to be my girlfriend, but understand that the love we share goes back almost a millennium. I’ve loved you for that long. Why would I stop now?


I had to think about how to reply to Daniel. I replied: If it was safer for you not to tell me, don’t you think it would’ve been tougher for you not to be around me?


I closed my computer and laid back down onto the sofa. I watched half of the Annabelle: Creation movie before falling asleep.




I woke up to the dinging of my alarm on my phone. I quickly grabbed my phone and turned off the alarm. I looked around to see if anyone had woken up. They only fidgeted in there sleep. I sat up and looked at my phone. It was 7:03 a.m. I thought to myself My mother might still be home since it’s Saturday. She goes to work at 9 on Saturdays. I crept upstairs to see if my hypothesis was right. It was. My mum was sound asleep in bed with Frank. I slowly closed the door and headed for Caspian’s room. He, too, was sound asleep. I quietly walked over to the wall to turn off the nightlight. Then, I quietly left his room and walked towards my room. I closed my door and walked over to my closet. I grabbed a pair of my cotton, drawstring shorts and my entirely too big sweatshirt.


I changed out of my pajamas and put on the clothes. After I was done, I went into my bathroom and brushed my teeth. I also washed my face. I left my bathroom and went over to my dresser. I looked at myself. My hair was a mess. I didn’t care. I just messily threw my hair into a bun. I opened my door and crepted back downstairs. I went into the kitchen and decided that I would cook for everyone. I planned to cook eggs, bacon, oatmeal, and toast so I grabbed two skillets, a big boiler, and the toaster. The bread was already out. I walked over to the refrigerator and grabbed the eggs, butter, and bacon.


I quietly closed the refrigerator and placed all the items on the counter. I walked over to the cabinet. I moved a couple of items around before I saw the oatmeal. I grabbed it and placed in on the counter while closing the cabinet. Now, I was ready to cook.


“ What are you doing? ” A voice said.


I turned around quickly and realized that it was only Lily.


“ Jesus, you scared me. I was, uh, about to start cooking. ” I said.

“ Sorry. Can I help? ” She asked.

“ Yeah, sure. ” I replied.


Lily walked over to where I was standing. I handed her the eggs, butter, and bacon. I took the oatmeal and bread. It took us about 30 minutes to cook all that food. We also brewed some tea. Frank liked his tea without milk, but I didn’t really care what he liked. However, my mum, Lily, Nina, Sarah, Gabby, and I loved tea with milk. Caspian prefered orange juice. Once the food was done, Lily and I woke everyone from their slumber. We woke the girls, then we went upstairs.


“ You can go wake Caspian. I’ll wake my mum. ” I said.

“ Ok. ” She said as she walked off down the hall towards Caspian’s room.


I opened the door to my mum’s room. She was still asleep. Frank was as well. I knelt down beside the bed and lightly tapped on my her shoulder. She stirred in her sleep. I tapped a little harder. She awoke, looking worried.  First, she sat up and looked around. Then, she looked down at me.


“ What time is it? Am I late? ” She asked.


I looked at my phone, then replied.


“ You’re not late mum. It’s 7:41. ” I said.

“ Oh, thank goodness. What did you want dear? ” She asked.

“ Lily and I cooked for the house. We were waking everyone. ”

“ The food’s all ready? ”

“ Yes. ” I said smiling.

“ And the tea’s all done and brewed? ”

“ Yep. ”

“ Well I’ll be. You and Lily cooked for us, didn’t ya? ”

“ We sure did mum. Hurry and wake him before everything goes cold. ”

“ Ok, we’ll be down in 5. ”

“ Ok. ”


As I left my mum’s room, I could hear her trying to awake Frank. I went back downstairs and the girls and Caspian were all sitting in the living room watching Saturday cartoons, except Nina who was doing something on her phone.


“ Hey, can you guys help me with something in the kitchen? ” I asked.

“ Sure. ” They all said happily.

“ I’ll stay here with Caspian. To keep him company of course. ” Nina said looking up from her phone.

“ Ok. Follow me. ” I said.


Gabby, Lily, and Sarah all followed me into the kitchen.


“ Ok. I have to warn you guys about something. ” I said, whispering.

“ Warn us about what? ” Sarah asked.

“ My step dad, Frank, is a completely a**hole and pig. If he says anything to you that isn’t related to ‘Good Morning’, don’t even acknowledge him. Ok? ” I said still whispering.

“ Ok, we won’t. Right guys? ” Lily said.

“ Yea. ” Sarah said agreeing.


We all looked at Gabby for a sign of agreeance, but Gabby was more interested in the aroma of all the food.


“ Uhm, Gabby? ” Sarah said.

“ Huh, what? What did you say? What did I miss? ” Gabby asked.


Sarah whispered in her ear.


“ Ohhhhh, ok ok ok. Yea definitely. Completely ignore him. Got it. ” Gabby said.

“ Ok, good. Now, if y’all could grab a couple of tea cups and plates from the cabinets and help me hand them to everybody once they’re at the table..” I said.


“ Yea, sure. ” Lily said as she walked towards the cabinet handed plated and teacups down.


Once all the teacups and plates were down, I yelled from the kitchen.




Everyone came into the kitchen, except for Frank. They all seated themselves around our oval dinner table. Lily told Gabby and Sarah to fix the tea and orange juice while she and I fixed the plates. I told Gabby and Sarah to pour tea and milk into all the teacups, except one. That one was for Frank to do himself. Caspian usually drinked his juice out of a cup so they poured orange juice into a cup for him. Lily and I fixed everyone the same plate of food. Three scoops of oatmeal, two scoops of eggs, two pieces of bacon, and one piece of toast. We handed everyone their plate at the same time and also handed the tea and juice to everyone. After everyone had their food, Frank decided to come into the kitchen.


He  paused in the doorway of the kitchen. He looked around the room without saying a word. He sat beside my mum and looked around at everyone else’s area. He realized he was the only one without tea.


“ Where’s my tea Kira? ” He asked.

“ On the counter. ” I replied.

“ Why is it not with my food? ”

“ Because you have two legs that are capable of walking over to the counter, so you can get it yourself. ”


He narrowed his eyes at me. He inhaled, then exhaled. Then, he chuckled. He pushed his chair back and walked over to the counter. He took his cup of tea and sat back down at the table. He placed his cup down and looked up at me, eyes still narrowed.


“ Everyone, hold hands. Caspian, do you want to say grace? ” I asked.

“ Yes! ” He replied cheerfully.

“ Everyone, bow your heads please. ” My mum said.

“ God, we thank yo- ” He started until there was a knock at the door that interrupted him.

“ Frank, may you get the door please? ” My mum asked.

“ Why can’t Kira get up and get it Margaret? She has two working legs that are capable of walking over to the door and opening it,  doesn’t she? ” He said looking at me, narrowing his eyes.

“Frank, please.”

“ It’s okay mum. Since your pathetic excuse of a husband can’t open the door, I’ll do it. ” I said smirking spitefully.


I stood from my seat and walked over to the door. I looked back at Frank who was eyeing me down. His hand was clenched tightly around the handle of the chair. I proceeded towards the door and looked through the peephole. To my surprise, there was nothing. It was all black like someone had put their finger over it.


“ Who it is? ” I said from behind the door.


There was no response. Frustrated, I swung open the door.


“ STOP PLAYING GAMES! ” I yelled as I swung open the door, falling backwards onto the floor.


I looked up and immediately realized who the person was that was knocking at my door. It was a man. A man in a navy blue suit along with a matching hat.


“ D-DAD! ” I exclaimed from the floor.

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