Rediscovered Love

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2. Chapter 2

I’m standing in a room by myself, and I look across the room and I see him. I walk slowly towards him, but the floor disappears. I’m in the sunken place. I’m falling endlessly. I’m cold, but I’m also hot. I’m more cold than hot. It feels like water is surrounding me. Am I drowning? Am I falling? Am….am I….dying? I can’t swim. I’m struggling to resurface. I close my eyes and I just drift away. That’s all I can do. I open my eyes and everything is blurry. I look upward and I see bright lights. Bright white lights. I see a figure dive in the water. It was a man. He grabs my hand and pulls me out impossibly fast. I can breathe. I can see. I see him, but we’re not on the ground. We’re…..flying. The sky is a pinkish hue. The clouds fluffy and light, but the real beauty was him. The guy that saved me…..was him. My eyes drifted from his face to his shoulders. He was shirtless. He was basically glowing. But that wasn’t all. He had wings. Huge f*cking wings. Beautiful wings. They were taller than the both of us and they were the brightest white I’d ever seen. The feathers were thick and beautiful. Thicker around his shoulders, but a bit thinner at the tips. I hadn’t noticed how fast we were going until I looked away. Then I realized, he was carrying me. His muscles were somewhat huge, but they too were beautiful. I thought to myself….Is this Heaven? Is this what Heaven looks like?


“ Kira.. ” He said.


I tried to say something back, but I couldn’t. It was like I was talking, but no words were coming out of my mouth.


“ Kira.. ”, he said again, “ I love you. ”


I wake up, confused out of my mind. I thought it was all real. I had so many questions. Why was I drowning? Why was I falling? Why did he save me? Why was he in my dream to begin with? Why did he have wings? Why did he say he loved me? That part I knew for sure wasn’t real, but it felt differently. I rubbed my face and I look at the clock. It’s 3:29 a.m. I need to go back to sleep. I lay back down and I fall back into a deep sleep. I’m in his arms again. We’re still flying.


“ You said you loved me. Did you mean it? ” I said suddenly with the ability to speak.

“ Of course I meant it. I’ve meant it for decades. ”He said, slowly.

“ I don’t understand. What do you mean decades? ”


He  looked at me. I could finally see his eyes. They were a perfect shade of hazelish light brown and they had a twinkle in them. They were beautiful. They were worth looking at. I was so caught up looking at his eyes that I didn’t realize that we’d stopped flying. Almost like we were hovering. He looked down at me and smiled. His smile was absolutely stunning.


“ Close your eyes. ” He said somewhat smiling/smirking.


I closed my eyes. Then a shiver went through my body. A cold chill ran up my spine. He kissed me. His soft pink lips linked with mine perfectly like a puzzle. Our lips did not depart. They refused to depart. We both embraced the feeling of the perfect kiss. When we finally broke the link we shared, he looked into the clouds. He sighed, then he looked back at me.


“ I have to take you home now. ” He said in the most delicate voice ever, but also sounding a little sad.


He flew me back to the place where he’d saved me. I hadn’t noticed that it was my house. My window was open. He landed softly in my room. He carried me to my bed and laid me there. When he walked back towards the window, I couldn’t help myself.


“ Don’t go. ” I begged.


He turned around and walked back towards me. He bent over and, again, the chill went down my spine again as he kissed me.


“ I’d never leave you. Never in a million years. I love you too much to let you go. ” He said slowly.

“ How long have you loved me? ” I asked.


He paused. He looked down and sighed. Then he looked back up with me and I couldn’t turn away from his gaze.


“ I wish I could tell you everything, but you have to figure it out for yourself. ” He said walking back to the window.

“ What do you mean? ” I asked.

“ Just know….I’d do anything to keep you safe Kira. When I say anything, I mean anything. ”

“ Wait, don’t go. Why do you have to go? Please don’t go. I love you….Please stay with me. ” I begged pathetically.


He turned to look at me. He smiled.


“ I’ll be back. I promise…..I love you Kira. ”He said flying out of my bedroom window.


The wind gust I felt after he left made my heart sink. I wanted to cry because his presence made me feel safe. Without him, I felt weak and empty. I deeply sighed and covered my face with my knees. I raised my head and I realized….I was awake. Was I ever sleep? I don’t know. I looked over at my window. It was open. I definitely couldn’t have been sleep. I needed to wash my face. I walked to the bathroom and threw warm water into my face. I looked in the mirror and I looked like I had a loooong night. I sighed deeply and covered my face with my hands. When I removed my hands and looked in the mirror, I noticed this dark cloud thing coming over my shoulder.


“ What the h*ll? ” I mumbled to myself.


I brushed the cloud thing off my shoulders and, when it hit the floor, it made a thud sound. I looked down at my feet and it lingered there for a while. I looked at my phone. It was 7:15 a.m.


“ D*mn….I totally forgot about school. ” I said aloud.


I threw on a pair of my black jeans that had a few rips up and down the pants leg, a red, longer version of a crop top that partially showed the bottom of my stomach, and my red converses with my leather jacket. I messily put my hair into a bun. I checked my little brother’s room before I headed downstairs. He was gone,as always. I ran outside and practically jumped into my car. When I picked up the girls, they weren’t necessarily mad, but they were upset.


“ Dude, why the f*ck were you late? ” Gabby asked me.

“ Sorry...I overslept. ” I replied somewhat lying.

“ Mh-hm...overslept my butt. ” Lily said.

“ I still picked you up didn’t I? ”

“ Late….you picked us up late. ” Nina said.

“ I know...I’m sorry guys. ”

“ Doesn’t matter. Besides, what matters most is that we get to school on time. ” Sarah said.

“ Right...thanks for somewhat agreeing with me Sarah. ”

“ But you were still late. ” Sarah said.

“ Ughhhhhhhhhhhh… ”


I couldn’t argue with them because I was late. So all I did was turn up the music and enjoyed the rest of the 24 minute drive to school.


*Cafeteria/ Lunch Period*


“ I’m just gonna tell y’all now, I absolutely cannot continue to eat this slop. ” Gabby said.

“ Gabby...come one. The cheeseburgers are actually really good. ” I said.

“ Speak for yourself...the sushi is the best. ” Nina said.

“ I only eat sushi from Oishi. ”

“ Nobody cares Kira. ” Nina said.

“ Don’t get an attitude with my Nina. ”

“ Ughh...whatever. ”

“ Is it me or did it get really hot in here? ” Lily asked.

“ It’s just you. I’ll be right back. ” I replied.


I left the table and went back to another fruit section in the cafeteria. I’m looking for pineapples. Or am I looking for an apple? I don’t know. Guess I’m just hungry. I grab a bowl and pick my fruit. Then someone startled me causing me to drop my bowl of fruit.


I left the table and went back to another fruit section in the cafeteria. I’m looking for pineapples. Or am I looking for an apple? I don’t know. Guess I’m just hungry. I grab a bowl and pick my fruit. Then someone startled me causing me to drop my bowl of fruit.


“ Hi.. ” He said.

“ What?! Oh...d*ammit. ” I said.

“ I’m sorry…..let me help you with that. ” He said as he helped pick up the fruit.

“ Thanks… ” I said looking up at him.


I thought it was him. I hoped it was him. The guy from the parking lot. The guy from my dream. The guy who’d kissed me. The guy I flew with. But, unfortunately, it wasn’t. It was f*cking Cam.


“ What the h*ll Cam?! ” I said.

“ What? I helped you pick up the fruit. Why are you so upset? ” Cam said.

“ I’m not upset. Just...don’t ever f*cking scare me like that. ”

“ D* bad then. ”

“ Get the f*ck out of my way. ”

“ Yes ma’am. ”


He turned to the side, allowing me to walk passed him. I sighed and rolled my eyes and walked pass him, but something told me he was looking at me from behind. So I turned around and he was staring at me, as I’d predicted.


“ What the h*ll are you looking at? ” I fused.

“ You really want to know? ” He said, smirking.

“ Yeah….I really do. ”

“ I like it when you walk away. ” He said, chuckling.

“ What?! ”

“ I said I love to watch you walk aw- ”


I punched him. I punched him in the face. His face was red. Or was that blood? Yep..definitely blood. I  had busted his nose.


“ What the  h*ll did you do that for? ” He said.

“ Don’t ever in your motherf*ucking life stare at me like that. You’re not my boyfriend so you don’t have permission to do that. ” I shot back, furious.


Then I realized, I had just punched a guy in the nose in the cafeteria. There are cameras all around the cafeteria and there was one camera that caught everything from start to finish. I turn around to my friends. Then I turn back around and I see the principal coming.


“ Ms. Malec, Mr. Lewis, my office, NOW!!!! ” He yelled from a distance.

“ Sh*t… ” I mumbled.


Cam looked at me with his hand over his nose. I ignored him and walked to the principal's office. I walked to the principal’s office and sat patiently. Then I got a text from my friends, all individually.


Lily: Girl are you ok? You punched Cam. What did he do?

Sarah: Why the h*ll did you punch Cam? Text me back.

Nina: You punched Cam. So rude. XD Tell me if you get a referral.

Gabby: Dude, you punched a guy. Cool.


I read all the messages and then I replied to them.


Lily: Yea, I’m fine. When I walked away, I had a feeling he was watching me and so I turned around and he said that he loved to watch me walk away.

Sarah: He said he loved to watch me walk away.

Nina: Not rude, more like brutal and ok.

Gabby: I get the feeling you’re eating right now:)


I put my phone away once I was finish replying to my friends messages. Then, Cam walks into the office with an ice pack on his face. I giggled to myself when I saw the huge bruise that was on his face. He sat 2 chairs down from me. Almost like he was afraid of me. That was good for him to be afraid me. I wanted him to be.



“ Ms. Malec, he’d like to see you now. ” The secretary said.

“ Ok.. ” I replied.


I walked into the principal’s office and he didn’t look happy.


“ Please, sit Ms. Malec. You’re one of the very few good kids that go here. I know that you are an exceptional student, but, personally, I never would have guessed that you would punch a guy in the face. Especially one that was good looking. ” He said.


“ Good looking? ” I said rolling my eyes.

“ Anyway, here’s what I’m gonna do. You’ll have detention after school. ”

“ After school? Why can’t I have detention during school? ”

“ That doesn’t matter. Meet Ms. Fox by the courtyard behind the school at 4:30. If you don’t show, I will suspend you. That’s all you need to know. You can leave now. ”

“ Gladly… ” I mumbled.


I opened the door that separated the principal’s office from the main office and I saw another one of those cloud things. Just in my face. I d*mn near walked straight into it. I didn’t jumped back, but it startled me. It was just floating there, then it disappeared, then it came back. I looked around to see if anyone had seen what I saw. Apparently, no one saw so I thought it was all in my head. I thought for a split second that I was crazy. I closed my eyes and I counted to 3.


“ 1, 2, 3.. ” I mumbled.


I opened my eyes. It wasn’t in front of me anymore. Instead, it was now hovering over the secretary. I stared for a second, wide eyed. I walked out of the office and I went straight to the bathroom. I went to the sink and splashed some water into my face.


“ What the h*ll is happening to me? ” I asked myself looking in the mirror.

“ Ughhhhh… ” I groaned.


I looked back up at myself in the mirror. I skimmed every feature of my face.


“ You look like sh*t, but in a cute way I guess. ” I told myself.


I stood up straight. I rolled my shoulders back, trying to pop my back. I look at my shoulders and there was another one. Another cloud thingy, but this one wasn’t black. It was a darkish violet color. The other cloud things I couldn’t feel, but I could feel this one hovering over me. Again, I brushed it off of my shoulders and it made a thud sound on the floor. I looked at my feet and it was gone. I looked at myself in the mirror again.


“ This is silly. I’m just paranoid for some reason. ” I said to myself.


Again, I skimmed every feature of my face. My dark brown eyes, my tanish light-skinnedish complexion, and my light pink, somewhat round lips. I looked at my hair. My long, mid back length, golden-brown hair. I shook my head.


*buzz buzz*


My phone vibrated in my back pocket. I looked at it and there was a text from Nina.


Nina: You STILL didn’t text me back to let me know if you got a referral. BTW you’re like 20 minutes late to Mr.Buster’s class and he’s flipping the f*ck out. Idk why. Just get here ASAP.


“ D*ammit…. ”, I said to myself.


I totally forgot that I was still in school.


I texted back: On my way….No I didn’t get a referral, but I got after school detention with Ms. Fox at 4:30 in the courtyard.

After I replied to Nina, I ran to class and spent the rest of the day thinking about what in the absolute h*ll I was going to do in detention after school.


*7th period bell rings*


As my friends and I walk through the double doors and into the parking lot, I was telling them that they needed to take the bus home because I had detention.


“ So what time do you have to be at the courtyard? ” Nina asked.

“ 4:30…. ” I replied.

“ And what time does it end? ” Lily asked.

“ I have no idea. ”

“ Well this sucks. ” Sarah said.

“ Yea, I’m sorry guys. ”

“ No, it’s totally cool. We’ll take the bus home today, but Monday you drive us. How does that sound? ” Gabby asked.

“ Good… ” I replied.

“ Yea ok. By the way, Kira, it’s 4:26. You better get going and so should we before the buses leave. ” Nina said.

“ Ok….I’ll call you guys later. Bye.. ”

“ Byeeeeeeee. ” They all said in unison, except for Nina who just waved.


We part ways as I head to the courtyard and they head towards the bus lines. I walked alone to the courtyard. As I walked, I noticed a tall, dark figured guy walk into the parking lot before I entered the building. He was wearing a black hoodie so I couldn’t see his face. He stood by the building, watching me as a walked by. I thought nothing of him and continued to walk to the courtyard.


When I got there, a few students had already arrived. I stood in the back of the somewhat large group. They were all split up into their own little cliques. To my left were kids that looked as if they just wanted to world to end. Cam stood with them and he glanced me. He still had the huge bruise across his face, but somehow found himself smiling at me.


I looked away from his gaze. To my right, however, were kids that looked innocent, but not so innocent at the same time. There was a girl with dark brown pixie cut hair and a girl with long blonde locks of hair. Across from them stood a guy with dreads. Then, there was him.


His deep golden brown hair. His sharp jawline. Everything about him gave me a chill. A chill that traveled up my spine. I didn’t stare this time, but I really wanted to.


He was talking to the pixie haired girl, then he saw me. His gaze was as strong as his jawline. The girl with the blonde locks tapped him on the shoulder, but he didn’t acknowledge her. I guessed that was his girlfriend. He didn’t break his gaze until the pixie haired girl skipped her way up to me.


“ Hi, I’m Arriane. ” She said shaking my hand.

“ Ummmm….. ” I said.

“ Oh shoot. Where are my manners? Come meet my friends. ”

“ Wait what? ”


She pulled me towards the group, against my will, and she held onto my arm to make sure I didn’t run off somewhere.

“ Okay guys, ” she started, “ This is ummm, wait. What is your name? ”

“ Ummmm…..My name is Kira. ” I said so low to the point where she was the only person who heard me.


“ KIRA!!!! That’s it. Well Kira, let me introduce you to everyone. You already know me. The beautiful, golden-haired girl over there is Gabrielle. The dark skin guy with the dreads is Roland. And last but not least, this guy. The last one I have left to identify is, drum roll please Roland. ”


*Roland makes drum roll sound*


“ DANIEL GRIGORI!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” She finished.

“ That’s enough Arriane. ” He said firmly.


His voice was much, much firmer than it was in my dream. Maybe because he was being somewhat of a lover boy in my dream rather than almost yelling at Arriane. Besides that, I finally knew his name. Daniel Grigori.


“ Make me stop Daniel. ” Arriane said.

“ Arriane, I mean it. Stop. ” Daniel said.

“ Why? Are you embarrassed or something? ” I said suddenly, almost regretting it immediately.


Everyone in the group gazed at me. I felt like an outcast because I had so many pairs of eyes on me. Then, they all looked at him.


“ No. ” He said looking me deep in my eyes, somewhat, with the same voice I’d heard in my dream.

“ I don’t want to sound weird or anything, but it feels like I’ve known you. ” I said.


He looked at me, along with everyone else in the group. Arriane, Roland, and Gabrielle all exchanged looks with each other and looked at Daniel, waiting for a response.


“ Well, I don’t know you. ” He said looking back down.

“ Are you sure? It really does seems like I’ve known you for a long time. ” I said again.

“ I said I don’t know you. ” He said raising his voice a little.

“ Can you leave it at that please? ” He said once more.

“ Yea, sure. Don’t even know why I bothered to waste my time asking. ” I said with somewhat of an attitude.


He lifted his head and looked at me wide-eyed. I walked away, mumbling to myself, and I could feel Daniel’s eyes watching me as I walked away. I went back to my original spot by the door. I was soooo bored that I started twisting my hair around my fingers, then I stopped after a while. I looked at the time. It was 4:30 on the dot. Then, poof. Out of nowhere, Ms. Fox appears. She kind of startled me because she showed up out of nowhere beside me.


“ Everybody come form one big group please. ” Ms. Fox said.


Everybody moves together, almost like they didn’t want to. Even though everybody moved together, there was still a split between the two groups. I stood in the middle of that split.


“ Thank you. Okay now I’m gonna start roll call. ” She said.


She starts calling the names in alphabetical order.


“ Arriane Alter.. ” she said.

“ HERE!!!! ” Arriane yelled.

“ Well, aren’t you just full of energy. ”


Ms. Fox continued to call all the rest of the names on the list.


“ OK, that looks like everyone. Now, I’m gonna split you all into groups. Each group has a job. Molly, you and your gang are over there. ” She said.


Molly’s group didn’t look like a group at all. It looked more like a huge herd.


“ Ok, let’s see. Kira, you and the rest of everybody else are a group. ”


D*ammit I said to myself. Not only was I stuck in a group with Daniel and his friends, but I was also stuck in a group with Cam. Could this day get possibly any worse? Each group had different places to clean. For us, we had to clean the big yard by the forest.


In this big yard, there were these beautiful statues. Statues that belonged in a museum. You could hardly see them because of all the vines and leaves that were covering them. Ms. Fox told us that we had to make those statues visible. She told us to clean them up, meaning she wanted us to clear off all the debris.


We started to clear the statues. About an hour went by and we’d made very little progress. Another hour went by and still very little progress. We spent 4 hours in total clearing all the debris from the statues. When we were finished, you could clearly see the bright pearl white statues.


It was 8:30 p.m, according to the clock in the hall. I walked to the parking lot and leaned against my car. My knees and my back were in excruciating agony. I look across the parking lot and saw most of the kids from detention, Daniel included. I rolled my eyes at the very sight and thought of him.


I wondered my eyes around the parking lot. Again, I saw the guy I’d seen earlier. Still, he was standing by the building. Still watching me. Still, I thought nothing of him and I reached inside my car to get my phone. Amazed, I didn’t have any messages. I grabbed my headphones from my pocket and plugged them into my phone. I loved Twenty One Pilots so that’s what I listened to. I rocked my head back and forth to the beat of the song.


I reached back into my car and grabbed a bottle of water. When I looked back up, the dark figured guy was standing in front of me. He startled me a little. He didn’t say anything nor did he move. He just stood there, staring, watching.


“ Woah, ” I started, “ you scared me. ”


Still, he didn’t say a word. Then, he spoke.


“ Why did you have to come back? ” He said, his voice being extremely deep making it almost sound like a lion trying to roar.

“ Excuse me? What do you mean come back? ” I said.

“ You never deserved to live, to love. ”

“ What….listen, dude you’re creeping me the f*ck out and you’ve completely gone mad.  Get away before I call the cops. ”

“ I killed you once. I can do it again. ”

“ Wait what?!!! ”

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